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Hello. My name is (FULL NAME). How are you?

Great. I am calling with Academy of Business Credit and Funding and was curious if your business had a need for any funding. Are you guys planning on expanding this year or working on any projects that you need money for? (*If no: Oh okay. You couldnt even use working capital or anything huh?) (*If no again: Thats great. You must be doing very well then. I appreciate you sharing. I hope your business has a great year. If things change feel free to give me a call.)

Perfect. I am glad I caught you then. If I can, let me share just a little bit about us. My main mission is to save you time and energy from filling out numerous applications and giving you “REAL” solutions. We work with pretty much every type of lending there is so I am not here to pitch you a product. Every business is in a little different position and there is not one size that fits all when it comes to lending. The goal we have today is just to figure out what options are available for you and helping direct which ones are going to give you the best rates. Unfortunately, you do have to qualify somehow so we are here to help with the argument on how you qualify.

That being said, what is on your mind? How much capital do you need?

What do you plan on using it for?

That’s fantastic. I imagine that would help your business quite a bit. How long have you been in business?

Now some businesses will use cash flow as an asset to negotiate terms with a lender. How are you currently processing orders? Do you just take cash or do you have a merchant account as well?

What would you say you are pumping through with sales volume every month?

Good for you. It’s not easy creating something that works. I will always respect that. There are a couple other programs we work with that are more collateral based. It’s completely fine if the answer is no and I am just trying to figure out all your options, but do you have any equipment, heavy machinery, or even property with equity that could help get you funded? (*If yes, what?)

Now another way that some will qualify is using credit. For instance, we have a unique corporate credit card line and cash line program that can give up to $200,000 within 10 days for those with 700 or above scores. We also have relationships with a credit repair specialists. It does not matter what it is and I am not here to judge. I am only interested in options for you. What would you say your approximate score is?

When is the last time you checked it?

Do you have any tax liens or judgements that appear?

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Thanks for sharing. Another option that people will pursue if all else fails is a venture capitalist route. Would you ever be open to something like that? We work with some private investors and it is always an avenue to pursue.

I think I have just about everything I need. Oh, one last thing. Do you have any existing loans out now?

Okay. I appreciate you sharing all that with me. I am not going to share your personal information and am going to have our team do a little digging to come back with what we find to be the best solution.

What is the best email address for you?

Be sure to check your email in the next day and certainly feel free to call me if you have a question.

I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with for you. I’m positive we will be able to help in one way or another so again thank you for spending a few minutes with me.

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