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One marks questions-

1. Fill in the blanks

i) Unbalanced reactions are also known as _________
ii) A balanced chemical equation is in accordance with _______ law.
iii) Take about 1.0 gm CaCO3 in a test tube. Heat it over a flame, when a
colorless gas comes out. The reaction is called a _________
iv) Precipitation reactions produce _________ salts.
v) The digestion of food in the body is an example of __________ reaction.
vi) Chemically rust is _________
vii) Silver articles turns black when kept in the open for a few days due to
formation of________
viii) The decomposition of vegetable matter into compost is also an
example of ________ reaction.
ix) Decomposition reactions are opposite to _______reactions.
x) The color of FeSO4 crystal before heating is________and after heating
xi) Formation of Nitric oxide from nitrogen and oxygen is a _________

2. True\ False

i) On heating the crystals of ferrous sulphate, the color changes from green
to grey.
ii) Calcium oxide is also called lime or quick lime.
iii) The thermal decomposition reaction of silver bromide into silver and
bromine by light is used in the manufacturing of cement.
iv) On heating the crystals of lead nitrate crystals, the emission of brown
fumes occurs.
v) Keeping food in airtight containers helps to slow down oxidation.
vi) Rusting is a double decomposition reaction.
vii) A magnesium ribbon burns with a dazzling flame in air (oxygen) and
changes into a white substance, magnesium oxide.

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viii) Chemical reactions are those processes where new substances with
old properties are formed.
ix) Displacement reaction can be redox reaction also.
x) The reaction Zn (s)+ CuSO4(aq) ZnSO4(aq)+ Cu(s) is an
example of double displacement reaction.

3. Multiple choice questions

i) What is the color and formula of Sodium sulphate?

a) colorless Na2SO4
b) white Na2SO4
c) colorless NaSO4
d) white Na(SO4)2

ii) Both CO2 and H2 gases are

a) Heavier than air

b) Colorless

c) Acidic in nature

d) soluble in water

iii) We store silver chloride in dark colored bottle because it is

a) a white solid

b) undergoes redox reaction

c) to avoid action by sunlight

d) none of the above

iv) When crystals of lead nitrate are heated strongly in a dry test tube

a) crystals immediately melt

b) a brown residue is left

c) white fumes appear in the tube

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d) a yellow residue is left

v) Which of the following reactions involves the combination of two elements

a) CaO + CO2------------ CaCO3

b) 4Na + O2--------2Na2O

c) SO2 + ½ O2----------- SO3

d) NH3 + HCl ---------- NH4Cl

vi) A Student added dil.HCl to a test tube containing zinc granules and made
following observations-

a) The zinc surface becomes dull and black

b) A gas evolved which burns with a pop-up sound

c) The solution remains colorless

d) The solution becomes green in color.

VII) When copper turning are added to silver nitrate solution, a blue colored
solution is formed after some time. It is because, copper

a) Displaces silver from the solution

b) Forms a blue colored complex with silver nitrate.

c) Is oxidized to Cu-------------- Cu+2

d) Is reduced to Cu+2------------- Cu

VIII) Identify ‘x’, ‘y’ and ‘z’ in the following balanced reaction

X Pb(NO3)2 (s)------Heat----------------- y PbO (s) + zNO2 (g) + O2 (g)

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a) 2,4,2

b) 2,2,4

c) 2,4,4

d) 4,2,2

IX) Which of the following statement about the given reaction is (are) correct,

3Fe (s) + 4H2O (g) ------------ Fe3O4 (g) + 6H2 (g)

i) Iron metal is getting oxidized.

ii) Water is getting reduced

iii) Water is acting as reducing agent

iv) Water is acting as oxidizing agent

a) I, ii and iv

b) iii and iv

c) I, ii and iv

d) ii and iv

X) The formula of ammonium phosphate is

a) NH4PO4

b) (NH4)2PO4

c) (NH4)3PO4

d) (NH4)3(PO4)2

XI) In the reaction HgCl2 + Cl2 ------------------- 2HgCl2. The reducing agent is,
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a) 2HgCl2

b) Cl2

c) HgCl2

d) Both Cl2 and HgCl2.

4. Assertion and Reasoning

In the following questions, the assertion and reason have been put forward. Read
the statements carefully and choose the correct alternative from the following,

a) Both the assertion and reason are correct and reason is the correct
explanation of the assertion
b) Both the assertion and reason are correct but reason is not the correct
explanation of the assertion
c) Assertion is true but reason is false
d) Assertion is false but reason is true.

A) Assertion- Mg ribbon keeps on burning in atmosphere of nitrogen

Reason- Mg reacts with nitrogen to form Mg nitride and this reaction is

combination reaction.

B) Assertion- MnO2 + 4 HCl----------- MNCl2 + Cl2 + 2H2O is redox reaction.

Reason- MnO2 oxidizes HCl to Cl2 and gets reduced to MnCl2.

C) Assertion- Zinc reacts with Sulphuric acid to form Zinc sulphate and
Hydrogen gas and it is displacement reaction.

Reason- Zinc reacts with Oxygen to form Zinc oxide.

D) Assertion- AgBr is used on photographic and X-ray film.

Reason- AgBr is photosensitive and changes to Ag and Br in presence of

sunlight and undergoes decomposition reaction.

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E) Assertion- A lead nitrate on thermal decomposition gives lead oxide, brown
colored nitrogen dioxide and oxygen gas

Reason- Lead nitrate reacts with potassium iodide to form yellow precipitate
of lead iodide and the reaction is double displacement as well as precipitation

F) Assertion- Pungent smelling gas is produced when sulphur burns in air.

Reason- Sulpher trioxide is formed on reaction of sulphur with oxygen.

G) Assertion- In a reaction with copper with oxygen, copper serves as a

reducing agent

Reason- The substance which gains oxygen in a chemical reaction is a

reducing agent.

H) Assertion- Energy changes occur during chemical reactions

Reason- Different amount of energies are involved in breaking a bond in

reactants and making of bonds in products

I) Assertion- Iron articles loose their shine gradually

Reason- Corrosion of metal is due to their reduction.

J) Assertion- Some bubbles of a gas are seen when lead is reacted with an acid.

Reason- Hydrogen gas is evolved when a metal reacts with an acid.

5. Very short answer question-

a) Write the balanced chemical reaction for the equation-

Copper sulphate on treating with potassium iodide gives cuprous iodide,

liberates iodine gas and also forms potassium sulphate

b) Write one equation for decomposition reaction when energy is supplied in the
form of heat
c) In the electrolysis of water name the gas collected at cathode and anode,
d) Why paint is applied on iron articles?
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e) How will you test whether the gas evolved in a reaction is hydrogen gas?
f) Give one example of a combination reaction that is exothermic.
g) What is redox reaction? Identify the substance oxidized and reduced in the
following reaction

MnO2 + 4 HCl---------------- MnCl2 + 2 H2O + Cl2

h) Why moist air and acidic gases are not good for some metals?
i) Complete and balance the following chemical equation

Na2CO3 + HCl--------------

j) Identify the type of reaction in the following reactions

i) CaO + H2O------------- Ca(OH)2

ii) AgNO3 (aq) + NaCl (aq) ------- AgCl (s) + NaNO3 (aq)

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Chapter 2 – Acid, Base and Salts

1. Fill in the blanks-

i) When a solution of an acid contains large amount of acid, it is said to be
ii) The chemical formula of baking soda is ___________
iii) ___________ salt is used in fire extinguisher
iv) The difference of molecules of water in gypsum is _____ and Plaster of
paris is _______
v) The color of anhydrous copper sulphate is _______
vi) When soap is applied on a cloth having turmeric stain, the color of stain
changes to ______
vii) _______ is an example of olfactory indicator
viii) Methyl orange gives ________ color in acidic medium and ________
color in basic medium
ix) The term pH was coined by ____________
x) ____________ salt is used in water softening
xi) Turmeric, cloves, rose petals are ___________
xii) Almost all metals react with _________ to form respective salt with
evolution of _____ gas.
xiii) The reaction in which an acid reacts with a _________ to form salt
and water is called a __________ reaction.
xiv) _____________ is a sulphurous acid
xv) The property by which a hydrated salt loses its water of crystallization
when exposed to day atmosphere is called ______________
2) True / False
a) Water contains more H+ ions then OH- ions. In this case water is basic by
b) On diluting an acid concentration of H+ ion per unit volume increases.
c) Tartaric acid is the constituent of baking powder.
d) A solution turns blue litmus red. Its pH value is likely to be 8.0
e) To protect tooth decay we are advised to brush our teeth regularly. The
nature of the tooth paste commonly used is acidic.
f) During setting the plaster of paris undergoes slight expansion in volume.

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g) During the manufacture of sodium bicarbonate, ammonical brine is made to
react with carbon dioxide.
h) Sodium carbonate is used for treating indigestion.
i) The water of crystallization in Epsom salt is five molecules.
j) POP is obtained by heating gypsum at 100 0 C
k) The parent acid and base of the salt Copper (II) sulphate are sulphuric acid
and copper hydroxide.
l) An aqueous solution of aluminum chloride is neutral.
m) The salt obtained by complete neutralization of an acid with a base is acidic
3) Multiple choice questions-
a) CuSO4.K2SO4 is
i) Acid salt
ii) A mixed salt
iii) Normal salt
iv) Double salt
b) Acid reacts with _________ of metals to form salt and water
i) Hydroxide
ii) Carbonates
iii) Oxides
iv) Sulphides
c) Which of the following substance will not give carbon dioxide on treatment
with dilute acids?
i) Marble
ii) Limestone
iii) Baking soda
iv) Lime
d) The acidity of Fe(OH)3 is
i) 2
ii) 3
iii) 4
iv) 5
e) The function of quick lime in soda lime mixture is to
i) Absorb moisture present in soda lime
ii) Increase the efficiency of soda lime
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iii) Increase the pH of soda lime
iv) Take pare in reaction with NaOH
f) Which of the following is found in tooth paste?
i) Sodium carbonate
ii) Sodium bicarbonate
iii) Sodium sulphate
iv) Sodium chloride
g) Which of the following is (are) true when HCl (g) is passed through water?
i) It does not ionize in the solution as it is a covalent compound
ii) It ionize in the solution
iii) It gives both H+ and OH- ions in the solution
iv) It forms hydronium ion in the solution due to the combination of H+ ion
with water molecule.
a. I only
b. II only
c. II and IV
d. III and IV
h) A sample of soil is mixed with water and allow to settle. The clear
supernatant solution turns the pH paper yellowish orange. Which of the
following would change the color of this pH paper to greenish blue,
i) Lemon juice
ii) Vinegar
iii) Common salt
iv) An antacid
i) The compound which is used in glass, soap and paper industries is
i) Washing soda
ii) Baking soda
iii) Lime water
iv) Bleaching powder
j) Which of the following statements is correct about an aqueous solution of an
acid and a base?
a. Higher the pH, stronger the acid
b. Higher the pH, weaker the acid
c. Lower the pH, stronger the base
d. Lower the pH, weaker the base
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i) a and c
ii) b and c
iii) a and d
iv) b and d

4) Assertion and reasoning

In the following questions, the assertion and reason have been put forward. Read
the statements carefully and choose the correct alternative from the following,

a) Both the assertion and reason are correct and reason is the correct
explanation of the assertion
b) Both the assertion and reason are correct but reason is not the correct
explanation of the assertion
c) Assertion is true but reason is false
d) Assertion is false but reason is true.

i. Assertion- carbonic acid is weak acid

Reason- It ionize completely in aqueous solution
ii. Assertion- Copper sulphate is acidic salt
Reason- It is a salt of weak base Cu(OH)2 and strong acid H2SO4.
iii. Assertion- Ammonium hydroxide is weak base
Reason- Phenolphthalein becomes pink in NH2OH
iv. Assertion-Bleaching powder liberates chlorine when left in
Reason- CaOCl2 reacts with CO2 present in atmosphere to form
CaCO3 and chlorine gas
v. Assertion- Universal indicator gives green color with distilled water
Reason- pH of distilled water is 7.0 and it is neutral and Universal
indicator gives green color with neutral solution
vi. Assertion- Pure water is neither acidic nor basic in nature.
Reason- The pH of a solution is inversely proportional to the
concentration of H+ ions in it
vii. Assertion- An aqueous solution of sodium carbonate is basic

11 | P a g e ( M C Q S c i e n c e C l a s s - X b y M s . A d i t i S h a r m a )
Reason- Sodium carbonate dissolves in water and gives sodium
hydroxide (strong base) and carbonic acid (weak acid)
viii. Assertion- HCl gas does not change the color of dry blue litmus paper
Reason- HCl gas dissolves in the water present in wet litmus paper to
form H+ ions
ix. Assertion- Plaster of Paris is written as CaSo4.1/2H2O
Reason- 2 formula units of CaSO4 share half molecule of water
x. Assertion- The process of formation of NaOH is known as Chlor-
alkali process
Reason- The products formed are chlorine, hydrogen and sodium

5. Very short answer question-

i. Name the acids present in lemon juice and ant sting

ii. What will you observe when blue litmus solution is added to a
solution of ferric chloride?
iii. What is the chemical name of the compound of calcium which
hardens when mixed with a sufficient amount of water?
iv. Which gas is released when a metal carbonate reacts with a dilute
acid? How it is recognized?
v. Name the products formed when NaHCO3 is heated? Give chemical
equation for the reaction.
vi. Why bleaching powder smells strongly of chlorine?
vii. Show the decomposition of gypsum to POP and back inter-conversion
of POP to gypsum.
viii. Why the flow of acid rain water into a river make the survival of
aquatic life in the river difficult.
ix. Write the name and chemical formula of the compound used for
disinfecting drinking water.
x. What is the advantage of universal indicator?

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