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Speech Outline

Name Ismael Campos

Date: June 2019


“Being bilingual in Colombia according to PNB (Plan Nacional de Bilingüismo)

Specific Purpose:

understand the difference between being bilingual and what according to the national
bilingualism plan, teaches and transmits in their educational programs and the problems that it
Attention Getter:

understand that bilingualism is not just a language as Colombian PNB says, but it is several
languages, and that this is framing us in a wrong idea.


It is important to know that being bilingual has another meaning beyond that we conceive,
being bilingual is speaking different languages or the case of native languages of our country.


For years we have understood that being bilingual is only speaking English because that is what
we have been taught since we are beginning to study and we can see it in several documents of
the Ministry of Education that says “the National Program of Bilingualism is oriented to "have
citizens able to communicate in English in such a way as to move the country to the processes of
universal communication, to the global economy, and to a cultural openness with internationally
comparable standards”.

Body: Statement 1:
English covers all aspects of bilingualism and it is forgotten that there are other
languages that offer opportunities for social, economic and cultural development
Statement 2
It is almost forbidden to teach another language in the classrooms of Colombia or at least that
Statement 3:
The change of native languages of Colombia is promoted, so that they speak Spanish, thus
eliminating many languages and only routing them to English language learning
The National Bilingualism Plan has made in my point of view an excellent job in promoting
English but not in promoting bilingualism, confusing what is a language of universal
communication with being bilingual which is learning several languages.
It is important to change the PNB and promote other languages so that it makes sense to be


understand that there are thousands of languages, if we take between dead languages and that
they are still valid and that each one of them deserves to be taken into account to be studied
and promoted anywhere in the world, from which we learn culture and many other important
things for the human being and his development. It is true that English is a good economic
income and labor supply worldwide. But my question is, what happens if we put the German
language as official? So, would we promote only the German language and forget the English

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