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(The process of systematically Planning

planning, developing, evaluating and
managing the instructional process by using principles of teaching
and learning - D.O. 42, s. 2016)
Detailed Lesson Plan (DLP) Format

DLP No.: Learning Area: Quarter: Duration: Date:

6 PE 7 Fourth 60 mins Feb. 19, 2018

Learning Competency/ies: Monitors periodically one's progress towards Code:

(Taken from the Curriculum the fitness goals
Guide) PE7RD-Ivd-h-28
Key Concepts / Understandings to
Understand the importance of assessing progress towards fitness goals.
be Developed Adapted Cognitive
Domain Process Dimensions OBJECTIVES:
or condition of (D.O. No. 8, s. 2015)
knowing something Remembering Identify the goals in taking progress towards fitness.
with familiarity Understanding
gained through
ability and capacity
acquired through deliberate, Applying
systematic, and sustained
effort to smoothly and Analyzing Analyze the result in monitoring one's progress towards fitness goals.
adaptively carryout complex Evaluating
activities or the ability,
coming from one's Creating
knowledge, practice,

Attitude Valuing Take responsibilities of one's own personal goals.

Values Valuing Healthy life style starts with discipline.
2. Content Exercise Programs (Festival Dance)
Physical Education and Health Textbook, 21st Century
3. Learning Resources Textbook,laptap.
4. Procedures
4.1 Introductory Activity

Identify the following pictures that shows a healthy lifestyle habit.

5 minutes

4.2 Activity In yourself how do you practice a healthy lifestyle?

10 minutes How can you say that you are healthy?

4.3 Analysis From the picture, describe how they achieve a healthy living?

10 minutes

4.4 Abstraction Discussion about the progress towards the fitness goals.

4.5 Application Mark ( /) if practicing healthy habit if not mark ( x ). Write the correct answer
on the space each item.
___1. Jean loves to eat 4 cups of rice everday meal.
___2. Eating unknowingly while watching movie.
___3. Justine loves to ice cream and junkfoods during recess time.
___4. Jasper loves to spend most of his time playing computer.
10 minutes ___5. Maria loves to jog every afternoon.

4.6 Assessment How we can achieve a healty lifestyle?

How you can tell if a certain person is healthy or
Tests not?
5 minutes

4.7 Assignment Make your own food plan for the whole week.

Preparing for the new

lesson Write your menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3 minutes
4.8 Concluding Activity
Is achieving a healthy life is stressful? Can we still enjoy life if we are sickly?
2 minutes
5. Remarks
6. Reflections C. Did the remedial lessons
A. No. of learners who earned
B. work? No. of learners who have
80%No. of learners
in the who require
evaluation. D. No. up
of learners
additional activities for caught with the who continue to
E. Which of my learning require remediation.
strategies worked well?
F. What difficulties did IWhy did
these work?
encounter which my principal or
supervisordid canI use/discover which
help me solve?
I wish to share with other

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