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Task: Manifesto Analysis

Group Name: Team Organic Facial Foam Date: September 19, 2019 Score:
Title of the Manifesto: Manifesto on the Teaching of Mathematics

Purpose of the Manifesto: Reasons, Reference,

To convince the students of the value Justifications of Claims/Pledges
and importance of what they are studying Stated in the Manifesto
and should not force themselves through
a repetitive obstacle course.
Intellectual Mathematics Everything we have said about the
should not be confused with traditional approach applies
what passes for ”reform” equally well to “reform”
teaching. approaches, because what is
called “reform” pertains almost
exclusively to surface form, not
Intellectual Mathematics is It seeks the most satisfying
written for the intellectual explanations, the most vivid
Stand/ fulfillment of the reader. illustrations, and the most
Claims of compelling motivations. It also
the means that it engages our
Manifesto intuition whenever possible.
Traditional mathematics is It fetishizes robotic
anti-human. manipulation of symbols and
involves no emotions except a
crippling fear of genuine and
free human thought.

To guide and encourage the The role of the teacher is not to

student’s own process of make life easy for students by
learning by setting suitable giving crystal clear lectures
challenges and by stimulating predictable tests.
thought and reflection.
Pledges I have coined the phrase Its fundamental principle is to
“Intellectual Mathematics” treat students with the greatest
for the teaching philosophy I possible intellectual respect.
have in mind.

We want students to be able Learn something we must always

to think and reason and apply inquire why it is so, and that we
what they know in new must answer these questions
situations. We do not want to according to our own judgment,
create robots or parrots or not by mimicking some external
one-trick ponies. standards of rigor and proof.

or call
Actions We must always seek out the No reasons stated.
broader meaning of what we
are studying through its
application and
interconnections with other