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A National Athletic Training Complex and Sports Science Institute

For those students who got a YES on the topic and title proposal selection during our class consultation
here is the instruction for the second step:

A. Prepare a slide presentation containing the following requirements:

1. PROJECT JUSTIFICATION (80% of the presentation)
a. Technical definition of the proposed working title
b. Justify the need for the proposal (Statement of the Problem). Answer the following
- What is the problem and reasons for undertaking the proposed study? (Highlight
the issues to be investigated.)
- Key question – states the position for investigation
c. What are your research goals? (identify the objectives, assumptions)
- Objectives – 3 or 5 single sentence objectives breaking down your aim/goals (sub-
Try to phrase your objectives in the form of:
a. To create...
b. To develop...
c. To assess...
d. To analyze...
e. To evaluate...
f. Etc. (with exception TO DESIGN...)
- Assumption – a tentative proposition that is subject to verification. (Often
formulated as “if... then” statements)
Try to phrase your aim in the form of:
a. To provide guidelines...
b. To develop a conceptual model...
c. To create...
d. To design...
d. Identify the significance of the study (for the academic community, for professionals,
for the industry, for the proponent, for the target users, for the community/country)
- What is the social, environmental, cultural, economic, and/or religious need
addressed by the project?
- What is the social, environmental, cultural, economic, and/or religious
importance/significance of the project?
- In what ways will it contribute to the development of the country, the community
and the users?
e. Define the target users of the proposal (statistical data if available)
- The proponent,
- For the target users,
- For the community
f. Project Description (project scope and components – facilities/building descriptions)
- Primary Buildings
A National Athletic Training Complex and Sports Science Institute

- Secondary Buildings
- Ancillary/Services
g. Preliminary concepts
2. SITE SELECTION CRITERIA (20% of the presentation)
a. The content may include standard local or foreign project requirements set by LGUs
or NGUs, references, laws, codes, charters, land use and zoning requirements,
accessibility of target users (transportation, proximity, etc.), existing utility systems,
and topographic & climatic conditions relevant to the proposed project proposal. (e.g.
Healthcare facilities may refer to standards set by DOH for local requirements and/or
WHO for internationals standards)
- No unnecessary slide animation.
- Follow RULE OF 7 in creating a slide presentation (7 Lines, 7 words). Fewer words and more image
the better. Also, use high quality images. Refer to this link:

7 Presentation Tips

PowerPoint 7X7

- There is no limit in the number of presentation slides. But, create a presentation with a time limit
in mind (5minutes).
- The Name and Photo of the presenter will be placed on the last slide of the presentation with
references and a disclaimer statement at the bottom. Failure to provide this would mean NO

Last Name, FN. MI.


PHOTO Provide a short description about

Showing head and yourself.
shoulder on white Eg. A student of Adamson University,
background College of Architecture.....



- Save presentation file into PDF Format with file name containing your surname and name initials.
(e.g. SurnameFNMIrmaproposal.pdf or LeeJGPrmaproposal.pdf)
- Provide and submit a detailed manuscript of the information above. The content of the slide
presentation is just the summary (the gist) of the items listed above. The manuscript contains all
information you wanted to present about the topic. Maximum number of pages is 3 ONLY.

- Submit the e-file of the slide presentation and manuscript via:

o Google classroom (no size limit)
o E-learning (max 20mb)
A National Athletic Training Complex and Sports Science Institute

- Deadline of submission for all e-files will be on FEBRUARY 23, 2018 (1st DAY of Presentation).
o Slide presentation until 12 midnight only.
o Manuscript during class hours.

- The class will submit a CD compilation of the entire presentation files arranged in folders based
on the schedule of presentation of each student on FEBRUARY 23, 2018 (1st DAY of Presentation)
compiled by the class representatives.
B. Prepare for a 5 minutes oral presentation.
- Schedule of the presentation is based on the draw lot.
- Presentation schedule will be on FEBRUARY 23, 2018 (1st DAY of Presentation).
- Presenters will wear a business attire.
- The presenter will use ENGLISH as a medium for oral presentation.
- There will a total of 15 presenters who will present his/her topic proposal per day.
- The first presenter will lead the Adamsonian Prayer.
- The presenter is not allowed to read the presentation projected on the board. The presenter may
prepare a cue card to guide him/her all throughout the presentation.
- A strict 5 minutes presentation time will be implemented.
- A class representative will signal the end of the presentation at exactly on the 5th minute.
- The presenters will set up a laptop with a CD reader and projector. The presentation files will be
coming from the CD submitted by the class.
- Each presenter will submit a rubric printed on an 8 ½”x11” bond paper on FEBRUARY 23, 2018
(1st DAY of Presentation). This will serve as the grading sheet for the presentation. A rubric file is
attached together with this instruction.

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