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Internship Report On



Department of Management

University of Chittagong
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Submitted to
Dr. Mohammad Khaled Afzal


Department of Management

University of Chittagong

Submitted by
Md. Mynuddin Ryhan

ID No: 13302119

Session: 2012-13

Department of Management

University of Chittagong

Date of Submission: 29th November, 2018

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Letter of Submission
29th November, 2018
Dr. Mohammad Khaled Afzal
Department of Management
University of Chittagong.

Subject: Submission of Internship Report.

Dear Sir,

I have great pleasure to submit you my internship report on “A STUDY ON JOB

opportunity for me to prepare the report under your guidance, which really is a great
experience. During preparation of this report, I have tried my best to ensure completeness.

I have put my best effort to overcome my shortcoming and prepare the report to the best
of my ability. However, if any clarifications are required, I would always be available.

Yours Sincerely,


Kumkum Sultana
ID No: 13302153
Session: 2012-13
Department of Management
University of Chittagong.
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At first I thanks to Almighty Allah to give me ability and strength to complete my intern
report. My heartiest thanks to Professor A.K. M Tafzal Haque, the coordinator of the
internship program of department of management in University of Chittagong and also to
my respectable teachers Professor Dr. Md. Sahidur Rahman, Chairman of the
Department and Professor Dr. Mohammad Harisur Rahman Howladar for providing
overall guidelines about internship report.

Special thanks goes to my departmental supervisor Dr. Mohammad Khaled Afzal,

Professor of Department of Management in University of Chittagong. The supervision
and support that he gave truly help the progression and smoothness of the internship

I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Major Sadin Tayyeb (Retd), Head of
HR & Admin of Pacific Jeans Group for allowing me to complete my internship in one
of their reputed units NHT Fashions Ltd.

My grateful thanks also goes to Mr. Farhad Yusuf, Assistant Manager of HR & Admin in
NHT Fashions Ltd for his support and continuous guidance throughout my internship
journey in the company. The generous support is greatly appreciated.

Finally, I express my sincere thanks to all those officials who have either directly or
indirectly helped me in my study.
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Supervisor’s Declaration

I am happy to certify that the internship report on Pacific Jeans Group, titled
FASHIONS LTD”” is prepared by a student of Department of Management
belonging to Md. Mynuddin Ryhan, ID No: 13302119, Session: 2012-
2013, for the partial fulfillment of the BBA program from University of
Chittagong. I certify that this work and contents of this report has been
conducted under my supervision

He is permitted to submit the Report.

Dr. Mohammad Khaled Afzal
Department of Management
University of Chittagong.
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Executive Summary
A happy employee is a productive employee. Thereby job satisfaction is very important.
Job satisfaction implies doing a job one enjoy, doing it well, and being suitably rewarded
for one effort. Job satisfaction further implies enthusiasm and happiness with one’s work.
The study is based on employee’s job satisfaction in NHT Fashions Ltd, a unit of Pacific
Jeans Group. Both primary and secondary data are collected for the study. Primary data
are collected through a survey among management employees. Large scale study was not
possible due to time constraints. Moreover due to busy work schedules of the employees,
there is a chance that responses to the questionnaires may be with lack of full
NHT Fashions Ltd is a unit of Pacific Jeans Group which is one of the leading RMG
manufacturer in the country. The company has the good reputation all over the country in
term of their Product Quality. Globally reputed Brand Company like Gap, H & M, C & A,
Tom tailor, Charse Vogle and Old Navy entrusted this company for manufacturing their
products. However it is unknown fact that whether their employee are really satisfied with
their jobs. Hence the study evaluates the fact of their employee’s job satisfaction.
Job satisfaction largely depends on the number of interrelated components such as
workplace, salary, training, lack of gender discrimination, neutral promotion policies. The
study tries to evaluate how human resource factors affect the satisfaction level of
employees in NHT Fashions Ltd. It assesses how far welfare and financial factors motivate
the employees in the company. The study also attempts to analyze the opinion of
employees towards the working life in the company.
Despite differences in opinions made by the employees of the organization on what the
study was conducted, the study finds that they are highly satisfied in their jobs.
A SWOT analysis is also conducted in the study to figure out the performance of the
During the study several areas are discovered where improvement is required to avoid
employee dissatisfaction in future and a few recommendations for improvement were also

Finally the report is ended through including references and sources used to make the
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5.1 Strength

1. Good reputation in the world market for quality products.

2. Innovative design and reaction to a new fashion trend.
3. High Quality of fabric.
4. Latest technology based automated machine.
5. Own Power Station, Testing lab, Innovation Center, Effluent Treatment Plants.
6. Best wet process among the South-West Asia. The core strength of company’s wet
process is less water technology.
7. Efficient and experienced management at all levels from home and abroad.

5.2 Weakness:

1. High dependency on imported raw materials.

2. High rate of worker and employee turnover.
3. Concentrated on a single product.
4. No quota facility.
5. Workers are not highly educated, skilled and trained as required.

5.3 Opportunities:

1. Importing abundant tax free raw materials and no restriction from Govt.
2. Growing demand of jeans wear in the world market.
3. Consumers’ wish for new designs
4. Good reputation of product quality in outside world increases more option of export.
5. Larger and untapped domestic market.
6. The company situated beside sea port. So it is a suitable location for export and import.

5.4 Threats:
1. Rise of competitiveness in export market for India, China, and Cambodia etc. due to
open market facilities.
2. Competitors have lower price and also have better distribution network with more sales
3. Political unrest situation of the country.
4. Economic depression in the whole world may hamper the garments industries.
5. Quick obsolesce of technology
6. Removal of Quota for Bangladeshi Garments Manufacturers.
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6.1 Problems:

Though management employees are satisfied with their current jobs in the company
there are some problems that can lead to future job dissatisfaction among employees.

1. Limited Career Growth: Not having the opportunity to climb the ladder and grow the
career can foster dissatisfaction with a position. Employees who feel stuck in their job
positions are less motivated to maintain high productivity than those who do not.
2. Need to develop the talent retention policy.
3. Need more developed reward program.
4. Insufficient Training program.
5. Provident fund facility is not yet introduced for Management Employees.
6. Volume of work is huge.
7. Redundancy of the same work.
8. Huge pressure from top management.
9. Need to be develop leaders at all levels.

6.2 Recommendations:

The following recommendations are made for improving job satisfaction among
employees in NHT Fashion Ltd.

1. Training programs has to be provided based on the job content. It should be job related
and knowledge based.
2. Provident fund should be introduced for management employees.
3. The company need to implement effective retention policy for retaining talented and
high skilled employees.
4. The company should ensure job security through providing more career opportunity
such as succession planning, regular promotion etc.
5. Employees must be provided leadership training for strong leadership implementation.
6. The company should introduce entertain opportunity for employees to improve their
satisfaction to the organization.
7. NHT Fashion Ltd. should work more on reward and recognition program for employee
job performance
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6.3 Conclusion:

Human resources constitute the most important component in any organization. The
accomplishment of organizational vision, mission & objectives depends to a large
extent on having right person in a right position as well as the commitment &
contribution of those involved. Most organizations strive for employee satisfaction,
but not all attain this goal. That’s why it’s important for human resources
professionals to know more about the factors that can increase employee
satisfaction, and how it fits into a company’s overall success. An employee’s
assessment of how satisfied or dissatisfied he or she is with his or her job is a
complex summation of a number of discrete job elements.

This job satisfaction study was a procedure by which employees report their
feelings towards their job and work environment. The study revealed how to get a
better handle on why employees are lagging and to plan better solutions to
problems. Certain recommendations are given which may be considered by
management to satisfy their employees.
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7.1 Lessons from Internship

My internship program offers to develop my core business competencies in a professional

environment. I got idea about various activities of HR and Admin Department of the
NHT Fashions Ltd.

 Recruitment Process of Workers and Staffs (Assessment procedure, joining of

workers and posting workers’ information on EMS).
 Performance Appraisal Process
 Compensation and benefits Management and the use of EMS software.
 Leave Management
 Transportation Management
 Dealing with tardiness of workers
 Settlement procedure when worker/employee resigns.
 Grievance handling procedures

Moreover I also learn about

 File Management
 Auditing bills
 Updating Database
 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
 Wet Processing Plant
 Norms of Corporate Culture and Discipline
 How to appreciate good performance and how to rebuke the workers while they
make any mistake.
 How to communicate with different types of people like officials, managers, interns
have helped me to develop my communication skills.
 Teamwork