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Catalina INHS Grade Level 8- Galileo

PLAN Teaching Dates and Time August 26-30,2019/2:30-3:30 Quarter 2nd QUARTER


I. Competency National Heroes Day EN8RC-IIc-2.22: Evaluate the EN8LT-IIc-2.2: Explain how the EN8OL-IIb-2.8: Compose effective EN8LT-Ih-3: Explain how a
Special Non-working Holiday personal significance of a literary elements specific to a genre paragraphs selection may be influenced
text contribute to the theme of a by culture, history,
EN8RC-IIc-2.1.7: React to particular literary selection EN8LT- environment, or other factors.
assertions made by the author in IIc2.2.1: Express appreciation for EN8LT-IIf-2.2.3: Determine
the text sensory images used tone, mood, technique, and
purpose of the author.
A. Learning objectives At the end of the lesson, the At the end of the lesson, the At the end of the lesson, the At the end of the lesson, the
students will have been able to: students will have been able to: students should be able to: students will have been able to:
 make inferences  appreciate the author’s  a. write a well- structured  infer character traits
use of suspense and craft paragraph, effectively and portrayed in the fable.
in characterization creatively
B. Subject Matter The Best of Asia The Emperor And The Kite By Jane Paragraph writing Korean Beliefs and Traditions
Yolen “The Vanity of the Rat”
(Korean Fable)
A. References English Expressways II page. 103- English Expressways II page. 102- English Expressways II page 127
106 117 /09/the-vanity-of-rat-korean-folk-
B. Materials Teacher-made visuals Teacher-made visuals writing worksheets Teacher-made visuals, laptop, tv
A. PRIMING Direct the students to the Motivate the class by showing Group the class into five. Each The students will watch and
vocabulary skill Using Antonyms. picture/illustrations of the group will cooperatively work on analyze a video of the assigned
Have them give the antonyms of following: this activity. (Distributing the selection, “The Vanity of the Rat.”
the italicized words in column A. a. In Chinese clothing, a little girl worksheet for each group) This is a
Key to correction flying a kite. story of a boy, but everything
1. b 2. C 3. A 4. D 5. e b. an old Chinese man behind bars seems screwed up and making no
c. cruel men tying an old man sense. So, each group will fix it and
d. an old man kneeling before a name the title of this story.
little girl.
Ask the students what they think
the story will be based on the series
of pictures you have shown. Ask
them to identify the setting of the
B. Activity Before asking the students to read Enhance the student’s vocabulary Ask them to read the steps to be “WordFactoRAT!”
the selection, ask them to tell what skill by asking them to give words or followed in preparing for a speech There will be sentences using
they expect to read from the phrases that mean the same as the unfamiliar word taken from the fable
on page 127 posted on the board and you will
article. Ask them the significance of following:
choose answer from the 2D rat hole.
knowing other countries in Asia. a. was so insignificant- unimportant
1. The company was very anxious of
b. like a prayer in the wind- light getting the partnerships from high-
c. sealed the door- locked leveled corporation.
d. threw the plotters into prison- 2. Her parents were pleased by her
imprisoned decisions.
3. on a tiny throne beside her 3. All students are not eager to watch
father- given importance the play.
4. She immediately refused his
boyfriend’s wedding proposal.
5. After winning the championship, he
developed too much vanity that
people do not like.
1. Uninterested- showing lack of
2. satisfied- to cause someone to be
3. desirous- wanting something very
4. denied- to not accept something
5. ego- having too much pride in
C. Analysis Let the students read the selection. Instruct the students to read the With the group of five members. There are pictures posted showing
short story in the classroom Make a list of topics related to different scenes happened in the
unity. Decide what your class would story. These are jumbled scenes
like to hear and how much from which the students are task to
researcher the topic would require. arrange according to sequence of
You may consider presenting a events in the story.
speech that will unify all sectors in Answer:
our society. Follow the steps that 1.What characteristic of
you have learn. prospective husband does Mr. Rat
want for his daughter?
2. Was Mr. Rat’s choice of a
husband for Rena really best?
3. Do characters in the fable behave
somewhat the same as real human
4. What particular character trait of
a Korean family is implicity revealed
in the fable?
5. How is their practice similar or
different in some Filipinos?
D. Abstraction After the reading activity, group the A. Check your understanding p. 117 Ask The pictures on the first activity
students into five. Have them B. Pair work. 1.What are the do’s and don’ts in have hidden strips of papers
conduct a panel discussion on how Read the kite-shaped poem and paragraph writing? containing lines mentioned by
all the countries in Asia can be notice how it is written. 2. What are the steps in writing a
characters. The students will then
united despite the problems in the Name of subject paragraph?
Middle East. Take into Two adjectives reveal and analyze to infer traits of
consideration their respective Adjective/noun; Adjective/noun each character in the story. They
economic and political Three active verbs will choose their answer on the tree
development. Two adjectives of traits.
*Allow a few minutes for each Name of subject
group to present their discussion. Now, create a kite poem about a
member of your family. In pairs,
shre your poem for peer correction.
Revise it and give it to whom the
poem is about.

E. Application Check their reading Ask the class to identify the senses Write a short paragraph about the Create a slogan about your own
comprehension skills. to which the following images topic “Practice makes perfect”. idea about “should parents
1. The Best of Asia appeal: interfere with their children in
a. End of wars or strife resulting I a. Djeow ate by herself, talked to making decisions in their lives.
peace, a more secure life, spread herself and played by herself which
of freedom and rights. was the loneliest thing of all.
b. achievements such as those in (sight and feeling)
technology and finance b. For the wind, can trouble the
c. More openness and cooperation waters of a still pond. (sight)
between and among Asian c. But her voice was as tiny as she
countries. and her word were lost in the wind.
d. ASEAN unites all Southeast (hearing)
Asian countries.
2. proud and happy about Asia.
3. Answers vary. Thailand,
Singapore, and Korea are becoming
economic giants in Asia.

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