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Manigo, Anthony V.

CE51FB1 – CE 503

Reaction Paper to Manila Bay Rehabilitation Project

Manila Bay is a natural harbor that strategically located around the city of the Philippines, also it serves as the
Port of Manila. The Manila bay has an area of 1,994 km2 and a coastline of 190km. The area of Manila Bay’s
area can be roughly compared to the combined area of Metro Manila and Cavite which is around 2,000 km 2.
Manila Bay is situated in the western part of Luzon and is bounded by Cavite and Metro Manila on the east,
Bulacan and Pampanga on the north, and Bataan on the west and northwest. The successive changes in and
around Manila Bay are due to the impacts of continued industrialization, unrelenting increase in population, and
the incessant human activities catering to livelihood and habitation. That is the reason why it is polluted today.
This year, DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) has launched a Rehabilitation Project
with a project name of MBRP short for MANILA BAY REHABILITATION PROJECT. The project has four
outcomes that must be achieved during its implementation. Mostly about increasing awareness of the coastal
communities to the people about it. Although DENR has expressed their goodwill and determination to
rehabilitate the Manila bay, not all benefit from this project. There are several crackdown cases after businesses
that are polluting the Manila Bay amounting to around 50 hotels and establishments. The punishment to these
violators aside from closure, DENR will be fining them that will be ranging from 20,000 php to 200,000 php. The
said violators had been given a chance by the agency to comply by submitting a report about their proposed
pollution control programs. The actions that were shown in the project shows a positive impact among the people
resulting to many joining the cleanup drive and they achieved a great result, although there still skeptic about
the rehabilitation project, I’m one of the many that hoping the rehabilitation project will be a success.