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5 Ailments

f n the diagnosis of diseases we are apt to pay attention to

r the sixth and eighth houses in a chart. We do take other
factors also into consideration. But if we pay attention to
the constellation in which these planets and luminaries are
located, we rvill be able to pay head to the part of the body
affected. Also, the constellations are classified into the
three characteristics called Sattva, Rajas and Tamas. The
features indicated by these can be understood from a close
study of the chapter in the Cita called "Ouna traya
Vibhaga". Only it should be understood that these do not
signify qualities but substances as explained in 'SA"l\KflyA
refers to the gross physical
body; 'R4jas' to the subtle body called Sukshma sharira;
to the causal (karana) body. When the lord
asked Arjuna to be 'nistraigunya', he meant that we should
transform these three into the 'Maha karana sharira'. We
use the letters S, R and T after each constellation and show
the part of the body governed by each.
Aswini (t)-upper part of the feet, Bharani (r)-heart, Rohini
(r)-forehead, Mrigasira (t)'eyebrows, Ardra (t)-eyes,
Punarvasu (s) -ears. Magha (t)-lips and chin, Purva Phalguni
(r)-right hand, Uttara Phalguni (r)-left hand, Hasta (r)-fingers
of the hand, Chitra (t)-neck, Swathi (t)-chest, Visakha
(s)-breast, Anuradha (t)-stomach, Jyeshtha (s) right side,
Mula (t)-left side, Purvashada (r)-back, Uttarashada (r)-waist.
Shravana (r)-genitals, Dhanishtha (t)-anus, Shatabhisha
(t) right thigh, Purvabhadrapada (s)-left thigh,
Uttarabhadrapada (s)-shins, Revati (s)-ankles.
On this basis a Proper diagnosis can be made. Similarly
the twelve adityas are located around eleven constellations.
We give the names of the twelve suns and in brackets the
constellation that is to be considered for the propitiatory
(shanti) rites. These are Mitra (anuradha), Varuna
(shatabhisha), Yama (Bharani), Bhaga (Purva Phalguni),
Aryama (Uttara Phalguni). Savita (Hasta), Tvashta (Chitra),
Indra (Jyeshtha), Vishnu (Shravana), Pushya (Revathi), Aditi
(Punarvasu) and Surya, (Anuradha and Shravana) are the
best constellations. Bharani is the worst.
Of the eleven Rudras, Aslesha is governed by Sarpa,
Mula by Nirriti, Purvabhadrapada by Aja Ekapat,
Uttarabhadrapada by Ahirbudhnya, Krittika by Dahana, and
Ardra by Rudra. The constellations refer to certain ailments
depending on the pada (quarters) at the time of birth or
disease. Aswini (1) sorrows; Aswini (5)-deteriorating health.
Bharani (2)-lnferiority complex, Krittika ( 1,4)-bilious, indigestion
Rohini (l)-colds. Mrigasiras (5, 4)-high blood pressure,
cardiac trouble Ardra (5)-skin.
Ardra (4)-bad sexual habits. Punarvasu (2, S)-indifferent
health. Pushyami (l)-hypersensitive. Pushymi (2)- cold and
cough. Ashlesha (.2, 4)- weak health, Magha (l)- troubles
from excessive sex, Magha (4)- over eating' Purva Phalguni
(4)- boils, ulcers. Uttara Phalguni (2)- bad health, Hasta (5)
worries, sensitive. chitra (l)- wrong thinking, pride, Swathi
(1,4)- bad health. Vishakha (2)- sedentary habits. Anuradha
(l)- digestive troubles. Anuradha (4)- constipation. Jyeshtha
(2,3)- weak health.
Mula (l , 2\- weak health. Purvashadha (5)- sedentary
habits. Uttarashadha (5)-weak health' Shravana (2)- sensuous,
Dhanishtha (1)- bad health. Satabhisha (2)- irritable'
Satabhisha (5)- bilious. Purvabhadrapada (5) bilious, liver
and constipation. Purvabhadrapada (4\ kidney and
bladder, Uttarabhadrapada (l'2)- epilepsy, irritability'
Uttarabhadrapada (4)- mentally weak. Revati (2)- excessive
indulgence in sex. Revati (5)- personal uncleanliness'
These brief hints can herp medical diagnosis to a considerable
The medical side of predictive astrology is an exciting
feature. often we find the information on this subject scattered
at different places in our works. An attempt is, therefore,
made to collect the relevant facts so that students of astrorogy
can easily test them and verify them.
All glands are ruled by Venus. The brain is governed by
the Sun and Mars and by Aries. Dpilepsy comes under the
Moon and Mercury. Epidemics come under Rahu. Typhoid
refers to Mercury, Venus and Jupiter, 6th house and Virgo.
Pneumonia refers to the Moon and Mars, 4th house and
Cancer. Bronchitis is controlled by Mars and Mercury, 4th
and 6th houses, Cancer and Virgo. lnfluenza, points to Mars,
the Moon and Rahu. Malarial fever comes under Mars and
Jupiter. Meningitis points to the Sun and Mars, the Moon,
Lagna and Aries. Fever with vomitting comes under the Moon,
Glandular fever comes under Venus and Mars, ird house and
Mammary glands invlove Mars and houses 2,4,6 and lO.
Phlegm and cough involve the constelrations Krittika, Rohini.
Ashlesha, Magha, swati, Vishakha, Uttarashadha, Shravana
and Kevati. Stomach comes under the 5th and 9th houses, Leo
and sagittarius, Saturn and Kethu. Anaemia involves cancer.
Scorpio, Pisces, houses 4,8 and 12. Mars and the Moon.
Bones come under Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, houses 2,6 and
lO and Saturn.
l. Now we collect the different combinations under separate
heads: We begin with epilepsy and neurasthenia.
l. The Sun, Moon and Mars in Lagna aspected by a
,2. The Sun, Moon and Mars in the gth aspected by a
5. The Moon and Mercury in a Kendra aspected by a
malefic while a malefic is in the 5th or the 8th,
4. Mars and Saturn in the 6th or the 8th, with Jupiter in a
5. The Moon and Mercury in a Kendra or in the Sth while
all malefics are in the 8th.
6. The Moon in a malefic house with Rahu, Kethu, Saturn
or Mars.
7. irrfflicted Jupiter in the 5rd.
8. The Moon and Rahu in Lagna, and malefics in Konas.
9. Weak or afflicted Moon and Rahu, or Saturn and Mercury.
lO. Afflicted Moon and Mercury.
I l. The Moon, Mars and Saturn in the 8th.
Il. Paralysis comes under the 9th house. Epilepsy
proper also involves one or more of the following:-
l. The Moon and Mercury not aspecting each other, or in
Capricorn and Pisces, or in the 6th, 8th or the l2th a'nd
neither aspecting Lagna.
2. Saturn by night and Mars by day strong in an angle and
afflicting both the Moon and Mercury.
5. The Moon in Lagna opposing both Saturn and Mercury.
4. Mars opposing Saturn in Kendras.
5. Conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Mars having a
square or opposition to Saturn.
6. The Sun and Venus in Lagna opposing Saturn.
7. Aflictions from fixed signs, Mercury being afflicted by
lll. Gout or rheumatism involve one or more of the
l. Both luminaries afflicted in a watery sign.
.2. Luminaries in conjunction with or in opposition to
malefics in Mesha Vrishabha, Karkataka, Vrischika,
Makara, Kumbha or Meena.
5. Saturn in Pisces opposing Mars or the conjunction of
the Sun and the Moon.
4. Saturn in Kanya, Dhanus or Makarp identical with the
6th or l2th house, and having a square or opposition
to Mars, the Sun or the Moon.
5. In nocturnal maps Mars, Venus and the Moon in angles
(Kendras) opposing Saturn in Vrishabha, Simha,
Dhanus or Meena.
6. Afflictions to Ashwini, Aridra, Punarvasu,
Uttaraphalguni, Hasta, Jyeshta, Moola, Shatabhisha,
7. Afflicted Moon, Mercury, Venus and Satum.
8. Afflicted 5rd house and Cemini.
9. The Sun in Cancer aspected by Shani.
lO. Shani in Lagna, Kuja in the 5th, the 7th or the 9th.
ll. Weak Moon and Shani in the l2th.
12. Shani in Dhanus or Meena aspected by Mars.
15. Conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Saturn or Mars
in Lagna.
14. Jupiter in Lagna with Shani in the 7th.
15. Mars in the lOth aspected by Shani.
16. Conjunction of the Moon and a malefic in Lagna, while
Mars is with Shani in the 6th or the Bth.
17. Conjunction of the second lord, a malefic and Shani.
18. The Moon and Saturn in the 6th.
19. Venus in the 8th aspected by a malefic.
20. Lord of Lagna in Lagna and Shani in the 6th.
21. The sixth lord in Lagna with Rahu or Kethu.
22. The Moon in the lOth, Mars in the 7th and Shani in the
2nd house for Kataka Lagna.
25. I-ord of the lst and the 6th with Shani in Mesha.
24. Shani with Rahu in the 2nd or the 5rd.
lY. Oall Bladder is controlled by Virgo, 6th house, the
Sun and Mercury. Kidney comes under theTth house, Libra,
the Moon, Venus and Jupiter. Venus refers to the pelvis.
tlernia refers to the 7th house. Libra and the Moon. Libra
and Venus control the ovaries. The womb refers to Virgo
and the 6th house. Mars controls tumours, Mercury controls
ulcers. Complaints of bile involve afflictions to Bharani.
Mrigashira, Pushyami, Poorvaphalguni, Chitra, Anuradha,
Poorvashadha. Dhanishta and Uttarabhadrapada. In the
case of 'tumours and abscesses planets or luminaries are
afflicted in Kataka or Makara; and if the afflicting one is in
Virgo or Pisces, it produces an ulcer on or near the liver.
Filaria involves a watery sign, houses 4th, 8th or the 2nd,
and Mars and Rahu, Beri-beri refers to Venus, Virgo and the
6th house. Tetanus involves the Moon and Saturn.
Y, Cancer is directly connected with Rahu, Afflicted
Moon afflicting Jupiter or Shani, and the signs Aries, Tau'
rus, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are involved. The Sun
refers to the stomach, bowels and head; the Moon the
blood and breast; Mars to blood, marrow, neck, genitals
and uterus; Mercury to nose, naval, and mouth; Jupiter to
liver, ear, tongue and thighs; Venus to throat and genitals;
and Shani to legs, hands and teeth.
Yl. Tumours, boils, carbuncles and abscesses involve
the watery signs houses 4th, 8th and Lhe l2th' and Mars
and Rahu. The following are some of the combinations:-
l. Malefic 6th lord in the lst, the 8th or the lOth.
, 2. Afflicted and malefic Mars in the 6th.
5. Rahu in the 8th in conjunction with or aspected by a
4. Shani in the 8th and Mars in the 7th.
5. L,ord of l-agna in conjunction with Mars and the 6th
6. Conjunction of the Sun, the Moon and Mars in the 6th.
7. Sixth lord with Mars in Lagna.
B. Mars opposing the Sun, one being in the lst, the 2nd,
the 7th or the 8th.
Mars and Saturn in the 6th or the 12th.
Shani in the Bth asPected bY Mars.
Kethu and Shani in the 4th having the Navamsa of
Scorpio; or in the 6th, the 7th or the l2th.
Shani in Lagna joined with or aspected by a malefic.
Afflicted lord of Lagna in the Navamsa of Simha.
The Moon between malefics and Shani in the 7th.
Yll. tltcers involve the afflictions to Mercury, for they
are all controlled by Mercury. The following are some of the
1. Malefic Mercury afflicted.
2. Rahu in the 8th aspected by a malefic.
5. Shani in lagna while there is the coqiuction of the Sun,
the Moon and Rahu.
4. Shani in the 2nd, the Moon in the 4th and Mars in the
5. Mars and Kethu or Rahu in the Bth aspected by a
6. Sixth lord and a malefic in the lOth.
7. Sixth lord in the lst or the Bth with a malefic.
8. Sixth lord with Kethu or Rahu in the 6th.
9. The Moon in the 6th aspected by a malefic.
lO. Conjunction of Shani, Rahu and Mars.
I l. Mars and Venus in the 9th or the I Oth asepcted by a
12. Rahu and a malefic in the Sth.
15. Mars opposing the Sun, one being in the lst, the 2nd,
the 7th or the Bth.
14. Sixth lord with Mars in Lagna.
15. Shani in the 8th aspected by Mars.
16. Conjunction of Mars, Jupiter and Shani in l-agna.
17. Mercury in Gemini or Virgo aspected by Mars.
18. Waning Moon in conjunction with Rahu while Shani or
Mars is in the 8th.
Ylll. Dropsy comes under Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, the
Moon and Venus. Some of the combinations are:
l. Venus and Jupiter in the 6th aspected by a malefic.
2. The Sun in Cancer aspected by a malefic.
5. Lord of Lagna in Pisces Navamsa, afflicted by a
malefic, while the Moon or Venus is afflicted.
4. Saturn in Cancer, while the Moon is in Capricom.
5. Weak Moon and Saturn in the Bth.
lX. Plague involves Mars, Venus and the Moon; the Sun
and Aries; 6th house and Virgo; Rahu and Cancer. Smallpox
and chickenpox involve Mars, Mercury, Venus 6th
house and Virgo, besides the following combinations:
l. Rahu in the 8th joined with or aspected by a malefic.
2. Mars in Lagna aspected by the Sun and Shani.
5. Lords of the lst and the 6th with Mars.
4. The Sun or Mars in the lst, the 2nd, the 7th or the gth
aspected by a malefic.
5. Malefic Rahu aspected by a malefic.
X. Itches and skin diseases refer to Shani and the Moon,
the Sun and Budha, 6th house and Virgo. Some combinations
l. Budha in the 2nd aspected by the Moon.
2. The Sun, the Moon and Mars in the 6th.
5. Powerful Shani in the 5rd joined with or aspected by
4. The Moon and Mars in the 2nd aspected by Shani.
5. Shani in l,agna aspected by Mars.
6. The Moon in the 2nd which is a watery sign.
7. The Sun and Shani in Lagna.
8. Afflicted atmakaraka in Mithuna, Kanya or Makara
9. Malefic Mars in the 6th.
lO. Rahu in the 8th joined with or aspected by a malefic.
I l. Mars in the 6th aspected by a malefic.
12. The Moon in Kanya between malefics.
Xl. Complaints of the stone refer to Saturn and Mars in
the 7th or the 8th; or to Mars in the 6th which is Libra or
Scorpio with an affliction of the Moon; or to the Moon in
Libra or Scorpio afflicted by Saturn.
Xll. Ilydrophobia refers to Saturn and the 2nd house.
Some combination are:
l. Saturn in the 2nd with a malefic and having a relation
to the 6th house or its lord by conjunction or aspect.
2. Saturn in the 2nd while the malefic sixth lord or a
malefic from the 6th aspects the 2nd.
5. Saturn and second lord in the 6th aspected by the
malefic 6th lord.
4. Saturn in the 2nd, malefic aspecting the 2nd and having
a relation to the 6th or its lord.
5. Saturn aspected by the 2nd lord and is with or
aspected by the lord of the 6th.
Xlll. The fracture of bones has some interesting indications.
Mars refers to the neck, Saturn to limbs, Rahu to feet,
Mercury to the back, 4th house to ribs, Capricorn to the
knee, I lth to the left hand and 5rd to the right hand and collar
bones, 2nd to the right leg, and the 12th to the left leg. llouses
involved are the 2nd, the 6th and the lOth from Lagna and
from Aries. Planets involved are Saturn, the Sun, Mars and
Mercury. The combinations are:
l. The Sun with the Moon, Shani and Mars in the 8th the 5th
or the 9th.
2. Rahu, Shani and Budha in the lOth.
5. The Moon in the lst, Shani in the 4th and Mars in the
4. The Sun in the lst, Shani in the 5th, the Moon in the
8th and Mars in the 9th.
5. The Moon in Shani's houses placed between malefics.
6. The Moon in the 2nd, Mars in the 4th, and the Sun in
the loth.
7. The Sun in the 4th, Shani in the 8th and the Moon in
the loth.
8. Shani in the 2nd, the Moon in the 4th, and Mars in the
9. The Moon and Mars in the 6th.
lO. The Sun and Mars in the 5rd aspected by Shani.
XlY. The loss of limbs is closely related to the above.
Some of the combinations are:
l. Saturn in the 9th and Jupiter in the 5rd affects hands.
2. Saturn and Curu in the 8th or the l2th affects hands.
5. Saturn in the lst, Rahu in the 7th, waning Moon in the
7th, and Venus in Virgo affects hands and feet.
4. Saturn, the Sun a.nd the Moon in Lagna while Mars in
the 7th refers to an accident'
5. Saturn in the 7th while Mars is conjunct Rahu.
6. The Sun in the 2nd, Mars in the 7t}l, and the Moon in
the lOth.
7. The Moon in the l2th afflicted by a malefic while the
Lagna also is afflicted.
8. Afflicted Satum in the l2th.
9. The Moon in the lOth, Mars in 7th, and Satum in the
2nd or in the house next to the Sun.
XY. Leprosyis primarily an ailment of Satum and Rahu.
With Mars, these two affect the blood; and with the Moon
and Mercury they affect the skin. Some of the combinations
l. Mars or Mercury as lord of l,agna in conJunction with
the Moon and Rahu or Kethu.
2. The Moon and Rahu in Lagna with Mars or Saturn,
these being in conjunction with the lord of the Lagna.
5. The Moon and Rahu in the 4th from atmakaraka and
joined with or aspected by malefics
4. The Moon in the 4th from atmakarakajoined with or
aspected by Mars and another malefic.
5. A malefic in Lagna with the Sun or Saturn or aspected
by the Sun or Saturn, and being afflicted.
6. The Moon and Satum in Cancer, Scorpio or Plsces
Navamsa and aspected by or joined with malefic like
Mars or Shani.
7. The Moon in Dhanus and the Navamsa of Simha, having
coqiunction with or aspected from Mars or Shani,
and being under malefic influence.
. 8. I-agna must be Ylaltara, Meena, Kataka or l{anya. The
Sth house must have Mars or Shani, or the aspect of
Mars or Shani, and be afflicted.
9. The Moon in the lst, the Sun in the 7th, Shani and
Mars in the the 2nd or the l2th, and afflicted I'agna
and the Sun.
lO. Satum and Kuja in the 9th aspected by a malefic'
I I . Budha in Mesha, the Moon in the I Oth, and Kuja conjunct
'12. Afflicted Saturn, Mars, the Moon and Venus in a watery
15. Afflicted Lagna with Mars and Satum.
14. Conjunction of Mercury, the Moon lord of lagna and
Rahu or Kethu.


15. Mars and Satum or the Sun in L,agna with the sixth
16. Afflicted l"agna with Mars, with Satum in the lst, the
4th or the 8th
17. lnrd of Lagna in the 8th joined with on aspected by a
malefic, and a malefic in Lagna.
18. tord of l,agna in the 4th or the l2th with Mars and
Mercury, while the 6th house has Jupiter, Saturn and
the Moon.
19. Saturn, Mercury and lord of Lagna in conjunction,
while in the 6th Rahu is with the Sun.
XYl. Leucoderma involves the Moon, Satum and Mercury,
and the 6th house. Sometimes we find the Sun,
Jupiter, Venus and Kanya afflicted. The combinations are:
l. The Moon in the lst, the Sun in the 7th, Mars and
Saturn in the 2nd or the l2th.
,2. lnrd of l-agna with Mercury, the Moon and Rahu or
5. Lord of Lagna with Mars and Rahu or Kethu.
4. Lord of l-agna in the 8th joined with or aspected by
5. The Moon. Saturn and Mars in Mesha or Vrishabha.
6. The Moon and Rahu in Lagna while the lord of Lagna is
not there.
7. The Moon in the 4th from Atmakaraka aspected by
XYll. Blood poisoning presents a few combinations:
l. Malefic Mars aspected by a malefic.
2. Conjunction of Saturn, Mars and Rahu.
5. Rahu in the Sth with a powerful malefic.
4. Afflicted Atmakaraka in Mesha or Simha Navamsa.
5. Afflicted Moon in Kanya between malefics.
' XVIll. Trouble from poison shows 6th lord with Rahu or
Kethu in Lagna,' birth in Visha ghatika with a malefic in the
8th; lords of the lst and the 2nd with Saturn in a malefic
place; Navamsa lord of the lOth is with Satum in a malefic
place; Neptune.
XlX. Wounds and cuts refer to Mars and his afflictions.
Some of the combinations are these:
l. Mars and sixth lord in ["agna.
2. Malefic Mars in the 8th or the l2th.
5. Conjunction of Mars, Satum and Rahu.
4. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in l-agna.
5. The Moon in the 2nd, Mars in the 4th and the Sun ln
the lOth.
6. The Sun in the 4th, Satum in the 8th, and the Moon in
the lOth.
7. Mars and the Moon in the 6th.
8. Lords of the lst and the 8th with Satum and Rahu.or
9. Conjunction of the lords of the lst, the 4th and the
lO. The Sun and Mars in the 5rd.
)(X. Burns involve the Sun and Mars along with Mesha,
Simha and Dhanus. Some combinations are:
l. The Sun and Mars in the lst, the 2nd, the 7th or the
8th aspected by a malefic.
2. Waning Moon in the 8th with Rahu, Saturn or Mars.
5. The Moon in Satum's houses and placed between
4. Waning Moon aspected by powerful Mars and Saturn
from the 8th house.
XXI. Some of the combinations involving the affliction
of the spleen are:
l. The Moon between malefics and the Sun in Makara, or
Satum in the 7th.
2. Waning Moon with a malefic in the l-agna owned by
' Saturn or in the 6th or the 8th.
5. Saturn in the 7th and the Moon between malefics.
4. For Aquarius Lagna, the Moon aspected by malefics.
5. Malefic Jupiter in l-agna or in a malefic place.
6. Mars in Lagna with the weak 6th lord.
)(Xll. Complalnts of the liver involve Jupiter, Leo and
the 5th house. If bile is involved, we get the Sun and Mars
in the plcture; and the Moon gets in if blood is involved. The
followlng are some of the combinations:
l. Tht: Moon between malefics and the Sun in Makara or
Saturn in the 7th.
2. Malefic Jupiter in Lagna or in a malefic place.
5. Jupiter with the lords of the lst and the 8th.
4. Afflicted conjunction of the lords of the lst, the 2nd
and the 4th.
5. L,ord of l-agna in the 6th with Jupiter'
6. t ords of the l st and the 4th with afflicted Jupiter.
XXIII. Bitious diseases show varied combinations.
Some are:
l. Conjunction of Mercury with lords of the lst and the
2. The Sun with a malefic aspected by a malefic.
5. The Sun in the 8th, a malefic in the 2nd, and Mars
4. The Moon in the house of Mars between malefics.
5. Lord of the 6th in the 8th with the Sun and a malefic.
6. Satum, )upiter and Mars in Lagna'
7. l.ord of the 6th with Venus, Mars and Satum.
8. Mars in Kataka oPPosing the Sun.
9. Conjunction of the Sun, Venus and Saturn.
lO. Weak Sun or Mars in the 8th and a malefic in the 2nd.
I l. Mercury in Lagna with the 6th lord'
XXN. Bowels come under the Sun. Kethu refers to the
pains in the bowels. Venus refers to digestion. Afflictions
here involve Mercury and Mars and the 5th and the 6th
houses from l-agna and from Mesha.
l. Satum in the 6th, or with the Moon or the Sun, or in
Iagna affects the stomach and bowels.
2. Marsin l-agna and a weak 6th lord brings indigestion.
5. Afflicted Moon in Kanya causes intestinal trouble.
4. The Moon in the 6th brings indigestion.
5. Weak lord of the 8th, Lagna aspected by malefic, and
the 8th aspected or occupied by Saturn.
6. Saturn and the Moon in the 8th cause food poisoning.
7. Saturn in Lagna opposing Curu gives gases. The same
result apears with the Moon and a malefic in the 6th
aspected by a malefic; also when Mercury is the 7th
with a malefic and aspected by malefics.
Saturn in Lagna causes constipation.
Rahu or a malefic in Lagna and Saturn in the Bth
troubles the bowels.
lO. Conjunction of the lords of the lst, the 2nd and the
4th causes indigestion loose motions, etc.
I l. The Sun in Lagna or Lagna Navamsa, while
Moon, Mercury and Rahu occuPy Simha.
12. Mars in his own house and the lord of Lagna in Lagna
with the 6th lord.
15. A malefic in the 6th and 6th lord with a malefic in the
14. A malefic in the 5th, the 4th lord in the 6th with a
malefic, and afflicted lord of Lagna in Lagna.
15. Rahu and Mercury in Lagna opposing Mars and Saturn
gives diarrhoea. The same result aPPears with the
Moon and Sukra in the 8th, or with the conjunction of
Mars, Saturn and Rahu.
16. Dysentery arises from the conjunction of Venus, a
malefic in the 7th; conjunction of Mars and Venus in
the 8th; conjunction of Saturn and Rahu in the 2nd or
in Lagna Navamsa; lord of Lagna in Meena Navamsa
afflicted by a malefic.
17. The Moon between malefics and the Sun in Mahara
causes internal abscess;-.alsow hen such a Moon has
Saturn in the 7th.
18. Rahu or Kethu in Lagna with the malefic 6th lord, or is
in the 8th or the lOth while the 6th is afflicted. Then
abdominal Cancer may be suspected.
19. Afflicted Kanya by Saturn or Rahu when Kanya is
Lagna, suggests tuberculosis of the bowels.
20. The Moon and Mars in the 6th suggests jaundice'
XXY. Colic involves the Sun, Saturn, Kethu, Virgo and
the 6th house. Some combinations are:
l. Lord of Lagna debilitated in the enemy,s house, white
Mars is in the 4lh, and Saturn is aspected by a malefic.
2. conjunctin of the sun, the Moon and Mars in the 6th.
5. The Sun in Lagna aspected by Mars.
4. Lord of Lagna in Vrishabha Navamsa or Kanva
Navamsa or Makara Navamsa afflicted by a malefic.
5. Mars in t agna and the 6th lord weak and afflicted.
){XYl. Appendicitis involves the Sun, the Moon, Virgo
and the 6th house. Some of the combinations are:
l. The 8th house afflicted by Rahu and Mars while the
Moon is also afflicted.
2. Two powerful malefics on either side of the 6th.
5. The Moon in Kanya or Vrishchika afflicted by marefics
. while the 6th is also afflicted.
4. The Sun in Simha afflicted by Mars, Rahu or Saturn by
conjunction or aspect, while the Moon or the 6th is
also afflicted.
5. The Moon with a malefic in Kanya while the 6th is
6. For Thula langa, Jupiter in Meena afflicted, while there
is an afflicted Moon.
7. Saturn in the 6th which must be Kanya or Meena, while
the Moon is afflicted.
XXVII. Diabetes involves Venus, the Moon and Jupiter.
The combinations are:
l. A strong malefic in the gth or Lagna while Venus and
Jupiter, or the Moon and Jupiter are afflicted.
2. Ylalefic Shukra in Lagna or in a malefic place.
3. Shukra in the Bth with a malefic aspect.
xxvlll. Piles and alried complaints invorve Mars and the
7th and Bth houses from Lagna and from Mesha. Some of
the combinations are:
l. Conjunction of the lord of Lagna, Mars and Saturn in
the l2th.
2. Ylars with the lord of Lagna aspecting the Zth.
5. Mars in the Zth with a malefic and aspected by a
4. The 8th lord in the 7th with a malefic.
5. Saturn in Lagna and Kuja in the 7th.
6. Malefics in the 8th white Scorpio is afflicted.
7. Mars in the 8th aspected by Saturn.
8. Mars and the Moon in the gth.
9. l,ord of lagna with Mercury aspecting the 6th.
lO. Afflicted Sun in the 8th.
I l. The Moon in the 6th or the 8th aspected by Mars while
Shani is in L.agna
12. Waning or weak Moon in the gth aspected by Mars and
l5' Lords of the lst and the 7th in the 8th, lord of the Bth
, in Lagna, while Mars, Saturn or Rahu is in the Zth and
the Moon is afflicted.
14. The Moon in Kataka or vrishchika Navamsa afflicted bv
Mars and aspectd by a rnalefic.
XXIX. flydrocele involves Rahu, Vrischika and the gth
house. Some of the combination etc.
l. Rahu, Kuja and Saturn in Lagna.
2. lnrd of I-agna, Rahu and a powerful malefic in the gth.
5. The lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the
Lagna in conjunction with Rahu, Kuja and Saturn.
4. Rahu in Lagna, Kuja and Saturn in the Bth.
5. Kuja in Lagna and the Bth afflicted.
6. The Bth and Vrishchika afflicted.
7. Powerful malefic in the Bth and in Lagna.
B. The Moon, Shukra or Mars in Vrishchika and in the
Navamsa occupying the gth house.
)(XX. Mental ailments refer to the ruler of the 5rd and
the planets there, to the planets in dwiswabhava signs and
cadent houses, and to the Moon and Mercury. M.rcury
governs pure intellect. The Moon controls the brain. The 5rd
house refers to the lower mind. The 6th refers to the sub_
conscious mind. The 9th is the higher mind. The l2th is the
[idden, unconscious mind.
XXXI. Some of the combinations for the afflictions of
the eyes are:
l. The Sun in the l2th afflicts the right eye, and the Moon
there afflicts the left eye.
2. Conjunction of the Sun and the Moon afflicted by
Saturn and Kuja.
5. The Sun in the 6th or in Kataka l-agna afflicted. l
4. Saturn and Mars in the 6th or the 8th.
5. Malefics in the 6th affect the left eye and in the 8th
they affect the right eye.
! 6. The Sun or the Moon in the lst or the 7th aspected by
or joined with Satum or Rahu and Mars.
' 7. The Sun and malefic Moon in a malefic place.
8. Conjunction of Saturn and Mars, while the Moon is in a
malefic place.
9. Lords of the lst dnd the 2nd in a matefic place.
lO. The Moon and Rahu in the l2th, Saturn in a Kona, and
the Sun in the 7th or the 8th in a malefic Navamsa.
I l. The Sun and the Moon in the 6th or the 12th.
12. Conjunction of Venus with the lords of the 5th and the
15. Conjunction of the 2nd lord with Saturn and Mars.
XXXII. Some of the combinations for the complaints of
(he nose are the following:-
l. The Sun, Saturn and a malefic in the 6th, the 8th and
the l2th respectively, while the lord of Lagna is in a
malefic Navamsa.
2. The Moon in the 6th, lord of l-agna in the house of a
malefic and the 2nd afflicted.
5. Mercury joined with or aspected by a malefic.
4. Sixth lord Jupiter afflicting the 2nd.
5. The Sun, Mars and Saturn in association with the 2nd
i., lord or Mercury.
XXXIII. The troubles of the tongue involve the 2nd lord
with Rahu in a malefic place; second lord and Jupiter afflicted
in the 8th directly from the 2nd; second lord with
Guru in a malefic place.
XXXIV. Some combinations for dental trouble,s,
l. Saturn in Kataka.
2. Ylalefic in l,agna which should be Mesha, Vrishabha or
5. The Moon or Rahu in the l2th, Saturn in Trikona and
Kethu in the 7th or the 8th.
4. A malefic in the 7th, or malefic Mars in the 2nd.
5. Lagna in Saturn's Navamsa.
6. The Sun, the Moon and Venus in l-,agna. loss of teeth
refers to Mars in the l,agna which must be a watery
sign. Toothache lnvoives the conjunction of the Sun
and Saturn in a watery sign which must be Lagna or
the 6th. Decaying teeth refer to Satum in the I st or the
7th which must not be his own house.
XXXV. Defective heartng involves Mercury, ruler of the
6th afflicted by Saturn; or Budha ruling the 6th or the l2th
afflicted in one of these houses, or having a conjunction
with the Sun, or conjunction of Mercury and Mars afflicted
by the malefic ruler of the 6th; or Mercury in Makara afflicted
by malefics. Some other combinations are:
[. Mars or Rahu in the 5rd with a malefic.
2. Venus and Mars afflicted in the 2nd or the l2th.
5. A malefic in the 5rd aspected by a malefic.
4. Third lord afflicted'
5. Malefics in the 5rd, the Sth, the 9th and the I lth.
6. The Moon in the 7th with a malefic while the 2nd
house or 5rd is afflicted.
7. Lord of the 7th in the Lagna with Mars while the 2nd or
5rd is afflicted.
8. The 2nd lord in l.agna with Mars or Saturn.
9. Mercury in the 6th and Venus in the loth.
XXXVI. Troubles of the mouth and face are indicated by
the following combinations:-
l. The 6th lord, the Moon, afflicting the 2nd.
2. Lord of Lagna in the house of Mars or Mercury and
aspected by Mercury.
5. Mercury and Venus in the 6th afflicted.
4. Conjunction of Mars, Saturn and Mercury in Lagna.
XXXVll. Affections of the throat reveal the following com_
l. The 5rd lord with Mercury.
2. A weak, debilitatd or eclipsed planet in the Srd aspected
by a malefic.
5. The malefics in the 5rd.
4. Conjunction of Rahu with the lords of the 2nd and the
5. Mercury and the 5rd lord in Lagna.
6. The Moon in the 4th in.the Navamsa of the 4th lord
having a conjunction with a malefic while the Jrd is
7. The 4th house being the Navamsa of Kataka.
: Vrishchika or Kumbha, and having the Moon with a
I malefic, while the 5rd is afflicted.
' 8. Mars and Saturn in the 6th or the l2th with the Jrd
XXXVIIL Some of the following combinations may be
found in the cases of asthma:
L The Sun as the lord of an evil house having a conjunction
with or aspect from Saturn.
2. The Sun in Lagna aspected by Mars.
5. A planet in the 6th having an aspect from or a conjunction
with a malefic, or is between malefics.
4. Rahu or Kethu and Saturn in the 8th aspected by or
joined with malefics.
5. Lord of Lagna with Venus in a malefic place.
6. Lagna aspected by Mars and Saturn.
7. The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the 4th.
8. Rahu in the 4th while the lord of Lagna is afflicted.
9. Afflicted Venus in the l2th.
lO. Rahu or Kethu in the 6th.
XXXX. Affections of the lungs involve some of the following
l. The Sun and Jupiter in the 6th which must be a watery
2. Afflicted Sun in the 6th which must be a dwiswabhava
5. The Sun in Lagna aspected by malefic Mars.
4. Venus or Jupiter or the Sun in the 8th which must be
a watery sign, and having a malefic conjunction or
5. A planet in the 6th between two malefics having a
malefic conjunction or aspect.
6. Saturn and Rahu or Kethu in the 8th having the conjunction
of a malefic and of a maraka planet.
7. Mars and Rahu in the Lagna or Kataha Rasi which must
be a watery sign, having Saturn's aspect or the Moon's
conjunction or aspect.
L Lord of Lagna with Venus in a malefic place while the
4th is afflicted.
9. Malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn to Lagna.
1O. When the Sun and the Moon interchange places, the
4th or these bodies are afflicted.
ll. When the Sun and the Moon are in Kataka or Simhaand
the 4th or these are afflicted.
12. Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn aspected by Mars.
15. Afflicted Mercury in Kataka and the 4th or the Moon
14. The Sun, Jupiter and Saturn in the 4th.
15. Venus afflicted i n the l2th while the 4th also is
16. Rahu in the 6th, lord of Lagna in the 8th, and the 4th
is afflicted.
17. Venus afflicted by Mars and Rahu while the 4th or the
Moon is afflicted.
18. Lord of the 6th or the 8th with Rahu or Kethu.
19. Mars in Kataka and the Sun in Thula aspected by
20. The Sun and Satum in mutual kendras afflicting l"agna.
21. Mithuna as Kendra with an afflicted Sun.
22. The Moon between malefics and Satum in the 7th.
23. The Moon and the 6th lord in [,agna.
24. Debilitated Moon with the Sun aspected by Mars or
25. Afflicted Sun in a dwiswabhava Rasi while the 4th is
26. lnrd of Lagna and Rahu in the 8th while the 4th is
27. Ylars and Mercury in the 6th opposing the Sun and
28. Mars and Satum in the 6th aspected by the Sun and
29. The Sun in Makara while the Moon is between Mars
and Satum.
50. conjunction of the Moon and Satum afflicted by Mars.
51. Conjunction of the Moon and Mars in the 6th or the 8th
aspecting lord of Lagna.
32, The Sun in the I lth, Saturn in the 5th and malefics in
the 8th.
55. Mars in the 6th, lord of the 6th in Lagna aspected by
54. Satum, Rahu, Mars and the Sun in the Sth , lord of
l"agna in the 6th, weak Moon in the 8th and Jupiter
conjunct with his enemy.
XL. Complaints of the heart involve the Sun, the Moon,
Kataka and the 4th house. The following are some of the
l. Kethu with Mars in the 4th.
2. Afflicted Moon in an enemy's house.
3. The Sun with Saturn in a male[ic house.
4. The 6tlr lord and the Strn with a malefic in the 4th.
5. Mars, Saturn and Jupiter in the 4th.
6. Saturn, Jupiter and lord of the 6th in the 4th.
7. Ylercury in Lagna, the Sun and Saturn in the 6th
aspected by or joined with a malefic.
8. Rahu and the Moon in the 7th, and Saturn in a Kendra.
9. Jupiter afflicted by weak Mars, the 6th lord joining a
malefic, and the Sun in Vrishchika.
lO. Afflicted Moon in the 4th and three malefics in one
Some of the usual ailments afflicting human beings are
astrologically interesting. Most of these elude our grasp
because some of these afflictions are more mental. For
instance, take hypocrisy. How should we detect a hypocrite
from the horoscope? In our experience, the volatile and
flexible planet Mercury has a good deal to say on this
question; and so is Mars. The conjunction of Mars and
Mercuryisnotavery desirableone,if i t i s i n 1,5,7 or 9from
the ascendant; and if any planet were to be associated with
these two, then the native will not be a hypocrite. The
conjunction is valid if it takes place within eight degrees,
and if it is also in the same constellation. Similarly an
afflicted Mercury in the nihth house along with a malefic is
bound to give the same feature. The ninth denotes the
higher mind and its opposite looks after the lower mind. If
Mars is in the third without any benefic aspects, the same
result will follow. The conjunction of the lords of the fourth
and ninth houses in the sixth is another indication. If Aries
is the ascendant with Mercury posited therien, the same
result will follow. This hypocrisy will be perceptible in the
emotional life of the individual if Saturn, Mars and Rahu are
in conjunction preferably in 3,6,4 or 9 from the ascendant.
Along with these indications, one has to look into the other
factors also before pronouncing a judgment.
If Mars is in the third house aspected by the Moon and
Mercury, one has a tendency to betray those who believe in
him. Mercury in the sixth house is undesirable for those
born under Cemini or Virgo. The conjunction of the Sun
and Jupiter in the ninth from Karakamsa l,agna is bad for
the same reason.
Squint or some malformation of the eye is corroborated
by some interesting planetary situations. If Mars or the
lvloon is in the ascendant aspected by Venus and Jupiter; if
the Moon is in Aquarius aspected by Mars for those born in
Leo; if the Sun is in the seventh aspected by Mars for those
bom under Cancer, there is generally found a squint in the
€ye. If the Moon and Venus are in the twelfth, it is generally
the left eye that is so afflicted. If the Moon is in the twelfth
and the Sun is in the sixth, both the husband and wife have
the squint.
If Mercury is in the fourth from Saturn, and the lord oT
the sixth is in 5,6 or l1; if the benefic Moon and Venus are
In the sixth which is an enemy's house; if Mercury is in the
sixth and Venus is in the tenth; if Mercury and the lord of
the sixth are afflicted; and if the lord of the sixth is in the
sixth or twelfth aspected by Saturn, the individuals have a
tendency towards deafness. When Mercury and Venus are
ln the twelfth, it is the left ear that is generally found
If the lord of the ascendant is in 6.8 or 12 with Venus;
lf Mars is in the fourth and Rahu in the twelfth from
Karakamsa Lagna; if the ascendant is aspected by Mars and
Saturn; if there is an interchange of houses between afflicted
Sun and the Moon; if the afflicted Sun and the Moon
are in conjunction in their own houses; if Saturn is in
conjunction with the Moon and aspected by Mars, there are
broad tendencies Lowards some form of tuberculosis. The
conjunction of the Sun, Saturn and Jupiter in [he fourth is
found to be invariably affecting the heart and lungs.
We have placed some of our observations before our
readers with the hope that they too will collect the data on
similar lines. It would be a service to the cause of astrology
if observers can find out whether these observations are
confirmed in their own experience.
Disease is generally indicated by the 6th and eighth
houses and by Kuja, Shani and Rahu. tsut certain mutual
relations of planets do indicate possible ailments. These
relations are not confined to the aspects traditionally
followed. According to Parasara, all the planets aspect
houses 3, lO, 5, 4, 8,9 and 7 though the influence of these
aspects varies from planet to planet, Convention has made
us accept the seventh house aspect only for all the planets
and restricted the others to three only. In this context, we
may remember the aspects prescribed by the Jaimini system.
We propose to deal with the ailments brought about
by the malefic aspect only. Qenerally speaking the aspects
of Mars and Saturn are malefic, though their position is not
Accidents and resulting ill health are primarily due to Mars
and Uranus. Aspect of Mars on the Sun can indicate a narrow
escape from danger as we find in the chart of Lord Roberts
who was in the greatest danger when he won the Victoria
Cross. The opposition of these bodies can suggest a he4rt
We tabulate below some of the ailments indicated by the
mutual aspects or associations of the planets.
Sun and Jupiten defective action of the lever, and
toxaemia, gout, obesity.
Sun and Saturn: Catarrhal conditions, colds, tuberculosis,
afFections of the bones falls, dental ailments.
Sun and Uranus: Nervous complaints, obscure diseases,
Moon and Jupiter: Complaints of the liver. Mercury and
Mars: nervous complaints.
Mercury and Jupiter: Liver complaints, poisoning of the
nervous system.
Venus and Mars: Mental aberrations affecting physical
well being
Venus and IJranus.' Accidents, nervous afflictions.
Mars and Saturn: Unusual physical suffering, eczematic
gout, burns, ailments of the skin.
Mars and Uranus: Accidents
Mars & Neptune: Accident from gas.
Saturn & Uranus, Qall stones, injuries hypochandria.
These are.only some of the indications. It will be more
useful to note some diseases astrologically. lf in the third
and seventh from arudha lagna is in the third from the lords
of these signs there is the conjunction of Shani and Rahu, one
has the inflamation of the kidney. For kidney ailments, we
have to look to the afflicted houses of Venus, Mars and Saturn
and to the sixth and seventh houses.
If the third and eighth from lagna and the karaka have the
vargas of Vrishabha and Dhanus, and these are occupied by
Mars one suffers from boils or tumours. Boils and skin erup,
tions are related to Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Saturn and Mars.
Haemorrhoids refer to afflicted Scorpio and Jupiter. Mars and
Uranus are involved in surgical treatment. Ovarian tumors
involve Venus and Cancer.
If the eighth from the atmakaraka is assosited with Mercury
one has diarrhoea or dysentry. Dysentry is also indicated
by the mutual opposition of the Moon and Mars or by Saturn
afflicting lhe sixth. The eighth from the lord of the Karaka is
a house owned by the Moon, acute fever can he predicted.
Mars in the eighth from Sun produces cancer in stomach,
bowels, head etc.
Mars produces cancer of blood, marrow, genitals, uterus,
neck etc.
Mercury produces cancer of nose, navel, mouth etc.
Jupiter produces cancer of liver, ear, tongue, thighs etc.
Venus produces cancer of throat, genital organs etc.
Saturn produces cancer in legs, hands, places around
teeth etc.
Rahu produces cancer in private parts of the body.
Ketu produces cancer in private parts of the body.
Urinary Diseases: Libra and Scorpio are the seventh
and eighth signs of the Zodiac. Their rulers viz, Venus and
Mars and also seventh and eighth houses from the lagna are
concerning with urine diseases. It is observed that when
these houses and their lords and the Karaka planets are ill
placed and weak and if they are in any way related with the
sixth house or its lord it indicates the disease. The signs
Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are called watery signs. These
signs also rule the urine. When Saturn in any way is connected
by assocition or aspect it produces stones in the
urinary passage.
Ircprosy: Saturn and Rahu are the two main planets
which are responsible for this disease. Besides Moon, Mars,
Mercury are also reponsible for this disease. The Karaka for
blood is Mars and Moon is the cause of all blood diseases
and Mercury is the Karaka of all skin diseases and ulcers.
They work with Satum and Rahu to give rise to the disease
of leprosy.
Few indications of this disease are given below beside
those given earlier:
(i) Lagna is occupied by Moon and Rahu and Mars in the
seventh house.
(ii) Afflicted Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus in watery
(iii) Saturn and Mars in the ninth house aspected .by
(iv) Lagna is occupied by weak Moon, Saturn and Mars in
second or twelfth, and Sun is afflicted.
(v) lagna afflicted by Mars, Saturn and Sun; and Mercury
is weak.
Smallpox and Chickenpox: Smallpox is an acute in'
fectious disease. It is characterised by a cutaneous
erruption. Chickenpox is also an acute infectious disease.
The ruling planets over these diseases are Mars and
Mercury. It is observed when these planets are weak and
afflicted and if they are connected with the sixth house or
its lord, they give rise to smallpox and chickenPox. l-.ord of
the sixth when it is in retrograde motion also gives rise to
this disease when Venus connected with the sixth house or
its lord, it puts some marks in the face, because Venus
represents face i.e. the second house in the sign of the
Zodiac. Rahu is the planet who is the Karaka for epidemic.
When Rahu is any way connected with the combination for
this disease, it results in an epidemic.
Bronchitis: We have observed in quite a number of
cases that when the 4th house is afflicted by Mars, Saturn
and Rahu, the person becomes liable for attacks of bronchitis
any way, also gives the same result.
Diseases of the Digestive system: The 5th house
governs digestion. lt is observed that any malefic planet in
this house causes disease in digestive system. Besides, lord
of the 5th house in company with malefic planet and 5th
house is not aspected by any benefic planet also shows
similar result.
Cirhosis of liver: Any affliction in the 5th house with a
connection of 6th house indicates this disease.
There are some ailments which can be acute. lf we can
forecast them correctly they can be controlled and cured
before they become acute. First let us look at the planets.
Heart disease, bone fractures, leprosy, and diseases in the
head are to be read from the Sun. The Moon refers to
heart, lungs, left eye, asthma, diarrhoea, poisoning of
blood, diseases from water, kidney, diabetes, dropsy, appendicitis
and other things. From Mars one can find cuts,
wounds, sore-eye, poisoning. boils, itches, blood pressure,
bone fracture, tumour, piles, ulcers, dysentery and
cancer. Mercury indicates matters relating to chest, nerves,
smallpox, chickenpox epilepsy, fevers, itches, bone fractures,
typhoid, gall bladder, paralysis, ulcers, cholera and
so on. Jupiter governs liver, kidney, Iungs, diabetes,
spleen, thighs, dropsy, and tongue. Venus refers to eye,
genital troubles, fits, diabetes, glands, dropsy and fever.
Saturn controls stomach pains, teeth, shin, bone fractures,
rheumatic troubles, blindness, wounds, paralysis, deafness
and hysteria.
These are some of the mqjor indications given to us by
the planets. The houses primarily involved are the 6th and
the 8th, and their rulers too have to be considered here. lt is
wiser not to read these with reference to Bhavachakra, because
the equal house system of Parashara appears to be
more valuable. A few combinations indicating appendicitis
are given earlier. Here the factors involved are Virgo, the 6th
house, the Moon, and the Sun. The combinations we have
noted are:
l. The 8th house afflicted by Rahu or Kuja (Mars), while the
Moon also is afflicted.
2. Two strong malefics on both the sides of the 6th house.
5. The Moon in Kanya (Virgo) or Vrishchika (Scorpio) afflicted
by malefics, while the 6th too is afflicted.
4. The Sun in Leo afflicted by Mars, Rahu, or Saturn by
way of conjunction or aspect, while the Moon or the
6th house is afflicted.
A malefic in conjunction with the Moon in Kanya while
the 6th house is afflicted.
6. When the 6th house is Pisces with afflicted Jupiter in it,
while the Moon too is afflicted.
7. Saturn in Virgo or Pisces which must be the 6th house,
while the Moon is afflicted.
A native was born while Pisces was rising has Saturn in
[,eo, Mars and Rahu in Libra, and the Sun and the Moon in
Capricorn. This is a good example of the first combination
listed above. tlis appendix had to be removed. Simllar
examples can be supplied by the readers from their own
experiences. If any other combinations are found, it will be
better to add them to those given above.
Mercury controls all kinds of ulcers. the major combination
indicating the trouble from ulcers are the following:-
l. Malefic Mercury being afflicted.
2. Rahu in the Bth aspected by a malefic.
5. Saturn in Lagna, while a weak Moon is in conjunction
with Rahu and the Sun.
. 4. Saturn in the 2nd, the Moon in the 4th, and Mars in the
5. Mars in conjunction with Kethu in the 8th being
aspected by a malefic.
6. Mars in the 8th aspected with a malefic while Kethu is
in the 2nd.
7. I.ord of the 6th house with a malefic in the lOth.
8. tord of the 6th in the lst or in the Bth in conjunction
with a malefic.
Iord of the 6th in the 6th in conjunction with Rahu or
lO. The Moon in the 6th aspected by a malefic.
I l. Saturn in conjunction with Mars and Rahu.
12. Mars in conjunction with Venus in the 9th or the lOth
aspected by a malefic.
15. Rahu in co4iunction with a malefic in the Sth.
14. Mars in opposition to the Sun one of them being in the
lst, the 2nd, the 7th or the 8th.
15. The 6th lord in l.agna in conjunction with Mars.
16. Saturn in the 8th aspectd by Mars.
17. Mars in conjunction with Jupiter and Saturn in [.agna.
18. Mercury iiT his own house aspected by Mars.
19. The waning Moon in conjunction with Rahu, Satum, or
Mars in the 8th.
20. Conjunction of Satum and Mars in the 6th or the l2th.
21. Lord of the I lth in the 5rd.
22. Venus in Leo which must be a Kendra square or Kona
(trine), while Jupiter is in the 5rd.
25. The afflicted Moon in Leo.
The example given earlier fulfils the combinations 2 and
6. There is another person born when Libra was rising. fle
had the Sun and Saturn in l-agna while Mars was in the 7th.
This is the l4th combination listed above. Dr. Pattabhi's
chart fulfils the first combination. Born as Cancer was rising,
he had the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in the Sth house. tle
had the gastric ulcer. In these cases of gastric ulcer, we
usually find that the 5th house too is involved. This may
explain why gastric ulcers and the like are said to arise
primarily from psychological factors. Here again we are
interested in pointing out a few model combinations.
There is a dreaded disease called cancer, and we do not
come across any known ways of getting it cured. Experiments
are still going on. Only it is said that it can be cured
only if it is detected in its earlier stages. This can be done
only through astrology. Hence we offer an astrological
analysis of this. While Mercury indicates ulcers, Mars suggests
tumours. But cancer can appear in a variety of places.
Cancer, which is primarily indicated by Rahu, finds its place
because of the other planets involved. The Sun indicates
stomach, bowels, and Mercury gives nose, navel, mouth;
Mars suggests blood, marrow, genitals, neck, and Uterus:
Jupiter refers to liver, thighs ear, and tongue; Venus indi'
cates throat and genitals; Saturn refers to legs, hands, and
teeth. A badly afflicted Moon suggests the possibility of
cancer. Other indicators are the afflicted Jupiter and Saturn,
and the signs Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Libra, and Capricom.
Saturn in Cancer does suggest that a parent may
possibly have been a victim of cancer.
This chart is that of a woman who died of uterine cancer.
Mars, Rahu and the Moon are in exact conjunction; and
they are in opposition to Jupiter and Kethu. Saturn is in the
5rd house. Mars aspects the Sun, the lord of the 7th. Mars
is badly afflicted and the position of Venus in the 7th is a
little palliative. Note also that all except Mars and the Moon
are between Rahu and Kethu. Jupiter, Aries and Libra are
afflicted. A collection of the charts of victims of cancer
would throw a flood of light.

Some Diseases
f yotisna is said to be the eye of the Vedas. In the Vedic
{, texts the Sun is said to be the eye of the heavens. In a
funeral hymn of Rig Veda the eye is commissioned to enter
the Sun. The Sun is thus the significator of the eye. The
Uttarakalamrita (U.K) refers the eye to the second house of
the horoscope (5.2); and it assigns the left eye to the twelftn
house (5.22): by implication the second rules the right eye.
It also assigns the Sun (5.24) and Venus (5.44) to the eyes.
Thus we have-to take the Sun and Venus as significators
and the houses on either side of the Lagna as indicators of
the eyes. Since the sixth house refers to any ailment, this
also plays a prominent part in any affliction to the eyes.
Sixth being the seventh from the twelfth, it is necessarv. to
consider also the eighth house.
First let us consider what at least the Jataka parijata
(J.P) has to say about ttre afilictions to the eyes. Our
authorities invariably consider Mars in the afflictions to
the right eye and Saturn to those of the left eye. This
is because they refer to the owners of the first and the
efeventh houses of the natural zodiac and these are the
twelfth (Yyaya,loss) houses. We will tabulate some combinations
from J.P.
1. Waning Moon in the Bth aspected by a strong Saturn
brings death caused by an agony of the eye or after a
surgical treatment (5.7S).
2. Sun conjunct Moon in Simha lagna aspected by Saturn
and Mars makes one blind. If this conjunction has also
a benefic aspect, one is clear-eyed (6.52).
5. Moon in 12 affects the left eye and Sun in 12 affects
the right eye (6.52). There should be no benefic aspects.
tlere we find both the luminaries involved in the diseases of
the eye. This is of vital interest. This agrees with Brihat
Jataka (23-lO and 20-23\
4. Sun in Simha lagna or Tula lagna or Karkat lagna also
causes inflamation of the eyes (6.54).
5. Sun and Moon in the twelfth together or separately
affect the right and left eyes respectively (6.54).
6. A malefic with sixth affects the left eye and in the
eighth the right eye (6.54).
7. Sun associated with Shani in the first or the seventh
house affects the right eye. ln association with Mars and
Rahu, the Sun spoils the left eye (6.55).
B. Sun and Moon in the eighth while malefics are in 6,9
and 12, the malefic in the sixth spoits the left and the
malefic in the eighth affects the right eye (6.55).
9. Mars as the lord of the second, Sun and Moon in g,
and Shani in 6 or l2-one becomes blind.
I O. Moon in 6,8 or 12, and Saturn is conjunct Mars-loss
of sight (6.57)
ll. Moon in 6, Sun in 8, Saturn in 12, Mars in 2-
blindness (6.58).
12. Conjunctions of lords of I and 2 in 6,g or l2-Loss
of sight or cataract.
15. Lord of the second with the Moon and Venus in
lagna-night blindness (6.59).
14. Moon or Rahu in 12, Shani in a trine, the Sun in 7
or 8-ailment of the eyee (6.84).
15. Malefics in 4 and 5, and Moon in 6,g or l2-blindness.
16. Sun and Moon in 6 and l2-one eyed; and his wife
also will be one eyed (6.99).
17. Conjunction of the Sun, Mars and Venus-Eye disease
18. Conjunction of the second lord with Mars and Saturn
in the second-eye disease. Same result arises when malefics
in the second are aspected by Shani (l1.68).
19. Maleficsi n l2-eye disease( 15.78).
All these combinations should not have any benefic association.
The ninth chapter gives many combinations with
gulika for diseases of the eye. Since the author confuses
gulika with Mandi and since these are not said to give benefic
result in any house, it is better to ignore these. Some of the
combinations given above-2,4, 15, l7 do not appear to be
valid, as we have cases to the contrary.
Sun with Ketu in 2,6, B, l2 afflicts the eye with a cataract.
Mars and Saturn govern the right and left eye respectively.
Sun, Moon, Venus and houses |, 2, 12,8 and 6 are involved
ln any eye trouble, if and only if malefic influences dominate.
Jataka Tattva of Mahadeva gives the following significant
2O. Mars or Moon in lagna aspected by Jupiter or Venus
one eyed. This is debatable. Other afflicts together with
these must be the causes.
21. Moon in 7 for Kumbha lagna aspected by Mars-one
22. Sun in 7 for Makara lagna aspected by Mars-one
25. Moon and Venus in 7 or l2-one eyed. lf they are in
the seventh there cannot be an ailment of the eye.
Some learned state that one becomes blind if Sun is in
6, Moon in 8, Mars in 2, and Saturn in 12. In this combinatlon
Saturn afflicts the Sun and Mars, while Mars afflicts the
The constellations Ardra (66o40' to SO.O of sidereal zodiac)
Krittika (26'40^ to 4o"o). Pushyami (95oo' to l06"20'),
early part of Shravana, (28Oo to 29ooo'). Rohini (4O"O' to
55"20' ), and Jyeshtha (226' 40' to 2 4O"OI' are usua ll y i nvolved
ln the afflictions to the eyes. The last decanates of fixed signs
are also involved. Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Venus are the
main significators. Since the eye is most developed part of the
nervous system, Mercury's role in eye troubles has to be
considered carefully. Mars or Uranus afflicting Mercury has
shown squint in the right eye in some charts. Mercury in Aries
or Scorpio afflicted by Neptune has given rise to squint or
Cataract has now become a common feature. It refers
primarily to Mercury. Affliction of Mercury by Mars, Uranus
or Neptune appears a general indicator' In one case
Budha was oPposed to Neptune and the Moon to Uranus.
ln another Mars was conjunct Moon in the third quarter of
Mula (246'40' to 250"0') and Jupiter was conjunct Uranus
in the second quarter of Uttarabhadrapada (556"40' to
54O'O'). The first is ruled by Ketu and the second by Sat'
urn. Mercury afflicted by Saturn from the sixth or twelfth
can give squint in the left eye, while a similar affliction
by Mars from the second or eighth makes the right eye
When the luminaries are conjunct in 6 or 12 one loses
vision. The Sun appears to refer to the right eye. while the
Moon does to the left. In one case Mars (L83'26') afflicted
Mercury (268"58') and the Sun (278olO'). The first brought
the squint in the right eye, and the second a cataract in the
same eye. This Mars was afflicted by Saturn (158o8') and
also by Uranus (3O7'I4'). Mars and the Sun are also the
owners of the second and the sixth houses respectively in
these instances.
More differentiated examples will be of great help
in determining the precise nature of the ailments of the
The Eye is a very important organ of the human orgunism.
lt provides a window into the external universe. Nowa-
days we find myopia. blindness, cataract and the like
becoming frequent. The incidence of eye-diseases can be
decreased considerably if we know how these can be pre'
vented. One such way to knowledge is to consult the eye
specialist at frequent but regular intervals. But even he can
be helped largely by an insight into the problem as Pre'
sented by an astrological analysis of the chart of hls con'
The eye is a complicated organ, and its afflictlons do
sometimes involve the nervous and circulatory systems. In
astrolog5trh e Sun is said to regulate the right eye while the left
eye is under the control of the Moon. Venus too is associated
with eyesight. Kethu is another. Cataract is usually referred to
Rahu. Mars has a sore eye and Saturn has blindness.
A reference to our ancient texts yields many interesting
combinations of planets. Mars in the twelfth is said to afflict
the right eye while Saturn in the same afflicts the left. If Sun
and Moon are in the twelfth when malefics are in the sixth
or eighth, the result is taken to be blindness. These malefics
in the sixth would be in opposition to the luminaries, and in
the eighth they would oppose the house representing the
eye. Moon in the second, Sun in twelfth, and malefics in
sixth or eighth give the same result. Mars in second, Sun in
eighth, the Moon in sixth and Saturn in the ninth work in the
same manner. Blindness resulting from biliousness arises
when Moon and Mars are in sixth or eighth. Blindness
through the afflictions of wind or phlegm comes when Moon
and Saturn are in eighth or twelfth.
Tumour of the eye comes from Sun and Moon in the
ascendant. Defective eye results from Sun being in 5,9 or
l2 with malefics. lords of the ascendant and eighth in sixth
spoil the right eye. The following combinations are indicative
of different varieties of the diseases of the eye:
l. Sun and Moon afflicted by Mars and Saturn;
2. Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in 6 or g;
5. Sun or Moon in I or 7 aSpected by or conjoined with
Saturn or Rahu and Mars;
4. Lord of I and 2 in conjunction in a malefic house;
5. Afflicted Sun in Cancer which should be the ascendant;
6. Conjunction of Venus with lords of 5 and 6;
7. Conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the second with the
lord of that house;
8. Conjunction of the lord of second with Saturn, Mandi
and Culika.
Many similar combinations can be added. The basic facts
are simple. Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars and Saturn are planets
involved. The houses concerned are 1,2,6,8 and 12. A few
illustrations will throw greater light on this question. In Chart
I we find Sun and Mercury in the seventh. The conjunction in
the fifth is not bad. In the eighth month the '' f :'l-,Tr?'tJi;
;i'11*'1,?::'.s;l:? ft? and Mercury 12 Capricom; and Moon 4 pisces,
native had inflammation of eyes leading to blindness; and
Iater one eye got recovered. Jupiter in the second and Moon
In the tenth are the relieving factors here.
The second chart shows short sight in one eye and tong sight
i n the other. The lords of I and 8 are i n the I ?th
2. Ascdt. 29 Cemini; Jupiter l I eemini; Moon I l
Cancer; Mars 26 and Venus 26 Pisces; Sun 29
Aries; and Saturn B and Mercury 22Taurus.
though they do not have an exact conjunction. The conjunction
of Mars and Venus has added to the complication.
The third chart gives a peculiar pattern of planets. The
ascendant is afflicted by debilitated Venus who also happens
to be the lord of the second, and these are aspected
5. Ascdt. 19 Virgo; Venus 17 Virgo; Jupiter 16
Aquarius,.Saturn 25 Pisces; Mars 2 and Moon 7
Taurus; and Mercury 6 and Sun 23 Leo.
by the lord of the sixth Saturn. Sun is in the twelfth. The lord
of the ascendant ls aspected by Mars conjunct Moon. The
native is born blind; and it is not at atl surprising to find the
result like this.
Not only are the sign and house positions important, but
the positions in the Navamsa too are necessarily to be
considered. Find where the lord of the second is located in
the Navamsa chart. lf the lord of that sign is in a malefic
house or is aspected by the malefics in the Rasi chart, then
we have a case of the eye-disease. In the third chart there is
the affliction to Mercury on the basis of this principle. In the
second, we find this planet to be Venus who is afflicted by
Mars. In the first it is the Sun who is in the eighth.
There are some sensitive points concerning the eye.
These are around the 15th degree of Aries and Libra, 2oth
degrees of Virgo and Pisces, and tenth and eleventh degrees
of Taurus and Scorpio.
The last have a good deal to do with the optical nelves.
The l Tth degrees of Virgo and Pisces, and the 2nd degrees
of L,eo and Aquarius also are connected with the eye. Cataract
cases show afflictions to the 2Oth degrees of Virgo and
Pisces. Colour blindness involves lhe 23rd degrees of Aries
and Libra, and the I lth degrees of Taurus and Scorpio.
Claucoma usually shows the first three degrees of Cancer
and Capricorn afflicted badly. The thirteenth degrees of
Cancer and Capricorn, the tenth degrees of Cemini and
Sagittarius, and the sixth degrees of Taurus and Scorpio are
some of the other sensitive points. In any case of myopia
we find Mercury afflicted because he governs the nervous
system. When Mercury is afflicted by Mars and when Aries
or Scorpio is involved, there may be squint.
Cataract cases usually show afflictions to Mercury and
Moon. The conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in Virgo, and of
Moon and Mars are also sometimes found to be responsible
for this.
1. Malefics in 4 or 5, and Moon in 6, 8 or 12 without any
benefic association.
2. Sun and Moon in Simha lagna aspected by Kuja and
5. Ravi, Chandra, Kuja and Shani related to each other in
2,6,8 and 12. Ravi alone refers to the right eye while
Chandra refers to the left eYe.
4. Malefics in 6 or B.
5. Ravi in I or 7 associated with Shani affects the right
eye. Shani associated only with Kuja and Rahu affects
the left eye.
6. Malefics in 6, 8 or 12 with Ravi in 12, and Moon in 6-
left eye. If Ravi is in 12, left eYe.
7. For Mina and Tula lagnas Ravi and Chandra in 8, and
Shani is in 4,8 or 12'
8. Lords of 2,5, 7 and 9 in bad places while Shani is in
9. Moon in 6, Ravi in 8, Shani in 12, and Kuja in 2.
10. Lord of 2 with lagna lord in 6,8,12.
I l. Ravi, Shukra and lord of lagna in 6,8, or 12, or with the
lord of 2 in these houses.
12. Lords of I and 2 in 6.8 or 12.
15. Kuja in 12 affects the left eye, and Shaniin l2 affects the
right eye. Ravi and Kuja refer to eyesight, Ravi and the
second house refer to the right eye. Chandra and the
twelfth refer to the left eye.
14. One of Ravi or Chandra in L2, and the other in 6
Night Blindness
l. Chandra and Shukra in 6,8 or 12.
2. For Tula lagna Ravi and a malefic in Lagna.
5. Lord of the second with Shukra, while Moon is in
4. Ravi, Shukra and lord of lagna in houses 2 to 7.
5. Lords of I and 2 relaLed to each other, while Ravi and
Shukra are together.
General Complaints of the Eye
l. Chandra or Rahu in 12, Shani in 5 or 9 and Ravi in 7
' or 8 causes eye and tooth troubles.
2. Mandi i n 8.
5. Ravi exalted for Simha lagna aspected by Shani and
4. Ravi in Karka lagna aspected by Shani and Kuja.
5. lf lagna has the lord of 2,6, and 1O or if these are
debilitated and are with malefics.
6.. The lords of the dwadasamsa of the lord of 6 and lO,
with the lord of lagna in 6,8 or 12, and not aspected by
any benefic.
2. Dumbness
l. Lord of 2 with Curu in 8,6 or 12
2. Moon in Vrishabha and malefics in Rasi Sandhi
5. Moon aspected by two malefics
4. Lord of 2 with Budha and Rahu in 6, the second lord
with the lord of the sign occupied by Budha and Rahu.
5. The fourth place is a movable sign or the fourth having
the lord of a movable sign, and the fourth lord in 6
or 12.
3. Diseases of the Ear
The third house refers to the right ear and the eleventh
to the left. Houses 5 and 9 refer to ears, and 7 to teeth, as
per Varahamihira.
|. Moon in 5, ll, 5 or 9 not aspected by any favourite
2. Malefics in 5, 11, 5 and 9.
5. Conjunction of Chandra, Budha, Quru and Shukra.
4. Waning Moon in lagna.
5. Mangal with Mandi in the third.
6. Third house associated with a malefic, and not
aspected by a benefic.
4. Teeth
l. Malefic in 7, not aspected by any benefic
2. Moon or Rahu in 12, Shani in 5 or 9, and Ravi in 7
or B.
5. Lord of the sign occupied by Rahu, or Rahu is with the
second lord in 6,8 or 12.
4. Budha and Rahu with the second lord in 6, or they are
with the lord of the sign having Rahu.
5. Throat
l. Third lord with Budha in lagna .
2. Mandi with a malefic in 5.
5. Moon with a malefic in the fourth and is Vargottama.
4. Lord of 2 and 5 with Rahu.
5. Curu in 8 with a debilitated planet.
6. Asthma
l. Ravi in lagna asPected bY Kuja
2. Shani with Mandi in 6, aspected by Ravi, Kuja and
Rahu, without any benefic association'
5. A malefic in 12, Moon in 6, Shani in 8, lord of lagna in
a malefic navamsha.
4. Moon in papakartri, Ravi in 7.
5. Conjunction of Chandra and Shukra, or Chandra in
opposition to Shukra, and aspected by a malefic'
6. Kuja and Budha in 6 and in malefic navamsha, while
the Moon is aspected bY Shukra.
7. Lord of 5 in 2 or B.
8. Six planets other than Budha are together.
9. Budha in a watery sign aspected by a malefic.
lO. Chandra and Rahu in 2.
I l. Any association of the Chandra, Shukra, or Quru to the
third house from lagna or from the Moon. This can give
rise to B.P.
7. Consumption
l. Ravi and Chandra in Karka or Simha - Bone.
2. Chandra between two malefics and Shani in 7 -
splean, consumPtion or carbuncle.
5. Rahu in 6 and Mandi in a Kendra from Rahu.
4. Chandra between Kuja and Shani, while Ravi is in
5. Moon in Kanya between two malefics - vomits blood
from the stomach.
6. Chandra with Shani or in opposition to Shani and
aspected bY malefics'
5. Chandra and Guru in a watery sign in 8 and aspected
by a malefic.
6. Ktrja in a malefic house in 8 and is with a malefic.
7. Lord of lagna associated with Shukra in 6,8 or 12'
8. Kuja and Rahu in 4 or 5 from karakamsa lagna'
9. Kuja owning 6,8 or 12 aspected by Shani.
lO. Ravi with Chandra in 6 or 8'
I 1. Karakamsha lagna in Dhanus with the Moon, aspected
by Kuja.
12. Rahu in 6, Mandi in Kendra, and lord of lagna in 8'
15. Kuja and Rahu in 2, 4,5 or 8'
8. tleart
Fourth house and its lord are the determinants. We
cannot ignore the fifth house and its owner as well.
I. Ravi in 4 when he owns the sixth.
2. Unaspected malefics in 4 and 5 while they are in cruel
Shashtyamshas and unaspected by any benefic.
5. Shani, Kuja and Curu, or Shani, Kuja and Rahu in 4
4. Mandi and Kelu in 5.
5. Lords of 5 and 12 in 12. The fifth lord may even be
combust, or debilitated or in the house of a foe.
6. Shani and Chandra in 7.
7. Chandra with a malefic in Vrishabha,l\arka, Vrishchika
and Makara.
8. Chandra and Kuja, Shani or Rahu in 12.
9. Ttrberculosis
Today a great number seem to be the victims of tuberculosis
in our country; and too frequently do we hear of the
opening of new sanatoriums. Whatever may be the actual
physical causes that bring about this disease, we should
analyse astrologically the data that is available and try to
find out the particular planetary positions responsible for
this ailment. Before we proceed in our enquiry, we have to
note certain principles that are given by the authorities.
Cemini or Mithuna rules the chest and Cancer or Karkataka
controls the heart. Virgo is a mental sign and it must be
considered in all ailments. It is the sign representing sickness
and it stands for the liver and the intestines in particular.
Likewise the sixth sign from the Ascendant is important
in this enquiry. The vitality of a person is controlled by
Aries, Leo and Sagittarius; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn
have power over the bones and the flesh; Qemini, Libra and
Aquarius have their sway over the breath; and the other
three govern the blood. Then again we have to read consumption,
pneumonia, rheumatism and asthma from
Gemini; and Pisces too has something to say about tuberculosis.
Coming to the planets, the Sun governs the heart and
bone, Mercury controls the lungs and Jupiter rules over the
kidneys. Mars bringp tuberculosis, while Mercury is capable
of bringing asthma, bronchitis, neuralgia and neurasthania.
Saturn govems the spleen, endocardium, ribs, bones, rheumatism,
consumption, bronchitis, asthma, gout and
Bright's disease.
While predicting disease, we have to consider the sixth
sign from the Ascendant, the planets therein, the lord of the
sixth and the aspects involving these. One should note the
relationship between the lords of the first and the sixth
houses. Next, one should consider the relationship of Sun
to Moon. The aspects of Mars and Saturn falling on the
Moon are to be examined.
Some of the planetary combinations that are said to be
responsible for tuberculosis can be classified thus:- (i) LorO
of the Ascendant with Venus in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth
house from Lagna; (ii) Mars in the fourth and Rahu in the
twelfth from the 'Karakamsa I.agna'; (iii) Mars and Satum
malefically aspecting the Ascendant; (iv) the mutual exchange
of houses by Sun and Moon in the Rasi or in the
Amsa; (v) the conjunction of the Sun and Moon afflicted in
Cancer or in Leo; (vi) the conjunction of the Moon and
Saturn being aspected by Mars; (vii) Mercury afflicted in
Cancer; and (viii) the combination of the Sun, Jupiter and
Saturn in the fourth.
A few typical illustrations will enable us to understand
the principle better. The following chart is that of a male
Jup 16
Sat 6
Mars 28
Mer 9
Moon 10
Sun 1
Lagna 26
Venus2 3
who died of consumption at the early age of twentyfive. The
lord of the Ascendant is in Taurus with the lord of Pisces.
Jupiter and Saturn are in the fourth, while a peculiar combination
is in the Ascendant. The afflicted Venus is
aspecting the sixth house. The rising degree of Aquarius is
ominous enough. The next chart is more interesting and
significant. Sagittarius is rising being afflicted by the as.
pects of Mars and Saturn.
Mars is in the sixth, Taurus, while Satum is in Viryo. The
lord of Virgo is debilitated in the fourth, while the debilitated
Moon is aspecting Mars and is aspected by Saturn.
The malefic influence is gathered into the sixth house. This
person lived a spendthrift and died of consumption at
fortytwo. The next chart is a slightly better representative. It
belongp to Isaac Sprague who was a living skeleton weigh-
Sudha2 3
Ven 20
Sun 1
Moon 1
Sani 2
Guru 17
Mars 19
Mer 28
Sun 11
Mars 8
Jup 20
Moon 5 Sat 6
ing only forty pounds. He suffered progressive muscular
atrophy. Sun being the lord of the sixth is with Moon in the
fourth sign called Cemini. These two are aspected by Jupiter
and are afflicting Jupiter. Mars and Saturn are afflicting
one another. The trines are uncared for and the Ascendant
ls afflicted by Saturn. The wasting fever is amply accounted
for by Saturn and by the fourth house.
The follwoing chart illustrates the consumption of the
lungs. The Ascendant is unaspected, sensitive, receptive;
Moofl 17 Sani 9
Budha 2
Sun 1
Guru I
Ven 10
Mars 18
and weak Cancer which rules the heart, breast, epigastric
region and elbow. The lord of the Ascendant is in another
sensitive and consumptive sign. The lord of the sixth is
Jupiter who brings about degeneration and who is in the
eighth with Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus. Almost all the
organs are affected, though the wasting fever was soon felt
to react adversely on the lungs. Mars and Mercury have
done their worst. Next chart illustrated the consumption of
Sun 10
Shani 11
Budha 14
Ven 22
Guru 1
Mars 29 25
the bowels. The lord of the Ascendant here is in fifth with
Mercury, the lord of the ninth and the twelfth houses. The
lord of the sixth is debilitated and is about to be joined to
Mars who is being afflicted by Saturn. The 6th house is
particularly bad and it brings the afflicted Sun, Moon, and
Satum. Virgo governs the bowels and the solar plexus and
it is severely afflicted.
In a good many of the cases, we do find the Moon
occupying Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. The constellations
' Pu rvabhad rapada" Uttarabhad rapada',' Revati','Asvini',
and 'Bharani'govem the heart and the lungs. And we also
find that consumption needs the afflictions coming from
Mercury, Mars and Saturn. These afflictions are generally
concentrated in the sixth house. As'Chintamani' observes,
the conjunction of Mercury and Mars in the sixth afflicted by
Venus and Moon, is also indicative of consumption. Likewise,
we have another indicator in the conjunction of Mars
and Satum in the sixth afflicted by the Sun and Rahu.
Take the next chart and observe the Ascendant afflicted
by benefics in a novel manner. The lord of the Ascendant is
exalted in the third sign; and this house governs the skeleton
as a whole. Mars is afflicted by Shani and Rahu, both
being together in a consumptive house. The Moon is
hemmed in between malefics. This person developed tuberculosis
at the age of fifty in the subperiod of the Sun in the
mqior period of Jupiter. He breathed his last in the late subperiod
of Jupiter.
The following chart is that of a person who suddenly
tumed bankrupt at the age of the fifty two. Two years later,
Guru 4 Moon 28
Ravi 1 9
Budha 6
Kuja 26
7 Shukra

he died of lingering consumption. The Ascendant is Taurus,

controlling the bones and the flesh. lt is subjected to the
powerful influence of the Moon and the Person had therefore
to bear a severe nervous strain. As long as the vitality
was strong, he was able to withstand the strain. This vitality
is bound to melt away as the Sun is conjunct with debilitated
Mars in the third house, the sign of Moon' The sensitivity
of Cancer is heightened by the presence of the neuralgic
Mercury in association with the conjoined planets. The
lord of the sixth is subjected to the influences of Jupiter
and Saturn; and this brought about the dramatic collapse'
Next chart takes us to a Person born in the constellation
of 'Uttarabhadrapada'. The Ascendant is aspected by Mars
Jup 28
Moon 15
Ketu 21
Sat 25
Ven 11
Sun 1
Mer 22
Lagna1 2
who is situated in Virgo. The vitality is subjected to a violent
haemorrhage brought fourth by Mars. The third hosue governing
the lungs is afflicted by Ketu. Its lord is in the second
in association with the lord of the sixth. The tubercular
affliction suddenly came up in the sub-period of Saturn in
the major period oi Venus and he died of it in his forty-
'sceocmopnlde tyeeda r. Venus and Saturn, Mercury and Mars, have
his story while the nodes aided the major operation.
From these illustrations let us turn to very peculiar two
cases of suspected tuberculosis. The doctors have declared
Ravi 17
Budha 28
Shukra 2
Mars 8
Guru 15
Shan2i 2
one ailment, and the patient suffered from another. This
chart is the first to be considered. This person starLed his
career well and was somewhat successful at the bar. The
affliction of Leo by Mars and Venus, and the conjunction of
Jupiter and Saturn aspecting Mars, brought forth diabetes.
Scorpio is particularly bad in this direction. As the diabetes
became chronic, a new weakness set in with a low temperature.
Some medical practitioners diagnosed the ailment to
be tuberculosis and treated him with "streptomycin" towards
the end of the major period of Ketu. Observe that
Ketu is in the second house owned by Venus, and that
Venus is subjected to Martian aspects. The lord of the
fourth house is the sensitive Moon who is situated in a
consumptive and neuralgic sign Cemini. The lord of this is
again in Aquarius with the Sun and Venus. Of course, both
the Moon and Mercury are at the very end of the respective
signs. As a consequence of the treatment given, there was
a serious neruous breakdown resulting in an ailment similar
to paralysis as soon as the m4jor period of Venus started.
Observe the position of Venus and his association with
Mercury and others. In the very first sub-period he collapsed.
I was consulted just when the tubercular treatment
was being given to him; and I warned him not to take that
treatment any longer since it is sure to paralyse his nervous
system, and since the planetary positions need some treatment
that can give vitality to his nervous system. My advice
was taken too late and the good man passed away. The
positions of the planets are apt to tempt one to conclude
that he must have died of tuberculosis.
The last illustration is highly significant in this direction.
This gentleman was working in the Railway and he rfuas
confined to bed from June 1949 to June 195O. The doctors,
as usual, pleaded that he was ailing with tuberculosis.
The sub-period of Mercury in the major period of Rahu
ended by 195l-6-15 and in the last part of this period he
was assured of his recovery by the doctors. The lord of the
sixth house is exalted in the third and is with Jupiter; and
the lord of the ter'th is exalted in the sixth and is aspected
by the lord of the sixth. This is enough to show that he did
not have any ailments like tuberculosis. The lords of the
first and the third have interchanged their places, though
they are eightytwo degrees apart. The Moon is exalted in the
seventh. Yet he was ailing at least for one year and we have
not examined Mercury and his houses. Mercury is the lord
of the eighth and eleventh houses; and he is debilitated in
Guru 29
Shani 2
Lagna 2l
a consumptive, neuralgic and sensitive sign. The eighth
house is occupied by Rahu, another planet of neuralgia.
The location of Jupiter i n the third house called
Capricornus intensified the affliction to the nervous system.
This affliction gathered momentum during the transit influences
of Jupiter and Saturn. What this gentleman really had
during 1949-50 was only a little nervous breakdown; and
there might have been also a slight trace of albuminaria. But
it was not tuberculosis at any rate.
These illustrations are clear enough in drawing the attention
of the readers to the difficulty in predicting tuberculosis
correctly. In a majority of the cases, there is ample room to
confuse neuralgic with tuberculosis; and a sound astrological
examination can and will point out the real trouble.
lO. Heart Complaint
Many factors lead to the ailments of the heart. An unsuspected
cause is rheumatic fever which may attack a native
prior to his twelfth year and which is erroneously treated as
ordinary malaria fever. tlere we propose to analyse one
such chart.
The native, a male was born on 1924-9-5 at 7-13 A.YI.
(I.S.T.) 16.12N, 80.59tr Balance of Kuja dasa as per Lahiri
one year, three months, 16 days. As per the ayanamsa we
follow it is six months twelve days. The chart is as per
14. Asc 5.26 in Virgo with Mercury (R) 2.48, 2-Moon
4. I 2, Saturn 6.9, S-Jupiter 18.22,S-Ketu 29. I L,
6--Uranus (R\ 27.6, Mars (R) 4.54, | 0-M.C. 5.41.
I l-Venus l-48. Neptune 28.5, Rahu 29. I l,
l2-Sun, Ketu, lO-Sat, Mars, Moon, I l-Jupiter,
The significator of the heart, the Sun, is in the twelfth
aspected by retrograde Mars (Lord of the third) and Uranus.
Varahamihira (1.4) places chest under the third house and
heart under the fourth and also under Cemini and Cancer
respectively. In the system of Jaimini the Seventh house
appears to refer to the heart and to the back. We have,
however, to admit that the Sun is the significator of the
heart, and therefore [,eo and the fifth house are to be
reckoned with.
In this chart the lagna is hemmed in between malefics
and it is aspected only by the lord of the third and the eight.
Jupiter in the third is a cause of balarishta; and he has the
strength to bring the life to an end in his major period. The
navamsa lagna i s aspected by Kuja again. Applying
Jaimini's aspects we find the karakamsa afflicted by the
aspects of Sun, Uranus, Rahu and Neptune.
Rheumatic fever involves Mars and Saturn. Here Mars is in
Saturn's house in Rasi, and is with Saturn in Amsa. It is this
Mars who aspects the lagna. Scorpio is particularly amenable
to this fever along with Leo, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. One
of the aphorisms of Jamini is *Dara Jvara bhayam-' lt means
that when Cancer is the eighth from karakamsa there is fear
of fever (5.5, 40). ttere this is fulfilled; and it is also aspected
(as per Jamini) by Mars.
Moreover, Mercury governs the respiratory systems. llere
he is retrograde and aspected by Mars in Rasi and by Saturn
in Amsa. As per the drekkana classification, the ribs are under
the third and the eleventh house, while the chest is governed
by the fifth (right side) and the ninth houses' In this chart the
ninth is aspected by Mars. tts fifth house has the aspects of
Venus, Neptune and Rahu.
The ailments of the heart involve the following : ( I ) Affliction
to the Sun, Leo, and the fifth, or any two of these' (2) Mars
in association with the fifth damages the heart through strain.
(5) Saturn affects the valves, or brings about a fatty degeneration.
(4) Neptune affects the heart through drugs or smoking
or both. (5) Uranus causes the ailment through the nervous
system. (6) Uranus and Jupiter, jointly or separately bring
about the dilated hehrt. The dilated heart is the major result
of Rheumatic fever.
In the chart under consideration Leo and the Sun are
afflicted by Mars and Uranus. The fifth house in Amsa alone
has Uranus. The fifth house is not associated with Mars,
though the fifth lord has the amsa of Mars. Saturn aspecting
the fourth affected the valves; and Varahamihira is right in
ascribing the heart to the fourth. The native was not given to
drugs or smoking; and so Neptune has little to do with this
chart. Jupiter is in square to the Sun and to Uranus. The
heart is dilated. In navamsa Uranus is in the fifth in opposition
to Jupiter. The native died on Nov. 7.1946.
According to Lahiri's ayanamsa the demise was in Curu,
Shani, Budha. But according to the one we follow it was in
Jupiter-Saturn-Moon. Readers will be able to judge which
ayanamsa fits in to this situation.
One more point. The native was married in May 1943.
He had no Kuja dosha. In amsa the seventh lord is in the
eighth; and the seventh is afflicted by Saturn. As Parashara
stated, the navamsa represents the chart of the partner.
Though the native has Mars in the eighth from Venus, the
navamsa chart clearly shows that his wife was destined to
be a widow.
tleart and Stomach
The concept of Kalapurusha is a unique one in Indian
astrology. Karka (Cancer) and the 4th house from Lagna
rule the heart, Mithuna and the Srd govern the chest,
Simha and the 5th control the stomach, Libra and the
7th have a sway over the lower abdomen as per Brihat
Jataka (1.4).
When the 2nd decanate of Lagna rises houses 5 and 9
govern the chest, 5 and I I the ribs, and band and the
abdomen. The Sun has sway over the heart. The conjunction
of Sun, Mercury and Mars in the 4th or in the 5th
generally indicate ailments of the heart. The Moon indicates
tumours, Mercury refers to the lungs, and Venus to kidneys
and ulcers. For ulcers we have to consider also Mars, Rahu
and Uranus. Jupiter does indicate abnormal growths. Mars,
Saturn and Uranus in their relation to the hylegical point
indicate the liability to disease.
With this general background we propose to study a typical
case and draw some valid conculsion.
The native was born on December 5, 1962 at 3.17 ?.Y1.
The balance of Guru's major period at birth was years
The 4th house has Kahu and debilitated Mars aspecting
the Moon (tumours), Jupiter (abnormal growth), Venus (ulcers),
and Saturn. Only Saturn can be said to have an
aspect on Mars. The fifth house Leo has Uranus (sudden
and unexpected developments) in direct opposition to Jupiter.
The 5th (Sun) and sixth (Budha) lords are in the 8th
(abdomen). Uranus is in the house indicating the chest. Chest
refers also to the 9th whose lord is in opposition to Uranus.
rbp S€t [r@n
@ Asc
Strl Ratxr
The Sun ruling the heart is in the Bth. Consider the navamsa
tlere the Sun is in the 5th aspected by the Moon. Heart
and tumours are ruled by these repectively. The 4th is
apected by Shani, and its lord is in the 8th with Shukra and
Ketu. Libra, Venus and the 7th house refer to the lower
abdomen. In Rasichart Venus in Libra (7th house) is
aspected by Mars and Saturn. The Atma Karaka is the Moon
and the Karakamsa lagna is Cemini.
His Budha's m4ior period started on June 2a, L987. The
sub period of Ketu was from November 25, 1989 to November
22, 1990. Budha as lord of the 5rd (ribs) is in the 8th
(abdomen) with the Sun, lord of the 5th (chest). Ketu is with
Shani in the 4th from Lagna and in the third (ribs) from
Budha, the lord of the dasa.
If the third and the Bth houses from the lagna or the
Atmakaraka have the divisions of Taurus and Cancer dominating
and if either sign is occupied by Mars, the native
suffers from boils an-d tumours. This aphorism of Jaimini
(3.3.26) applies here partially. Mars in Cancer as the lord of
Lagna and the 8th has caused tumours to this native. ln the
sub period of Ketu in Budha, on June 15, l99O he was
operated for ulcer and tumour. A good part of the stomach
had to be removed. tle developed colic and dysentery in
October 1991. This was in Shukra's sub period. Shukra in
the 7th with Neptune is aspected by Mars and Shani. The
saving features to Shukra are a sextile from Uranus and a
trine from Jupiter. Budha and Shukra are in 2 - 12 relation
both in Rasi and in Navamsa. In Navamsa Shani aspects
Budha (from Vrishabha) and Shukra is with Kuja. From
Atmakaraka in amsa Guru (over growth) is in the 8th (abdomen).
Jaimini states (3.3.34): "if the Bth from the Atma Karaka is
aspected by or conjoined with Mercury, he will have diarrhoea
or dysentery with vomiting." If we include the 6th, from
Karakamsa lagna Budha is in the 6th in Rasi aspecting (as per
Jaimini's aspects) the eighth.
Jaimini states (5.5. I OO): "lf the 8th from Lagna, third from
A.K., 6th from Navamsa lagna, or the 6th from Karakamsa
lagna be Capricorn, he suffers from the diseases of the digestive
system like diarrhoea and dysentery. flere the 8th from
Karakamsal agna (9th), the 6th from Navamsal agna( Simha)i s
Add the longitudes of the lords of the first and 6th houses.
The product indicates a sensitive point referring to disease.
Here the longitudes of Mars and Mercury give 555" 54'. It falls
in Pisces. In Navamsa Shukra, Kuja and Ketu are in Pisces,
aspected by none. In Rasi, Shani aspects that house, Kuja
aspects this Shani and the lord of Pisces.
This analysis shows how easier and also how difficult it is
to detect the ailments. tlis digestive system is almost
paralysed. When Curu's Vidasha in Shukra comes he will
start improving. With Ravi's sub period he should be near
I l. Meningitis
Meningitis arises from an affliction to the membranes
enveloping the brain and the spinal cord. The brain comes
primarily under the first house in a chart, though the 5rd
and the 5th houses also play a part. Brain and the nerves
are signified by Mercury, while the Sun regulates the
spine. Jaimini, however, assigns the 7th house to the back.
Any affliction to the Sun, Saturn and Uranus, jointly or
severally, indicates some kind of spinal trouble. The Moon
also is involved. Anv inflammation comes under Mars or
flere we propose to analyse a case of meningitis
which was diagnosed at a very late period. The lady was
born on 1925.5.12/13 at 1.42 A.M. (lST) 16. 12 N,80. 598.
Balance of the Sun 5 years, lO months,5 days as
per Lahiri's ayanamsa; and as per the one we follow it
is 5 years, 2 months lO days. The chart is as per
She developed meningitis towards the end of June 1946
and died on July 14, 1946. Lahiri's value places it in Mars -
Rahu which began on July I l, 1946.
Some of the cases of meningitis show some common
features in the charts. (l) The conjunction or opposition of
the Sun and Saturn involving fiery or airy signs (2) Mars is in
an airy or earthy sign having an association with Mercury.
Jup (R)
Sat (R)
Sat Merc
Sun Nep
Jup Moon
(5) Afflictions between Mars and Saturn, or from these to
lagna, third or fifth houses. (4) Mars or Mercury or both
having an association with Uranus or Neptune. (5) Malefics
in the third or in Lagna. (6) Some unusual relationship
involving Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Above all the Sun and
Mercury play a major role here.
In the chart under investigation we note a few interesting
plus points. The Sun and Saturn (lords of 7 and l) are exalted.
Venus (4) and Jupiter (11) are in their own houses. Mars (5)
and Mercury (5) have exchanged. Jupiter and the Moon are
Vargottama. There are a few disconcerting factors. The
significator of longevity is retrograde in exaltation and occupies
a badhaka house. Lagna is not aspected by any. The 8th
lord is weak. Mars in the 7th from the Moon and in Arudha
lagna denies a long life. The 8th from navamsa lagna and its
lord is afflicted Saturn. In Amsa Mars and Saturn are in aspects.
Now let us look at the chart more closely to understand
the ailment. The Sun in a fiery sign is opposed to Saturn
placed in an airy sign. The houses involved are 5 and 9, and
they are lords of 7 and Lagna. Brain, spine and back are
affected because of the houses involved and because of the
opposition. Mars is in an airy sign owned by Mercury, while
the latter is in the fiery sign of the former.
Mars is also in square to Uranus. 5rd and 5th houses are
involved. Saturn also afflicts the 5rd house. Saturn and
Mars aspect the Moon (lord of the 5th) and Jupiter. Almost
all the factors mentioned above are fulfilled here.
Let us study the chart from the standpoint of Jaimini's
system to find additional support. The Karakamsa has five
bodies including the Sun, Mars and Neptune' All these are
severely afflicted by Saturn from the 4th house. The
significator of the brain Mercury is with Rahu while the lord
of the 6th is in lagna. The 8th from Karakamsa being Cancer
(Sutra 3.5.41), there was an acute fever preceding death.
The 7th house from Karaka is also aspected by Saturn' Thus
the brain and the spine are afflicted.
A similar situation appears in the case of the Moon sign
in the natal chart. Mars in an exchange with Budha aspects
the 6th lord. So does Saturn (the lord of I and 12) afflict the
Moon, Rahu, Sun and Mercury. The inflammation of the membranes
of the brain and the affliction to the spine are clearly
evident here. Even when we take the arudha lagna, we get
the same result. Keaders may study cases of meningitis
in the light of these observations. Ivloreover, in the
Vimsottari system the major perio{s that can bring about
this ailment are the planets in or ruling the lagna, the
3rd and 5th. Here it was the major period of the Jrd
lord situated in the 5th, from Mars the 5th lord is
Venus situated in the l2th from him. And the Vidasa lord
is Mercury again the 5th lord from Venus situated in
the l2th from Venus,
12. Thrombosis
It is good to enumerate the various principles found in
our ancient authorities and to memorise them. But a more
valuable thing is to know how to apply these principles to a
given chart. Another, and an easy going method is to say
that I have predicted such an event in the presence or
absence of others and that it came true. There is no written
or published proof for such predictions. A good method for
one, keen to know the subject, is to analyse a chart and see
how and why such an event took place at a given time. This
is a better way than the previous one. tlere we propose to
study a chart in the light of some events that happened.
The native was born on March 15, 1937 at7.l5 a.m. or
so. Place 16.19 N, 8.59 E. tlere is the chart of the person
who died on March 26, 1972. The balance Ketu's period at
Shani 2.8
Ravi 1.7
Un 14.20
Shu 9.49
Nep (R)
x 19.11
Kuja 7.3€
Chandra Shukra
Guru Nep Ketu
birth is 5 years, lO months and 8 days as per Lahiri's
ayanamsa according to which the chart is cast. As per
the ayanamsa we follow it is 5 years, one month and
4 days.
The native had one younger brother and one sister older
to him. After graduation he discontinued his studies for two
years, and then took his M.A. degree in 1965. lle worked as
a Lecturer. Note Quru in the tenth house Vargottama. Prior to
196 I he underwent an operation for a tlydrocele. Why
did it take place ? When the lagna is in the third drekkana,
the testicles come under the third and the eleventh houses.
Jataka Parijata (11.56) states that the enlarged scrotum
results from the conjunction of Rahu with Mars or Saturn, or
when Mars is in Lagna. llere Mars is with Rahu in the ninth
aspecting third house. In amsa Mars is with Ketu
aspecting the third and the eleventh houses. Mars being in the
eighth from navamsa lagna, he affects the genitals. In Rasi, the
conjunction of Mars and Rahu is in the third from arudha lagna.
Thus the chart justifies the event which took place in the
subperiod of Mercury in Venus.
The conjunction of the Sun with Saturn, unrelieved by any
benefic aspect is undesirable (J.P. 8.2). Saturn aspects Ketu
in the third. The lord of the third and the eighth is in the
second; and from arudha lagna he is in the eighth with the
Moon. Inspite of Jupiter's aspect on the Moon and Venus,
there is no long life. Lagna in itself is weak. The major periods
of the Moon, or Venus should cause death. But from navamsa
Iagna and Karakamsa lagna it is the Moon who has to bring
about the end. It took place in the subperiod of Jupiter in the
m4jor period of the Moon. Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn, the
lord of the twelfth from lagna situated in the twelfth from the
The native had an attack of cerebral thrombosis in Jan.
1972 and lay unconscious for nearly two months. Blood
and the circulatory system come under Sun. tlere the Sun is
conjunct Saturn in lagna which refers to the head, while the
Sun rules the heart, Kuja also governs blood and all forms
of inflammation. Kuja aspects Budha who governs the brain
and who is in the twelfth from lagna. In Amsa again Kuja
aspects the Moon, Mercury, and Jupiter, while he
himself is aspected by Saturn. The Moon presides over the
modulla oblongata, and he is afflicted by the lord of the
eighth and by the lord of the twetfttr, Uranus. Shani refers
to the accumulation of toxins in the blood. Most of the
afflictions centre round blood only. From lagna the Moon
as the lord of the fifth afflicted the chesh and the
fourth (heart) lord is in the twelfth, while the Sun is afflicted
by Saturn. As per our ayanamsa, the attack came in
Chandra-Guru-Shukra which ended on Feb. b, 1972, and
death came in the Vidasa of the Moon during the subperiod
of Jupiter in the Moon. It was from Feb. 29, lg72 to Aprii 9,
This analysis shows how complicated an interpretation
can be to many astrologers, and how an unsuspecting lord
of the lagna can cause death during his subperiod.
15. Ilaematemesis
This is a spontaneous haemontrage from some part of
the stomach. Usually the liver or intestines are affected.
l. Kqia associated with a malefic in 7;
2. Chandra aspected by a malefic from a cruel sign is in
6. (The cruel signs are those owned by Kuja and
5. Chandra in 7 associated with a malefic and Kuja.
4. Kuja in a cruel sign which is 6 and aspected by a cruel
planet (Ravi, Kuja, Shani).
5. Chandra and Kuja in Karka, or Karka lagna with Kuja.
14. Indigestion, Colic, Gastritis
|. Kuja in l-agna, sixth lord weak.
2. Rahu or a malefic in lagna, Shani in 8.
5. [,ord of lagna in an inimical, debilitated sign, Kuja in 4,
and Shani aspected by a malefic (lagna will be Simha,
Makara or Kumbha).
4. lnrd of lagna with lords of 2 and 4.
5. Association of the lords of 2, 4 and 7.
6. Chandra in 6 associated with malefics.
7. Budha in 5 from lagna or from atmakaraka.
8. Curu associated with the lord of lagna and is with the
lord of 4 or 8.
9. Guru in 5 or 6 which must be a watery sign.
lO. Chandra and Kuja in lagna.
I l. Chandra in Vrischika lagna.
12. Chandra with a malefic in l, 6 to 8.
15. Chandra and Shukra in 6 or 8; or Chandra in lagna and
Shani in 5.
14. Dxchange of houses by lords of 6 and 12.
15. Kuja in l, 5 or 8 associated with a malefic-also piles
and dysentery.
16. Quru in 5 associated with Shani or Rahu, or Curu in 5
with Kuja and waning Moon.
17. Lords of I and 8 with Curu in 6.
f 5. Dianhoea or Vomiting
l. Shukra assoicated with a malefic in 6.
2. Mangal in 6 associated with malefics.
3. Budha and Rahu in lagna, whose Kuia and Shani are
ln 7.
16. Amoebiasis
l. Shani and Rahu in 2, and Guru must be associated
with a malefic.
2. I.ord of 6 in 8.
5. Rahu or Ketu in 4 or 5 from l{arakamsa, or Rahu in 8
from Karakamsa.
4. Curu in 5 associated with a malefic, and aspected by
the lord of 8.
17. Dysentery
l. Lagna or its lord in Mina navamsa.
2. Moon in 6 assoicated with a malefic and Shukra in 7.
5. Shukra in 7 assoicated with a malefic.
4. Guru with lord of lagna in 6, 8 or t2.
5. Kuja associated with a milefic in 6, 8 or 12.
6. Waning Moon aspected by a strong Kuja while Shani is
in 8 - Piles or Fistula, or Hernia.
7. Waning Moon in 8 aspected by Shani.
8. [,ord of lagna wih Kuja and Budha in 6, 8 or 12, or they
are in 12.
9. Shani in lagna, and Moon in 6 or aspected by Kuja.
lO. L,ord of lagna in 8 associated with a malefic.
I l. Shani in 8 - Piles.
12. Malefic lord of 8 in 7 aspected by its foe.
15. Lord of lagna and Kuja with Shani in Mina.
14. Shani in I and Kuja in 7.
15. Malefic lords of 7 and B in 6, 8 or 12.
16. Sun in l, ShaniinT, and Kuja in Vrishchika.
tB. nernia
l. lords of l, 6, 8 and 12 related to each other.
2. Dighth house and its lord associated with a malefic.
5. lords of l, 5, 8 and 12 related to each other.
4. Rahu in Simha, Ravi with second lord Shani in 5.
t9. Diabetes
l. Shukra in a watery sign or with the owner of awatery
sign, is placed in 7 or 8 associated with a malefic. fle
may be in 6 or 12, or he has papakartari.
2. Sixth house or its lord is afflicted in a watery sign or
has papakartari.
Curu and Shukra are generally involved together in diabetes.
2O. Prostrate Gland
l. Chandra in a watery sign, the lord of Janma Chandra
in 6 and Chandra aspected by a planet in a watery
2. A malefic in 6, 7 or I and the seventh is in cruel
5. Shani in 7 aspected by Rahu
4. Shukra in a fiery or airy sign is debilitated or is in
6, A, 12.
5. Kuja in 7 aspected by an unfavourable planet.
6. Shukra is lord of B from Chandra and is in 6 which
must be a watery sign.
21. Diseases of Sex organs
l. ehandra with Shani in Karka, Vrishchika, or Kumbha
2. Chandra associated with the lord of 8 and Rahu aspects
the eighth lord. The eighth house may have two
or more malefics.
Ravi, Kuja, Shani and Rahu in Lagna.
Shukra in lagna with a malefic or is in Papakartari,
Lagna must be owned by the enemy of Shukra.
Ravi and Rahu in 5, or Chandra and Kuja in Kanya.
Shukra with Mandi in l,7, 8, L2 or 2.
Exessive sex or venereals give rise to this disease. .lt
appears as pain in the loins, urinary trouble and functional
l. Kavi in I and Kuja in 7.
2. Ravi, Shukra and Shani associated with 5.
5. Shukra in 8 associated with a malefic.
4. Shukra in 6 with two malefics
5. Kuja in lO associated with Shani.
23. Enlargement of Scrotum
l. Mandi in karakamsa aspected only by Budha.
2. Kuja and Rahu, or Shani and Rahu in lagna.
5. Lord of lagna in 8 with Rahu and Mandi.
4. Rahu in lagna, Mandi in 5 or 9, and Kuja and Shani
in 8.
5. [,ord of the navamsa occupied by the lord of lagna
should have Shani. Rahu and Mandi.
6. Shani and Kuja in 8.
24. Rheumatism
Joints and nerves come under Budha. Chandra and
Kuja also have to say something here.
l. Shukra in B aspected by a malefic - also for diabetes
or consumption.
2. Shani in lagna, Kuja in 5, 7 or lO. Note Budha also.
5. Shukra in l, 6 or l2 associated with a malefic. Applies
to Budha also.
4. Shukra and Kuja, or Budha and Kuja in l2 aspected by
5. Waning Moon and Shani or Budha in 12. r
6. Shani in 5 from lagna or from karakamsa.
7. Combust Chandra aspected by Shani.
. 8. Ravi, Kuja and Shani in 6.
9. Weak Moon with Kuja, Budha, Shani or Rahu in 6
or 12.
25. Epilepsy, tlysteria
l. Chandra with Kuja, Shani and Rahu in 8.
2. Waning Moon in 8 with Kuja,,Shani and Rahu.
5. Ravi, Chandra and Kuja in I or 8.
4. Waning Moon in 7, 6,8 or l2 between Ravi and Kuja.
5. Chandra and Shukra in a Kendra and malefics in B.
6. Weak Moon with Kuja, Shani or Rahu in 6 or 12.
26. Mental cases
These require a careful study. We present an analysis of
the lower and higher minds. Houses 5, 5 and 9, planets like
the Moon and Budha have to be examined. We start with a
general analysis of the types of mind. Then we offer some
illustrations, and at the end deduce some conclusions.
The fifth house refers to the mind. The purity of mind
can be learnt from the 9th. The l2th refers to mental
agitation and wretchedness. The Sun governs mental purity.
The Moon governs the disposition of the mind. Mercury
rules over wisdom.
Aries governs the head and so is the lst house of a
chart. Virgo is a mental sign and so it is the 6th house. The
brain and nerve centres come under Aries. Taurus rutes
cerebellum. The brain derangement comes from Aries. The
Sun rules the brain, cerebellum, and blood, Mars controls
the cerebral hemispheres. Mercury rules the nerves.
The house of diseases is the 6th. One has to consider
the lord of the 6th, the aspects on the 6th, and the tord of
the Navamsa occupied by the lord of the 6th. We have also
to consider the relationship between the lord of the ascendant
and the owner of the 6th. The mental peculiarities are
to be known from the Moon. The weak Moon in the l2th
with Saturn is likely to bring about insanity.
The judgement of mentality and of nervous reactions
depend to a great extent on Mercury. The Moon refers to
faulty reasoning and one can become fussy. Mercury is
diffusive and nervous. Venus is indecisive. indefinite and
never satisfied. Mars is foolhardy, impatient, restless,
thoughtless, and pugnacious. Saturn is depressive, dogmatic,
dull, and fearful.
Severe afflictions are involved in cases of insanity. Mars
afflicts the mental rulers, and.Uranus does so in the case of
one of the luminaries. Usually Mars is found in the 5rd
house, and in dangerous cases he is in a watery sign.
The Moon and Mercury are generally in malefic aspects to
Mars or Uranus. The Sun too gets afflicted. Where there is
confinement, the l2th house is involved. The degrees susceptible
to mental afflictions are 29o Leo and Aquarius.
Ceorge lll had four planets in the l2th opposed to Uranus.
The Moon is afflicted in the 6th by Mars and Uranus. In
another instance we notice Pisces rising, with Mercury and
Venus in the l2th along with Saturn. The Sun is with Uranus
in the l2th, while the Moon is in the 5rd with Mars. A third
example gives Saturn conjunct Jupiter in L,eo 29o opposed
to Neptune on the cusp of the Bth. Mars is in the 5rd with a
square to the Moon.
Uranus refers to abnormality, changefu lness, perversity,
and eccentricism. Neptune can make'one hypersensitive,
deceptive, unstable, sentimental, and subversive. These
factors have to be borne in mind while judging mental
Cemini, Libra, and Aquarius are intellectual signs. Cancer,
Scorpio, and Pisces are emotional, sensitive, and unstable.
Aries is impulsive. Gemini refers to nervous complaints
and psychological troubles. Nervous ailments come
under Sagittarius while Capricorn refers to diseases which
limit the native.
Mental deficiency is related to the 5rd house. If satum is
in the Srd and is afflicted by its ruler, there is trouble.
Qenerally Venus is square to Mars or Saturn. The last degiee
of the fixed signs is usually involved.
The Sun in the 5rd refers to mental pursuits. The Moon
in this place can explain the insufficient continuity of mental
application, and changeful ideas. The 5rd is the mental
house. The other houses that relate to the mind are the I st.
the 5th and the 9th. The higher mind is denoted by the 9th
while the lower comes under the 5rd. The 6th also has a
reference to the mind.
The Sun gives, if well placed, will-power and individuality.
The Moon has a changeable and plastic nature. The
mental ruler is Mercury. When the Moon is afflicted in the
5rd by Mercury, Saturn, or Mars, there may be'mental aberrations
like insanity and mania. Mercury governs the mind,
memory, intellect, intelligence, desire, and knowledge. ile
is the chief indicator of all kinds of mental aberrations and
nervous disorders. An ill-dignified or ill-aspected Mars
makes one impulsive and fickle.
According to western astrology, Uranus refers to hallucinations
and mental delusions, while Neptune controls brain
troubles, delusions, hypochondria, obsession, and insanity.
We may for the time being ignore these two planets because
there is still uncertainty about their influences on
The 6th house refers to sickness. We have to consider
the planet in this house, the sign on the cusp of the 6th, its
lord, and the aspects to it. The nature of the disease is to be
determined by the Bth house, the planet in it, the aspect to
it, its lord, and the 22nd drekkana which falls in it.
In cases of insanity, there should be severe afflictions.
Mars in a watery sign in the 5rd is most dangerous. The
aspects between the Moon and Mercury must be adverse.
Cenerally the Sun is afflicted. The last degrees of Leo and
Aquarius are usually involved. George III had four planets
on the cusp of the l2th, opposite Uranus. The Moon is
afflicted by Mars and Uranus.
Melancholy which precedes insanity follows the affliction
of the Moon or Venus by Saturn. It may arise in the
signs ruled by Jupiter. But the 5rd house is generally involved.
The watery signs make one moody. Capricorn is to
be a significant indicator. Saturn should be afflicted, and so
should be Virgo. Mercury is capable of impairing the
Before we proceed further let us look into some illustrations.
The positions are given according to the Nirayana
system of Lahiri. But the balance of the planet's period at
birth is given as per Raman's ayanamsa.
The Chart l8 deserves notice. The ascendant is with
Saturn and it is not exactly aspected by any. The lord of the
18. Sagittarius L.agna lO.8 and Satum 1.25; Pisces
Moon 7.7 and Uranus( Rl 17.4; Aries-Rahu2 1.35;
Taurus Jupiter 25.6; Cancer Venus 29-28; Leo
e.lo; Virgo sun 5.o; Mars 25.56, Mercury
5rd, house, of the lower mind, aspects it, and there is a
certain animality about the native. The 5th is eclipsed by
Rahu. The lord of the Sth is with a malefic. Only the lord of
the 9th has the aspect of the lord of the Bth. The mental
planet Mercury is conjunct Mars, lord of the 5th; and Mercury
is a malefic, aspected by Jupiter. In the major period of
Mercury, the sub-lord being Mars, he lost balance of mind;
and in Ketu he left his home and his whereabouts are still
not known. When the major period of Ketu began, he became
a self-appointed exile. He has powerfulJupiter in the
6th. The 5rd is afflicted by Saturn. The 5th has Rahu. The
9th is unaspected. The mental planet is conjunct Mars, and
the relieving feature is the aspect'of Jupiter. But the major
period is that of Venus, lord of the 6th and the I lth situated
in the 8th which is a hidden one. There are slight chances
of his recovery. But these may occur at the end of the major
period of Venus. The position of Saturn in the ascendant
indicates possession by a ghost, even if Saturn is in the
l2th Bhava. Jupiter's aspect on Saturn can still save the
The l9th chart is interesting. The Moon as lord of the
Sth occupies the lower mind aspected by Saturn. Both the
Chart 19. Pisces lagna 28; Taurus Moon I l; Leo
Rahu 15; Scorpio Saturn 5; Saglttarius Sun 25,
' Mars 25, Mercury 15; Capricorn Venus 22;
Aquarius Jupiter 18, Ketu 18.
Moon and Saturn are conjoined in the 5th from Navamsa
Lagna. The lord of the 5rd is aspected by Saturn and the two
are together in Navamsa. In the first chart there is Saturn,
ruler of the lower mind in the lst, without receiving any
aspects. The lord of the 5th is in the 5th conjunct Mercury,
aspected by Jupiter. The Sun receives asPects of Satum
and the Moon. These are ominous. ln the second chart, lord
of the Sth is in the lower mind aspected by Saturn. They are
in exact conjunction, The 5th house is aspected by the lord
of the 5rd. This person became mad in the sub-period of
Mercury in his own major period.
The 2Oth_C hart is an interesting chart. The ascendant is
well aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. This is a saving feature
Chart 20. Aries Lagna 15.27; Taurus Mars 4.5;
Cancer Rahu 6.2O; Libra - Saturn (R) 2O.59; Sagittarlus
Moon 25.40, Jupiter 25.41; Aquarius - Venus
26. I l; Pisces Sun 5.12, Mercury 18. |.
and it prevented the native from permanent insanity. The
5rd lord being in the 9th with its own lord has made him
throughout religious and spiritual. In Rahu Dasa he became
normal in the sub-period of Venus. The Srd house is well
protected. The 6th and the 9th are well afflicted'
The 2lst chart is that of a person who was mad for a
short time and who in a fit of madness tried to kill his wife
Chart 21. Taurus Lagna 18.56 with Rahu 14.57;
Cemini - Mercury I1.49, Sun 19.46, Venus 2O.4O;
l€o Neptune 4.21; Scorpio Satum (R) 2l-3; Capri'
com Moon 1O.55; Pisces Uranus 4.29; Aries Jupiter
12.16. Mars 15,15.
and children. The 5rd house is protected by the Moon. The
6th is afflicted by Mars. The 9th is troubled by Saturn. The
lord of the 5th is badly disposed.
The 22nd chart indicates insanity arising from a love
Chart22. tagna Gemini 16. l5; Leo Neptune 5.5O,
Venus 15.25; Virgo Sun 2O. l5; Mars 25.15; Llbra

ffi:1,?"i3i;31f,fi,;i: :'T"'), , i;?fil'i 3?:":

affair. Notice Venus the 5th lord in the 5rd aspected by the
Moon, lord of the 2nd. The 5th is afflicted by Mercury.
The 23rd chart is that of a person who was mentally
deranged after a financial loss and after the birth of the only
son in 1921. The 5th house has Papakartari, while the 2nd
Chart 25. lagna Leo 5.5, Jupi. (R) 14.56; Scorpio
Saturn 7.5O, Uranus 6. l8; Capricorn Mercury
2.2O, Sun 25.57; Aquarius Moon 2O. l; Pisces Venus
l2; Taurus Mars 21.5O, Neptune 25.14; Cancer
Ketu 22.50.
has malefic influence of Venus. The lord of the 2nd is
conjunct Uranus in the house of happiness. This happened
in the major period of Saturn who is in the 4th. This in itself
is revealing.
The 24th chart is that of a brilliant young boy, an M.Sc.
His Srd has the volatile Moon aspected by fiery Mars. The
Chart 24. Lagna C-apricom 17.2O; Aquarius Mercury
lO.9; Sun 25.19, Uranus 24.40; Pisces Moon
8.24; Aries Venus 4. l4; Cancer Neptune 25.51;
Leo Rahu 8.54; Libra Saturn (R) 9. l; Scorpio JupL
ter 25.44; Sagittarius l{arc 7.2O.
lord of the 5th is in the 4th aspected by retrograde Satum.
Mercury is conjunct Ketu. The mqjor period of the Sun
began in November 1977 and there \^/as no hope.
Thus a number of charts reveal the significators of mental
troubles. We have here omitted the minor ones among
such trouble-makers.
For a long time an esoteric group of astrologers divined
the psychic phenomena on principles which they did not
care to divulge. This tradtion affected subsequent astrologers
who felt that the nativity is valuable only as providing a
symbolic representation of the mental or psychic life. One is
almost tempted to remember the emphasis on the mental
symptoms given by leading homoeopaths. Carl Jung utilised
the horoscopic charts for a diagnosis of the currents and
cross-currents in the inward life of an individual. These
s t u d i e s a r e v a l u a b l e no d o u b t ; b u t t h e y t e n d t o
overemphasise one aspect and to consider it as the only
valuable aspect.
Mithuna, Thula and Kumbha are known as airy signs.
They govern the mental and humane aspects. They constitute
a triangle of harmony, equilibrium and peace. The
afflictions to these must be carefully noted. At times the
mental aberrations are due to the over-indulgence of the
animal in man; and here our pointers are the bestial signs
known as Mesha, Vrishabha, Simha, Dhanus and Makara. A
weak constitution on the other hand is implied by the afflicted
Kataka, Makara and Meena. In most cases of mental
aberrations we find the food consumed being converted
into bile. Consequently we have also to examine the signs
governing certain parts of the body. Thus the fiery and
cardinal signs rule the head, the watery and the cardinal
signs have a control over the stomach, and the common
signs have much to say about the nervous system. The
watery signs have an influence on the lower mind. To be
more specific Aries refers to the head and brain, Cemini to
the blood, Cancer to the digestive organs, Scorpio to the
genitals, Sagittarius to the nerves, Aquarius to the circulation
of blood, and Pisces to the lymphatic system.
Coming to the planets, the Sun rules over the blood and
brain, while the Moon governs the stomach and the lymphatic
system. Mercury refers to the brain, wind and nervous
system. Mars controls the bile and the muscular system.
Jupiter has sway over blood, liver and arteries. The
nerve fluids, membranes of the brain and the nervous disorders
are supposed to be regulated by Uranus. Even Neptune
is taken to have power over the brain.
When Aries becomes the ascendant, we have to look to
the condition of the head, stomach and kidneys. Taurus as
ascendant inclines to apoplexy. Gemini is prone to nervous
disorders and mental overstrain besides the impurity of
blood. Cancer tends to hypochodria, to a morbid disposition.
All irregularities of the digestive system are traceable to
Virgo. Libra points to the head and to the stomach as the two
possible sources of trouble. Sagittarius has a tendency to
bring about disorders of the nervous system and of the blood
circulation. At times Aquarius inclines to nervous disorders.
We can also separate the various parts of the brain and assign
each to a planet. The Moon has a power over the cerebrum,
Jupiter over the mid-brain, and the Sun oVer the oblongata
This account complicates the study of mental aberrations.
It makes it evident that we do not have an easy path
in pronouncing a judgment on the mental condition of the
native. Before we proceed further it is better to look into a
few nativities; for it is the actual horoscopes of those who
had or have these aberrations that can help us in our study.
A person was born in the seventh month of conception.
Such persons normally are over-intelligent or mentally
weak. This native has a weak mind. The ascendant is affli-
Nep. R
Sani R.
Sun 14
Ven 1
Uran 3
Mars 5
Lagna 3
cted. Though the Moon is in the 6th bhava he conveys a
morbid hypochondria to the house of health which is a nervous
sign, receptive and weak. The mental aberrations emanate
from the l2th house whose lord is rendered ineffective
if not positively harmful.
Chart 26 belongs to a person who was insane just for a
month and who thereafter committed suicide. The ascendant
as such is opposed to any strong mental obsessions.
Still it is afflicted by Saturn (ruler of the 6th) and Neptune.
Lagna 1 5
Shan2i 9
Mars 8
The lord of the 5th is in a terribly weak sign, while the Sth
is well fortified by Venus who, however, catches the evil eye
of Uranus. The lower mind is affected; and it was suppressed
remorse following a deep awareness of guilt that
has resulted in the aberration here. The sign controlling ill
health receives the powerful rays of the planets ruling the
lower mind, the cerebral disturbances and the accumulation
of bile.
27th belongs to a nymphomaniac. Such persons have an
impulsive, wayward streak so characteristic of the animal
spirits. The ascendnat is an animal sign subjected to the
Mer R
Sun 28
Sani 10
Moon 25
Venus Mars R
Lagna 10
Uran 12
Jup R
opposing rays of Mars and Venus. The former is reinforced
by the aspect of Saturn. The 2nd house acquires a purely
animal character in a nymphomaniac's nativity. Jupiter afflicted
by Uranus has affected the mid'brain. The brain and
the mind are subjected to the larger impulses emanating
from the oblongata medulla as revealed by the conjunction
of Sun and Mercury in the 8th house where they receive the
malefic aspects of Mars and Saturn. Saturn as the lord of
the 6th has contaminated the cerebrum. Mars has converted
the Venusian passion into a felt or imagined virtue.
Chart 28 also is that of a nymphomaniac. flere the lord of
the 9th is in the 6th, while the Venusian lower mind has
Nep 29
Moon 5
Sani 20
Sun 9
Ven 23
Jup 8
Mars 1
tone to a nervous sign. The animality of Scorpio ge[s a support
from Saturn who is again in an animal sign.
The 29th chart is an interesting one in that it shows the
brain derangement clearly. The derangement arose after the
l4na ](ettu
fourteenth year. The 5th house is deserted. Its lord is in
Pisces thereby accentuating the impulsive and nervous dispositions.
tlere the Sun is hemmed in by a variety of planets
that do not augur well for the equilibrium is upset by the
position of the Moon in Libra where he is opposed to Mars.
The 5Oth chart is that of a young man who has taken a
degree in science and who was upset in his twenty-fourth
year, roughly in the sub-period of Venus during the major
period of Jupiter. The sign Qemini itself is nervous and
amphibious. Its lord has gone over to a cardinal sign, indicating
disturbances in the cerebellum. The lord of the 6th
has occupied the place of happiness with the lord of the
lower mind; and here they get the malefic rays of Jupiter
which are capable of upsetting the blood and the liver. The
5l st chart belongs to a person who undenvent a mental de-
Mars 22
Nep 25
Sun 25
Mer 2
Rahu 23
Lag 3
Shani 7
Uran 6
Uran 5
Guru 4
Moon 8
Nep 5
Ketu 29
Shani 1 1
Mars 23
Sun 20
rangement aftet a serious financial loss which synchronised
with the birth of his only son. Note the location of Sun and
Mercury with Rahu in a watery sign. Mercury is afflicted by
Saturn who transmits the affliction emerging from Mars. The
retrograde Jupiter has heightened the imaginative association
of the Sun with the loss. The S2nd chart is that of a
male born immediately after a lunar eclipse. This person is
haunted by visions of hanging. The nervous sign controlling
the blood is rising, practically unaspected by any. The lord
is in the common nervous sign along with the lord of the
l2th. The past remains a perrnanent feature of the present,
and it obstructs or prevents the present happiness.
The rays from the lord on the 6th fall on these two, while
the 6th is powerfully aspected by Saturn. All these afflictions
proceed from Aquarius, a sign of unconventional revolt
against the reactionary trends of the present and of the
immediate past.
The 55rd chart is that of a business magnate who relied
upon his nearest relatives; these relatives finally betrayed
him. There resulted an obsession of being poisoned. The
lord of the 5th and the 6th are conjunct in the watery
twelfth. The lord of the 5rd has gone over to another watery
sign which is also very receptive, weak and nervous. The
lord of happiness has come over to the 2nd, but Jupiter is
ill placed receiving the Saturnine affliction from a bestial
sign. The impulsive charater is heightened by the affliction
of the arscendant from Mars and Satum. It was in the last
one-third of Mercury's major period that these afflictions
Uran 3
Sun 9
Guru 1 Merc 5
Venus 8
Sun 15
Guru 4
Mars 12
Moon 2 l
Merc 25
began unfolding in his life. The 54th chart is that of a great
friend of Wagner, I-,ouis II of Bavaria, who committed suicide
when he was mad. The ascendant is a common sign,
R4 u
Merc 7
Venus 9
left unaspected. The lord of the 2nd has come to the l2th
receiving the affliction of the lord of the 6th from a nervous
point. This Mars in turn has spoilt the Sun and the 4th
The 55th chart belongs to a mentally defective person
who lacked moral sense greatly. He used to attempt marvellous
tricks, though he was failing in them. Still the mental
aberration gave him an uncanny power. The ascendant is
an animal sign badly afflicted by Neptune and Jupiter, all
these also receiving the aspect of Mars. ln this struggle of
the ascendant, the Sun is crushed, and the lord is relegated
Guru 23
Moon 1 1
Sun 21
Nsp 23
to the Martian l2th. The 5th house has Saturn, but receives
Mars, it being a very receptive sign. The horoscope becomes
then self-explanatory. The 56th chart is that of a
woman who was unable to smell fruit. She could eat neither
Nep 15
Moon 6
Merc 1
Uran 1
Sun 22
Shani I
Guru 27
fruit nor vegetables. She used to feel unwell when any of
these happened. The sign Libra lost its equilibrium because
of the Martian aspect from the lOth. The lord of the loth
takes refuge in the watery Pisces, the 6th from the ascendant.
This has resulted in a certain sensitivity to anything
referring to the lymphatic system. The instability is further
'heightened by the location of Jupiter in Virgo, another
'common sign. The lord of the 4th and the 5th has fallen a
victim to the aquatic influences of Pisces; and the olfactory
nerves have been upset, resulting in mental aberrations of
a far-reaching nature.
Now we can safely proceed to consider certain basic
principles involved in these and similar cases. The opposition
of the Sun and the Moon is a psychically important
position. Particularly on an eclipse day it is a dangerous
portent of mental instability. Sun's conjunction with Saturn
is critical and unfavourable indicating a tendency to mental
depression. A square between Mercury and Venus tends to
separate the thinking principle forcibly, while Mercury's
opposition to Jupiter involves a psychic conflict. A square or
opposition of Mercury to the ascendant tends to accentuate
nervous disorders.
Planets in the 5rd house, ruler of the 5rd, planets in
common and cadent houses, Moon and Mercury are the
general indicators of mental aberrations. Mercury gov6rns
the pure intellect, while the Moon has a sway over the brain
and concrete mind. The Srd house indicates the lower
mind, the 9th the higher mind, the 6th the sub-conscious
mind, and the l2th the hidden or the unconscious mind.
When the Moon and Mercury are in common signs without
any association of any other planet, when these two do
not aspect th€ ascendant, and when they are aspected by
malefics, we find mental instability. lf it is Saturn who afflicts
them we get melancholia. Some charts illustrate this.
When the affliction comes from Jupiter and Mars, there is
religious mania. When there are many aspects to such a
Mercury, even if they are malefic, it is better since an
unaspected Mercury tends to lack of balance. The worst
possible affliction to Mercury arises from a conjunct Saturn-
Mars, or from Uranus. In such a case there is insanity,
nervous breakdown, obsession. Charts reveal the afflictions
from Saturn or from Mars transmitted through one another.
All these aspects must fall within the orb of eight degrees
In a day map when Mercury or the ascendant is
malefically aspected by Mars, and in a night map when
Saturn has a malefic aspect on Mercury or the ascendant,
then also there will be a mental aberration. The result in
such cases is manifest glaringly when these afflicted signs
are watery signs. Sometimes a mental aberration proceeds
from the conjunction of Sun and Moon in the house of
Saturn. This is slightly revealed in chart 52. At times the
opposition between the Sun and the Moon, if one of them
occupies a house of Mars, is an ominous portent. All these
are minimised when there is a benefic aspect coming from
Jupiter or Venus.
Jupiter in the ascendant in opposition to Mars; Saturn in
the ascendant having Mars in theTth or in a trine; Saturn in
the ascendant with Sun in the l2th and with Moon or Mars
in a trine; the lord of the 5rd combust or in the 6th from his
debilitation with malefic aspects; Saturn and the waning
Moon in the l2th - these are additional factors giving rise to
mental aberrations. Some of these are amply illustrated by
some charts. When Saturn and the lord of the 2nd are with
malefics, the aberration is due to wind trouble. When the
malefic here is the Sun, the derangement is brought about
by the action of the authorities. When the malefic is Mars,
the aberration arises from the accumulation of bile. When
the Sun and the Moon are in the ascendant and trines, there
can be a mental aberration if Jupiter is in a square, if the
time of birth is governed by Mars or Saturn, and if the day
is Tuesday or Saturday. When the Moon and Saturn are
conjunct with the ascendant and aspected by Mercury, then
too one can speak of a mental crisis. The mental aberration
which arises of results from a state of being haunted or
possessed requires the conjunction of a powerless Moon
with Saturn in the Bth, or the conjunction of Saturn and
Rahu in the ascendant.
In all mental aberrations there is a prior state of intense
mental activity; and during the derangement this activity
becomes onesided. This disproportion affects the body, the
nerves, joints, vision and the like. Consequently one has to
look into the nativity for all these. Thus we cannot omit
Saturn, the planet of stability, patience, seriousness, contemplation
and mediation. Nor can we ignore the animal
and instinctual aspect expressed by the Moon, or the moral
side indicated by the Sun. Mercury has something to say
about the imagination and the optic nelve' The eccentrics
are found to be ruled by Uranus. While the ascendant refers
to the physical body, the Moon to the etheric, Mars and
Venus to te astral or desire body, Saturn and Mercury to
the mind body, and Jupiter to the causal body or individuality.
Ever since the advent of Sigmund Freud, even a 'normal'
individual is said to possess some germs of insanity,
more or less like the Tubercular bacillae. Any activity that is
repeatedly done without any apparent or conscious reason
is taken as the widest possible definition of the word by the
Psycho-analysts. Washing the hands too often, observing
meaninglessly at a thing without end, or anything that can
be taken as a symptom of restlessness, comes under this.
Clear cases of madness are well known. Hysteria in women
is too common.
The Sun govems blle, Moon rules wind and phlegm, and
Mercury all the three. Jupiter and Venus govern phlegm,
while Saturn and Venus preside over wind. Insanity is the
peculiar prerogative of Moon and Mercury, and of the lagna
and the sixth. Contact with Rahu turns it to be a case of
obsession. The afflictions of the malefics too play a prominent
Proc.eeding on this b-bsis, we may note a few more
lmportant points. The fifth is the house of intellect and the
third that of valour and 'push'. Most cases of insanity reveal
that the native rvas unable to bear a particular shock or
experience. That sets in the derangement of the brain. This
unbearability pre-supposes a certain want of courage. As
such the third house too should be carefully examined
along with the fifth. In a few cases, the nature of the wife
seems to be the prime cause, and consequently the seventh
house is to be examined in conjunction with the ascendant.
In those cases which are the results of Abhicharika Kriyas,
the ninth and the twelfth require analysis. Above all, the
sixth and the eighth houses, being the houses of personal
happiness, must be scrutinised. By the house one has to
take only the cusps.
Coming to the planets, the Sun rules blood and brain,
will and courage. The Sun must be strongly placed to avoid
the stroke of lunacy. Since madness consists in easy receptivity
and assimilation, the Moon too requires attention.
Mercury governs the brain and mind, along with nervous
and mental disorders. Uranus presides over the nerve fluids,
membranes of brain and spinal cord, nervous disorders
and incurable complaints. A strong Neptune can counteract
these fits of lunacy. Equally so is the Sun, who has more
sway over faintings. The Moon brings in the inflammations
of the brain and convulsions. Mars accentuates all the solar
diseases, while Saturn accentuates the lunar diseases. Saturn
has much to do with mental depression.
Brain comes under Aries. Qemini controls nervous disorders,
restlessness and mental overstrain. A Cancerian can
be easily hypnotised for he has a weak will. Similar is the
case with Scorpio, which, being a magnetic sign, easily
attracts diseases. Nervous system as a whole belongs to
Sagittarius. Pisces can bring forth insanity through excessive
Passing to some other considerations, we may note that
these planets must not be badly afflicted. An afflicted Mercury
is the most dangerous planet; more so if he happens to
be in Cancer, Virgo or Pisces. When he is afflicted by Saturn
he brings worry, fear, melancholy and want of self-confidence.
When Mars afflicts there will be nervous affections
of the head. When Uranus afflicts there will be nervous
complaints, besides a muddled condition of the mind.
Since Saturn rules the lower mind, he must be well placed.
Since a good number of the cases of insanity are said to
be due to 'Karma', we must pay particular attention to Moon
and Mars who are the principal factors in making fate.
Similarly we must examine Saturn and Mercury who combine
both free will and desire in themselves. Thwarted
ambitions and weakly developed will power too are responsible
for lunacy. Sun vitalises both desire and wisdom.
Since Jupiter combines thought and feeling, he must be
free from afflictions. Uranus completely governs will while
Neptune controls feeling, desire, emotion and imagination.
Finally, we may say that while the Sun influences the character,
the Moon affects personality.
This account of the astrological considerations involved
in lunacy might seem lunatic. But it points at last to Lhe fact
that lunacy is too complicated an affair. lt embraces a vast
field. Even a genius has a bit of the lunatic in him. And as
Shakespeare said, the poet, the lover and the lunatic agree
in their imagination. We have to examine a good deal before
we arrive at some decision. To facilitate this, we propose
to give some select examples of the important types of
The next chart is a typical case where insanity proper
has not stepped in; but all the preparations are ready. The
Ascendant is the nervous Gemini with Moon, who is the source
of all human trouble. This person easily receives ideas
and has no brain whatsoever to think for himself. The lord
of the ascendant and of the intellect is Mercury who is
hemmed in between Mars and Venus in the third house. tte
is a great coward having much animality. The fifth house
has the lord of the eighth, who afflicts not only Jupiter, but
also Sun and Neptune. And a powerful Saturn in the fifth is
as bad as a powerful Jupiter in the seventh, especially in
Gemini. The lords of the sixth and the twelfth are highly
afflicted. But Jupiter, being in his own house, and having a
true degree aspect, is able to save the situation a little so
far. But he represents the missing link between sanity and
insanity. Note also that most insane people are fond of
money. So we find here the'Dhanakaraka' exercising influence
over the ascendant.
K€tu Mars
Jupiter Satum
Equally typical is chart No. 58. The ascendant is afflicted
by Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune. All these
have powerful sway over the mind and brain. To add to
that Mars is aspecting them, while Uranus, the source of
trouble, is in the sixth. This person is mentally defective. lle
has no moral sense like the above person. He attempts
marvellous tricks but invariably fails. tlere the ascendant is
responsible for all the agony.
The 59th is an important case of epilepsy. The twelfth
house is totally spoilt with Mars and Neptune, the two
Neptune Lagna
Jupite. Uranus
jarring planets. They bring in the inflammations of the
brain. They are aspected by the debilitated Jupiter, who
also afflicts the Moon. Above all Uranus has spoiled the
third house and also its lord by having a true degree
Venus Lag Sun
Uoon Nep
Merc Jup
Uranus Satum
opposition. It did not resolve itself Into a clear case of
insanity because Mercury is actually in the cusp of the
eighth house. Still, the lord of the fifth is afflicted by Saturn,
who rules the lower mind.
Chart 4O is an interestlng case. The indivldual was bom
two weeks before time. Consequently his formation is defective,
and nerves weak as is clear from the positions of
Mercury, Saturn, Moon and Uranus. Mars and Uranus power'
fully afflict one another. Moon is completely spoilt. The
ascendant is dominated by the lower mind. Jupiter in the
third brought forth the necessary timidity. The position bf
Mercury also reveals that his weak mind is largely the result
of his mother's character and nature.
The lady (Chart 4l) has a typical mental obsession. She
is terribly afraid of solltude. She cannot remain alone. She
Moon Lagna
wants some one to be with her always. Here as usual Mercury
is afflicted by Sun and Mars. But the most important
factors are Venus-Saturn affliction, and Uranus-Jupiter affliction.
Venus is the lord of the house of intellect. fle is in
association with the planet of the lower mind in the house
of personal happiness, thus depriving her of comfort and
ease. Mars has a true degree aspect of l-.agna,h imself being
the lord of the sixth. From the house of the Moon, Uranus
has a true degree opposition to Jupiter who is already
debilitated. This affliction of the second, seventh and eighth
house is responsible for her fear of solitude.
Another case of obsession is Chart 42. tle is always
haunted by visions of hangings. Unfortunately he was born
soon after the lunar eclipse. The ninth house is spoilt by
Moon, Mars and Saturn, one of them being the lord of the
ascendant. These three are in the sensitive sign, Pisces.
Jupiter Sun
Mars and Saturn are almost on the same degree too. The
third house spoils both Mercury and Venus. There is no
aspect to the L.agna. The debilitated third is most mischievous.
Equally so are the lords of the fifth, of the lower mind
and of the animal mind in the ninth.
Chart 43 is a gentleman who is haunted by the idea that
every one is intent on poisoning him.
He changes the dishes served to him. tle will take only
that which the others take. Even then, he either tries
to vomit the food, or swallow an antidote for the supposed

poison. He is not rich; nor is he famous or beautiful. But the
obsession did not leave him. The seventh lord and the lo;d
of the lower mind is in the sixth. The sixth lord is in the fifth
with Rahu, the poison. Mars is afflicting the house from
Taurus. He suspects mostly his own wife; hence the positlons
of Mars and Saturn are important. Moon is afflicted in
the twelfth by Saturn. The lord of the Ascendant is in a weak
and nervous sign.
Chart 44 is that of a young boy who went mad recently
due to an important and outrageous shock. Sometime in
October last year, he was travellihg in the train which col'
lided at Ongole station. The train disaster shocked him and
upset his system. Dver since he was unfortunately off the
lower mind, we note the incendiary Mars exalted with
Jupit€t Rahu
It is the sixth house. The ascendant is afflicted by Moon,
the lord of the twelfth house, the house of accidents. Mars
is aspecting the twelfth and Lagna as well. Jupiter is not
strong. Mars and Satum have interchanged their positions.
To add to that Venus lords the third and Mars lords the
Neptun€ Uranus Satum
Jupiter Moon
Venug Lagna
A typical case of a genius and an artist tuming perverse
is provided by Oscar Wilde (Chart 45). He is one of the few
best literary artists of Dnglish. His "De Profundis", "Ballad
of the Reading gag|., and "Lady Windermere's fan" stir us
intensely. But it is all a satanic genius. We all know that he
was convicted of rape and other things in France. That is to
say there is something of animality, cruely and indecency in
his mental make up. It is an illdirected mind and is often
found in sexual neurotics. The house of the lower mind has
unfortunately become the fifth. It is afflicted by a debilitated
Jupiter, who is the lord of the seventh. The seventh and
ninth are spoilt in this direction. Similarly the lord of the
fifth is in the neryous tenth. The ascendant itself is sensitive
and susceptible. The picture is complete with the Moon in
the twelfth being afflicted by Saturn, who in tum is afflicted
by the lord of the third. A similar case is found in a gentleman
born in Viryo with Jupiter and Moon in the fifth (Chart
46), with Mars, Venus and Kethu in the twelfth. Here both
Jupiter and Moon are spoilt. They have also afflicted the
lord of ascendant, Mercury. The twelfth hguse is the worst.
Noptune Uranus
tle actually went mad twice and the main cause is only
sexual hunger and the consequent loss of equilibrium. The
sixth house has become too weak. To add to that Sun-
Saturn combination in Qemini has brought forth asthmatic
troubles too.
Chart 47 reveals how lnsanity sometimes leads to suicide.
The position of the Moon in the twelfth is exasperating
when we note Mars and Mercury in the receptive third,
being afflicted by Saturn.
V6nus Moon
Sun Mars
The lord of the seventh and the lagna are controlled by
Saturn, the lower mind. The aspect of Neptune from the
sensitive Pisces hastened suicide.
Another case of weak mind ls provided by a person
born in the seventh month of pregnancy (Chart 48). Here
Moon Neptune
the lagna is afflicted by the incendiary and insane planets,
Mars and Uranus. Sun and Mercury joined the lord of the
sixth in the receptive Capricorn. Jupiter and Mercury have
true conjunction. The lord of the fifth is in the sensitive
Virgo having opposition with Moon, who is in another sensitive
sign, the sixth. Besides, Saturn is retrograde. The third
house again a house of the nervous system, is inhabiting a
timid planet, while the fourth has the malefic aspect of
Chart 49 is a typical case of fruit'obsession. She cannot
eat fruit. She is simply unable to eat fruit. Just as the smell
of a Jew made a Hazi sick, so the smell of fruit made her
feel sick. She is terribly afraid of them. The ascendant is the
receptive Scorpio. The animal mind, Moon, and the lower
mind, Saturn, are aspecting one another from the sensitive
Moon Neptune Mercury
Jupiter Satum
signs. Mercury is afflicted by Uranus in the nervous sign.
The lords of the sixth and twelfth have met having a
"papargala". The afflicted Saturn is spoiling the eighth. A
similar case of flower-obsession occurred in an individual
born in Virgo, having Jupiter in the fifth, Saturn in the
seventh, Mars in the seventh, Moon and Rahu in the third
and the rest in the fourth. Of course, here, the interchange
of places between Jupiter and Saturn has not made him
advance in this obsession. It only frightens him still, if
flowers are thrown at him.
Moon M6rcury
Charts 5O and 5l are cases of nymphomania. It is a
mental disease revealing itself in constant sex hunger and
thirst for ever fresh romance.
In the first one the significant thing is the powerful
disposition of Mars and Venus. Venus is exalted in the
seventh and is having a true degree opposition with Mars.
They are placed in sensitive and susceptible signs. But
generally the Virgo natives are a bit shy and timid. They
have ideas; but are afraid of translating them into action.
More so when Jupiter dominates the ascendant. Consequently
sex urge is great and unrepressible. Yet lack of the
necessary courage resulted in mental derangement. To add
to this, the Moon is eclipsed by the lord of the sixth, the lord
of the lower mind. In the other one, we note the lords of
third and ninth houses - two 'Kama Trikonnas' - are in the
seventh, another Kama Trikona. lt is a nervous sign and
these planets are inimically disposed to one another. They
V€nus Sun
afflict the lagna. The lord of the seventh is in the sixth. The
twelfth lord is in the ninth. another Kama Trikona. These
and the unfortunate position of the eighth house points out
to the unrealised and unrealizable sex hunger. Hence as
Freud says, the tendencies are repressed and consequently
the mania set in. It iook the form of a mental disease.
Chart 52 is that of a famous business magnate who has
unfortunately gone mad at the age of sixty, after a glorious
and flourishing tareer. fle believes that some one or other
Venus Ketu Satum
is poisoning him. He feels that every one is attempting to
rob him and make his children poor. At times he eats
plenty. At other times he strarues himself. He feels that his
children too are being poisoned. This is an interesting case
where an obsession is aided by an Abhichara. lle started
business with the co-operation of his brothers. He wanted
to get rid of them when they began to be purely selfish and
money-minded. Consequently there were many obstacles
on his way. Finally he went mad two years back. Here the
sixth house is the weak-minded, sensitive and receptive
Cancer. There the lord of the third is debilitated' lle is
together with the lord of the second. And the lord of the
sixth is in the twelfth along with Mercury. It is already a
receptive sign. The source of obsession came from the
brothers. tle received it easily. The Abhichara from Rahu
and Kethu aided it immenselY. \
Another case of obsession occurs in the highly sensitive
Pisces (Chart 55). This lady is obsessed, of course by
visions of her husband's so-called immorality, which, as
Freud would say, is nothing but her own wish to be immoral
herself. The ascendant is dominated by the animal mind
and the fifth by the lower mind. Mercury is with the lord of
the sixth. The position of Jupiter in the third in conjunction
with Uranus being aspected by Venus reveals that she is
overcome by sex hunger; but she is too timid to act that
way. Hence she was caught in mental derangement. The
Interchange of houses between Mars and Venus is significant
in this light.
We can close this suruey of the types of lunacy with
another case where an obsession and an Abhichara have
played their part. (Chart 54). This is a Qraduate who passed
with great merit and brilliancy. But he went mad. Note here
Lagna Moon
Venus Rahu
Mercury Venus Mars
the tenth house. The inflammatory mind of Mars has joined
the vital mind of the sixth lord. Both are affecting the
Intellect of Mercury, Saturn, the lower mind is occupying the
ninth aspecting Venus and Moon alike. Saturn is the lord of
the twelfth. Besides he is afflicting Rahu also.
From this survey we can distinguish the mind represented
by the planets. The Sun stands for the vital mind, Moon for
animal mind, Saturn for lower mind, Mars for the criminal and
Mercury for the intellectual. Jupiter f,or the timid, and Mercury
and Uranus for the nervous. Moreover, the twelfth, third, fifth.
sixth and ninth houses play a prominent part besides the
ascendant. Jupiter in the third or at times in the ascendant
seems to aggravate it. Rahu, Kethu, Saturn, the twelfth and the
ninth houses along with the fifth have something to say regardlng
As such it is all too complicated and requires a careful
study, experience and exhaustive analysis. Sometimes the
Upagrahas too cause this state of mind. For instance,
Parivesha in the cusp of the third house is capable of
bringing insanity. The counteracting influences for all these
are a powerful Sun and a Jupiter well placed in a trine or the
fourth and the tenth houses. Jupiter is too dangerous a
planet to be understood easily. For instance, he is seen to
make a Cemini immoral by staying in the seventh. jupiter is
far better off in the sixth. fourth, tenth, fif,th and ninth
houses. As such, one ought to be very careful and painstak'
ing while pronouncing 'judgment' on the major issues.
A case study of apparent schizophrenia is presented here
lavi 3.0
Shukra Kehr
Ravi Kr+r
Uran Flahu


lT'?"'.'"i"5:'l,ti 1l? i;13,i)? '; Z?,i?|J

gives a balance of Sani's period yrs lS,Z.lZ.
The other ayanamsa gives a balance of sani
for years I1.6.t8. The chart is as per the
former ayanamsa.
flere Uranus is within the orb of the Moon who governs
the mind and feelings. The unsteady Mercury is conjunct
Mars, aspected by Jupiter and Uranus. The lord of the lower
mind is in lagna and is debilitated in navamsa. Saturn in
lagna gives mood of depression and a feeling of personal
insecurity or inadequacy. This started in this case by the
middle of 1948 during Budha's major period, Moon-Uranus
conjunction made him claim independence from parents
and brothers. Mercury-Uranus opposition developed,
centric behaviour. Mars-Uranus opposition made the temper
explosive and wilfully impatient. As per the ayanamsa of
Raivata paksha the symptoms of Schizophrenia first appeared
in the sub-period of the Moon in Mercury, which
started from May 7, 194A. The Moon is close to Uranus who
aspects Mars, and through Mars the aspect of Uranus falls
on Mercury. The Moon is the lord of the eighth situated in
the fourth. The entire situation revolves round the hidden or
secret parts, and the chart is contributed by the five bodies
situated in the fourth and the tenth signs. The Sun is involved
in the opposition and conjunction through the
The mania for independence at the age of 19 is due to
the Sun-Uranus positions which drove him to the Verge of
anarchy. The judgement became perverse and he worked
out his own destruction. He became stubborn misguided
and fickle. Virgo being involved, the nervous system broke
down and because of the eighth house ownership of the
Moon, the sex-instinct dominated in the Subperiod of Mars.
The navamsa chart shows the seventh lord debilitated and
conjunct Ketu. This led to his impotency in Rahu's subperiod
and it aggravated insanity.
Moon-Uranus conjunction brought about high emotional
tension and a paralysis of the intellect. The fifth lord
with the unstable Mercury in the isolated and sensitive sign
of Mercury is responsible for a nervous and mental breakdown.
Early in March 1955 he turned violent. This was at
the fag end of Guru's Sub-period. The sextile aspect of
retrograde Uranus on Jupiter explains this.
Mercury-Uranus opPosition made him self-willed and
stubborn. He lived in his own world of illusions and makebelieve.
, Mars-Uranus opposition is a dangerous one involving
brutality. It was in the subperiod of Mars in Mercury that the
first symptoms of schizophrenia violence appeared. Mars in
an enemy's sign and with an enemy is the cause of the split
In conciousness. Selfishness made him go his own way.
During this sub-period and in that of Saturn he had to be
The ninth and fifth lord and the fifth house are afflicted.
Medical treatment and remedial measures were of no avail.
Arudha lagna falls in Libra which is afflicted, since he used
to speak a language he never knew, during his insanity, it
was thought that there is a case of possession-Rahu in the
fifth aspected by Mars. The sixth lord at the fag end of the
eighth sign aggravated this situation. Since the seventh
house is also involved by way of Mercury, the wife is also
greatly responsible for this insanity.
During Rahu's sub-period in Ketu and again in Saturn's
sub-period he was kept in an asylum, and it was of no avail-
Late in 1968, during the sub-period of Mars in Venus his
wife took him away; and nothing was heard of him since
In this context let us have a look at the chart of his wife
briefly. Her navamsa lagna is the sixth from her lagna, thus
showing basic incompatibility between the husband and the
wife. Her third house is afflicted heavily and therefore the
ninth, the seventh lord and Venus are in the houses of their
foes. In navamsa the third lord is in an enemy's house with
Saturn. The Kalatra Karaka is with Rahu in amsa. Mars with
Venus in the house representing the character of a woman is
ominous. tler Ketu-Shani appeared in the affliction of her
husband. tler period of Venus, brought about the disaster. fler
husband's lagna and navamsa lagna too are


R rh.lf,
Ravi3.9 L3.s0
in 6/8 relationship. The navamsa chart, as Parashara noted,
represents the partner. The wife's fifth house saved her
from insanity; and her third house brought out the lower
mind the sensuous mind.
We now give some significant combinations for mental
retardation, aberration and lunacy.
l. Sun in l, Kuja in 7.
2. Shani in l, Kuja in 7.
5. Shani in l, Kuja in l, 5 or 9.
4. Shaniand Chandra in lagna Dhanus when Curu is
i n 5.
5. Chandra and Budha in a Kendra or In a malefic navamsa.
6. Chandra, Rahu and a malefic in 5, 8 or 12.
7. Ravi and Chandra in lagna, while Kuja and Shani are in 5
or 9.
B. Guru or Shani in lagna, Kuja in 7.
9. Chandra with Shani br Ketu.
lO. Chandra with Rahu or a malefic in 8, 9 or 12.
ll. Lord of lagna with Kuja and Budha in 4 or 12.
12. Rahu in 12, Shukra in 8, and Chandra with a malefic.
15. Chandra with Rahu in 4,8 or 12 aspected by a malefic.
27. lnpotency
l. Shukraw ith the seventhl ord in 6.
2. Chandra in Tulaaspected by Ravi and Shani, orShani and
5. Sixth lord with Budha and Rahu in I or 7.
4. Lord of Lagna with Kqja in 6 - ulcer in the penis.
28. Ovaries and uterus
Houses 7 and 8, lords of 7 and B, Shukra and Kuja have
to be considered in cases of ovarine and uterine ailments.
l. Navamsa lagna in Mesha or Vrishchika, and lagna
aspected bY Shani.
2. Kuja in 7 asPected bY shani.
5. Kuja and Shani in 7.
4. Navamsa lagna in Mesha or Vrishchika which must be
the seventh from Janma lagna, and the navamsa lagna
is aspected by Ravi and Budha without a favourable
5. Seventh house associated with a malefic and in the
navamsa the seventh is Mesha or Vrishchika.
6. Shukra in 7 with PaPakartari.
7. Kuja associated with a malefic and is in I or 6.
8. Shukra in Karka associated with a malefic or in papa
kartari while the seventh lord is weak.
9. Shukra and the seventh lord being weak afflicted by
lO. Shukra with Rahu in I or 7.
29. Leukaemia
Afflications to Chandra and Kuja, to the watery signs
and to houses 4, 8 and 12 have to be considered' The
relation of Rahu to these must be considered'
50. Fever
l. Budha in Simha aspected by a malefic'
2. Eighth house is unoccupied but aspected by strong
" ah.- ""'


5. Lords of I and 6 associated with Ravi'
4. Kuja in 6 and sixth lord in 8.
5. Lord of eighth in the eighth in a cruel shashtyamsa.
31. Kidney
Shukra and Tula govern the kidneys. Second degree of
fixed signs, tenth degree of Vrishabha and Vrishchika, ancl
first degree of Simha and Kumbha are to be considered'
Seventh house is important. In cases of kidney trouble
Kanya and Tula are afflicted.
52. Cancer
Cancer is a malign tumour, a malignant growth eating
the part of the body it affects and it spreads.
We will first examine the principles and analyse the
charts of some persons affected by this deadly disease'
One of the deadliest diseases is cancer' It is a malignant
tumour eatinig a part of the organism and spreading indefinitely.
It tends to reoccur when removed. lts causes are
unknown and cure is almost impossible. In its early phase
it may be controlled. An astrological analysis of known
cases of cancer can be of help in diagnosing, controlling,
and curing of this deadlY disease.
Wounds and the like come under the 6th house and
Virgo. Mars rules over blood and wounds. Bone and joints
faliunder Capricorn and the I Oth house. Kidney refers us to
2" of fixed signs and generally to lOo of Taurus and Scorpio'
We can enumerate some other factors as follows : Spine -
26th degree of Cancer and Capricorn, 10 of common signs
and Saturn; blood - Mars ancl the Moon; spleen - the Moon
and Rahu; Lungs - the 5rd house, Cemini, 40 of Aries and
Libra. Cancer proPer aPpears to fall in the opening degrees
of Virgo and Pisces.
In most cases of cancer we have to look to Mars, Saturn'
disease shows the Sun related to Jupiter and Saturn by sign
or aspect; that Neptune may take the place of Jupiter and
havelhe aspect of Mars or Saturn or both; that the Sun is in
bad aspect to Mars, Uranus, or Neptune; or that the Moon is
afflicted by Venus and Mars in cardinal signs. This is a wide
spectrum forcing us not to generalise. Spleen, intestines,
genitals, lungs, shoulder, throat, uterus skin, breast, stomach,
hip, bone, blood, and tongue are some of the parts
invaded by cancer. Let us study some interesting cases.
Chart 57 is that of the late deposed Shah of lran. Spleen
and other parts were affected. The Moon and Rahu conjunct
in the 2nd house aspected by Mars, the malefic owner. The
Sun is malefically aspected by Saturn coqjunct Mars. Jupi-
57. Ascendant - Libra 12 with the Sun 9, Mercury 27;
Scorpio - the Moon 5 and Rahu; Aquarius - Uranus
5; Cancer - Jupiter 25, Neptune lO; Leo - Satum
16, Mars 17, Venus 26.
ter is not involved. Thus i,arter's hypothesis falls. Hindu
astrology stands vindicated. We do not need the
extrasaturnine planets which may have a bearing on other
matters. Rahu and the Moon refer to the spleen. The Moon
is in the early part of fixed Scorpio aspected by Mars who is
conjunct Saturn. The debilitated Sun is afflicted by Saturn.
Mark the semi-square between Venus and the Sun and the
Sun is in the l2th house as per the equal house system. The
sub-period of Saturn in the Moon brought an end to his life.
Let us now consider lung cancer. Lungs come under the
5rd house, Gemini, early degrees of Aries and Libra. Chart
58 is that of a victim of lung cancer. The lord of the 5rd and
the 4th houses is with the Sun aspecting the 6th. The Sun is
58. Ascendant - Scorpio l8; Sagittarius - the Moon 7,
Uranus l6; Capricorn - Ketu 26; Aquarius - the Sun
4, Saturn l5; Pisces - Venus I l, Mercury 22: Anes
- Mars; Taurus - Jupiter 9; Cemini - Neptune 15.
in the Srd house. Jupiter is not involved here also. lle
aspects the 5rd and so does Rahu. Though the 6th house
has benefics on either side, the third from the Moon has
the Sun-Saturn conjunction. Saturn afflicts Lagna also. The
disease was diagnosed in Rahu's mqior period and he died
in the Moon's sub-period. Chart 59 is another case. The
5rd house is aspected by Mars who is in the fall of his
59. Ascendant-Aquarius I I with Satum 15, Rahu24;
Pisces - the Moon 29; Aries - Neptune (R) I l; Leo
- Uranus 2; Libra - Mars 26; Scorpio - Venus.l I and
Jupiter 27; Sagittarius - the Sun 15, Mercury 25.
mulatrikona; and it is also aspected by Saturn who is conjunct
Rahu. Here again death came in the Moon's subperiod
of Rahu. Carter's observations are again falsified'
The Sun, Saturn and Rahu point to the ailment'
The Moon and the 5rd house govern the shoulder' Chart
6O is an exmaple of cancer in the shoulder. The 5rd house
is afflicted by Jupiter (lord of the 5th and the 8th), the Moon
(lord of the l2th), Rahu, Saturn (lord of the 6th and the 7th)
and Mars (lord of the 4th and the 9th)' Lords of the 5rd and
60. Ascendant'LeLoi;b ra'Jupiter(R15) ,t heM oon2 ,
Ketu1 6;c apricom'u ranus( R)6 ; Pisces'M ars
l2; Aries- Satum2 2; Taurus- M ercuryl. the Sun
24; Oemin-i NePtune2 7; Qance-r V enus6 '
the l2th have exchanged houses, thereby aggravating the
results of Saturn's affliction of the Moon. The conjunction of
the Sun and Mercury is significant. tlere Saturn is also the
ruler of the 6th. From the Moon we notice Mars in the 6th
while the 6th lord is with the Moon aspected by Mars and
Rahu. Debilitated Saturn is in the 7th from the Moon'
Stomach cancer comes under the sign owned by the
Moon and the 5th house. The Sun and Ketu figure here
prominently along with the 6th house. Chart 6lst is an
example. tlere Jupiter and Saturn have exchanged houses'
6l' Ascendant - Sagittarius ; Capricorn ' Jupiter I l'
Rahu 27; Aquarius ' Venus 9; Pisces ' Satum 4' the
Sun 21, Mercury 2l; Aries ' the Moon l . NePtune
l4; Taurus - ltars 22; Leo ' Uranus (R)5.
The lord of the 5th is in the 6th aspected by Jupiter and
Saturn. The early degree of Pisces is afflicted by Saturn
while Jupiter is with Rahu. The Moon as the lord of the 8th
is in the 5th with malefics on either side. chart 62 is another
case. Venus and Rahu are in the 5th aspected by Mars who
is debilitated and aspected by Saturn. This Mars is also the
. 62' Ascendant' Cemini; Cancer - Mars B' Jupinter I O;
Virgo-the Sun 20, Mercury (R) 15, Uranus 5; Libra
- Venus 5, Rahu I l,'Pisces'the Moon 5; Aries'
Neptune (R) 28; Taurus - Saturn (R) l7'
lord of the 6th. Death came towards the end of Ketu's major
period. Uranus afflicting the Moon might have played a part'
Both these charts again emphasize the roles of Saturn,
Mars, the Moon and the Nodes.
Consider next cases of cancer affecting the genitals.
These come under the 8th house, Scorpio, and Mercury.
The last degrees of Aries and the first of Taurus, Mars.
Mercury and Saturn are also to be considered. Note Chart
65 where the l2th house Mercury and Venus are together
afflicted by Mars and Saturn. The lord of the 12th is in the
65. Ascendant - Leo with Neptune 2, the Sun lO; Libra
- Saturn 27; Sagittarius - Ketu; Capricom - Jupiter
(R) 28; Pisces - Uranus 6 and the Moon 29; Aries -
Mars lO; Cancer - Venus 17, t'{.ercury 17.
8th. Because of cancer his genital organ had to be amputated.
Venus is also in the l2th while the lord of the 7th is
in opposition to Mars.
The native of Chart 64 was operated for cancer in gall
bladder, which points to the 8th house and Scorpio. Rahu is
in the Bth, in his debilitation. The owner of the 8th is
afflicted by Satum. As in many cases of cancer, here too the
64. Ascendant - Taurus; Qeminl - Ketu 25; Cancer
Satum (R) I and Neptune (R) l4; Aguarius - Uranus
7 and Venus 29; Pisces - Mercury l, Mars 2, the
Sun 8, the Moon 14; Aries - Jupiter 14.
first two degrees of Pisces are afflicted by Mars and debilitated
Mercury who with the Moon are combust. tords of the
I I th and the l2th have exchanged houses, thereby making
Mars and Saturn afflict each other. As against Carter's view,
the Sun has nothing to do with Saturn.
From our analysis we find that the planets involved are
the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Rahu Particularly the last three,
the planet and the house governing the body are all involved
in the diagnosis of cancer. Since cancerous growth
destroys the vital cells Carter was led to believe that in all
such cases afflictions of the Sun from Jupiter and Saturn
are found. But the cells come under Saturn and Mars, and
their maintenance depends on the Moon and to some extent
on the Sun and Jupiter. We therefore find afflictions to
and from Saturn and Mars; and any kind of malignant
growth involves Kahu. Blood being corrupted in such cases,
we need to examine the luminaries and Mars as well as the
6th house. Merely because Saturn or Mars or both are in the
6th or the 8th does not imply cancer. In fact Saturn in these
houses can be a great asset warding off many an ailment or
giving great powers of resistance and quick recuperation.
The 6th being the house of ailment has to be considered
along with the house of longevity. Since cancer can attack
any part of the body, one has to examine the planets and
houses governing these parts. We also emphasize the importance
of Rahu because of the poisonous nature of this
In the foregoing analysis we have followed the equal
house system according to which the ascending degree is
the first point of Lagna, not the middle. Secondly, mutual
exchange of houses are treated as exchange and also as
the planets being in their respective houses; and in all
exchanges the planet concerned loses the ownership of the
other house. We have given the positions of Uranus and
Neptune also merely to enable a research analyst to find out
whether these planets have a bearing on the cases studied
here. To give a last illustration consider the chart of the
famous Bengali novelist Sarat who had Saturn retrograde.
Aquarius I l, Jupiter Scorpio 4, Ylars Leo 20, Rahu Aquarius
27, and the Moon Cancer 26. tle died at the age of 62. tle
was a patient of cancer. There is mutual opposition of Mars
and Saturn, the conjunction of Saturn with Rahu, and all
these afflicting Jupiter who is in Scorpio being the lord of
the 6th from the Moon. Venus is with the Moon, while the
Sun and Mercury are in Virgo. Uranus just entered Leo while
Neptune is retrograde in Aries. The luminaries are not
afflicted, nor are Uranus and Venus. Taking Chandra Lagna
(the natal Moon) we notice Saturn in the 7th house, Mars in
the lst and Jupiter in the 4th as per the equal house system
advocated by us. The signs remain the same, making l.eo
and Aquarius heavily afflicted.
Still we cannot generalise and lay down any specific
rules. Each case has to be examined separately and on its
own merits.
Cancer is a malignant, uncontrolled multiplication of cells.
The cells multiply and consume their environment. Astrologi'
cally it is possible to diagnose cancer in advance. In any
chart the 6th is the house of disease, and the 8th that of the
nature of death. Cancer is an infection of the blood, and
blood comes under the Moon and Mars, also under the Sun.
The maintenance of the cells is regulated by the Sun, the
Moon and Jupiter; and any affliction to these comes from
Mars and Saturn. Rahu govems any form of malignant
The part of the body ruled by the planets is indicated in
the following order of the weekdays from the Sun to Rahu
'stomach, heart, head, chest, thighs, face, knees, and feet.
The diseases to which one is subject is to be read from
houses the 6th, the 8th and l2th, tagna, and lord of t-agna.
If the sign occupied by the Sun is a common one and
afflicted, the ailment is below the waist; if it is the fixed sign
to which he moves, it is below the neck and above the
waist; if it is a cardinal sign which he has left, it is above the
neck. We have also to consider the 8th house, planets
associated with it, and planets occupying it. According to
Varahamihira, the signs from Aries and Lagna control head,
face, breast, heart, stomach, waist, navel, genitals, thighs,
knees, shanks, and feet. If the afflicted houses are from the
8th to the l2th, the ailment is on the right side; otherwise,
it is on the left side.
The signs ruled by Mars refer to head, eyes and
wounds; those of Venus to testicles, swelling and watery
complaints; those of Mercury to nose, skin, and breathing;
those of Jupiter to the ears and mind; those of Saturn to
digestion, nerves and mind. The Moon controls face,
tongue, breasts and swellings. The Sun refers to the eyes
and the stomach. Rahu controls all wounds. Ulcers and
blood refer to Mars. Following the order of the weekdays,
the planets have a control over bones, muscles, skin, fat,
sperm or ovum, and nervous material. If Saturn is aspected
by the Sun, there can be blood impurities. lf the lord of the
decanate occupied by Saturn is the Moon, there is a possibility
of tumour; and if it is Jupiter, the ailment is in the
stomach and it is hidden. The Sun and Mars in malefic
places cause ulcers, burning and the like, Benefics in
the 5rd, the 6th, the 8th, the I lth and the l2th. and
malefics not in the 5rd and the I lth are malefics for our
Mr. Surendra ?ai gave us 59 cases of cancer in the
January and March 1982 issues of TfIE ASTROLOCICAL
MACAZIND.:The ascendants for nine are not available. tlis
findings will be briefly summarised. Jupiter controls the
growth of cells; their eccentric behaviour is due to Uranus
who also controls electrolytes; Mars indicates surgery and
he is connected with blood, He admits that in I I out of 175
cases there was no part played by Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.
But he notices the influence of the Moon and Saturn. He
finds the mutual associations or aspects of Mars, Jupiter
and Uranus - all the three or at least two. But he did
not indicate in any lnstance what part of the body was
We will first analyse the charts given by Mr. Pai. The
numbers are counted from Aries. The charts are as per
Lahiri's Ayanamsa. The Interpretation is based on equal
house system as advocated by us.
In these cases we have to go by the Moon sign. Though
we have the positions of Uranus and Neptune, we believe
that cases of cancer can be diagnosed from the Moon,
Mars, Saturn and Rahu. Some involve Mars and Saturn;
others involve the Moon and Mars; some show the affliction
of Saturn and the Moon, and also of Mars and Rahu; one
has the axis of Saturn and Ketu. The Moon rules over blood;
Mars suggests inflammations, bone decay and blood pressure;
Saturn refers to stomach and legs; and Rahu involves
an acute and undiagnosed ailment. The dhatus governed by
the planets are indicative of the source of ailment. In the
order of the weekdays, the planets govern bone, eyes and
the cutaneous system; blood; bones and blood; throat;
ears; eyes and genitals; stomach and legs. Any relation
between the lords of the 6th and the 8th makes for a high
intensity of the ailment.
Let us turn to Mr. Pai's charts where Lagnas are
' Lagna - Mesha (Aries).
Case No. I : 4 - Neptune ; 6 - Satum and Rahu;
7 - Jupiter; 8 - Venus ; lO - the Sun and Mercury;
I I - Uranus; and 12 - the Moon, Mars and Ketu.
Case No. 2 : 5 - the Moon; 4-Jupiter; 5 - Neptune;
fl "-lill"o,--'#::::lin;'1io"i,i;lrercuryand
Case No. 5 : I - Rahu and Satum; 5 - Neptune;
5 - the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter; 6 - the Moon and
Venus;7 - Ketu; ;9 - Uranus; and 12 - Mars.
Case No. 4 : I - Jupiter and the Sun; 4 - Satum and
Neptune;9 - Rahu; I I - Uranus; and 12 - the Moon,
Venus, Mercury and Mars.
These charts clearly show the malefic influences of
Mars, Rahu and Saturn. In the first Saturn with Rahu has
aspect to and from Mars, involving houses the 6th and the
l2th; and Mars aspects the l2th lord. The second has Mars
with the 6th lord in badhaka house. The third is fairly simple
with Saturn and Rahu. Mars in the 4th chart is with the 6th
I-agna - Vrishabha (Taurus)
Case No. I : I - Jupiter; 2 - Mars and Mercury;
5 - the Sun, Venus and Rahu; 5 - Uranus; 6 - the
Moon; 7 - Neptune; and I | - Saturn.
7 - Mercury;8 - the Sun, Venus and Mars; lO - The
Moon, Jupiter and Uranus; and I I - Rahu.
Cas€ No. 3 : 2 - Rahu; 5- Neptune; 6 - the Moon;
7 - Venus; 8 - Satum, Mars, Mercury and Ketu; 9 -
the Sun; and 12 - Jupiter and Uranus.
Case No. 4 : 2 - Saturn and Uranus; 5 - Jupiter ;
5 - Venus and Rahu; 6 - the Sun, Mercury, Mars and
Neptune; 9- the Moon; and I I - Ketu.
Here we have the 6th lord with Rahu; the l2th lord in
L,agna; the 6th lord with Mars Saturn aspecting Ketu and
Mars aspecting Rahu; Mars, Saturn and Ketu aspecting
Iagna; the 6th lord with Rahu and Saturn asPecting Ketu.
l-agna, the 6th house and the malefic explain the results
l"agna - Mithuna (Qemini)
Case flo. I z 4 - the Moon, Neptune and
Rahu; 7 - Saturn; I - Venus; 9 - th€ Sun,
Mercury and Jupiter; l0 - Ketu; I I - Uranus;
and 12- Mars.
Caoe No. 2 | 2- t'Iars and Jupiter; 5 - the Sun, the
Moon and Ketu; 4 - Saturn, Mercury, Venus and
Neptune; 9 - Rahu; and lO - Uranus.
, Cas€ No. 5 : I - Satum, Jupiter and Uranus; 3 - the
Moon; 6 - Rahu and Neptune;9 - Mars; lO - Venus
and the Sun; I I - Mercury; and 12 - Ketu.
Care llo. 4 z 2 - Ketu; 4 - Jupiter and Neptune;
5 - Venus, Mars and Saturn; 6 - the Sun and
Mercury ; 8 - Rahu; 9 -the Moon; and I I - Uranus.
Case No. 5 : I - Uranus; 2 - Ketu; 5 - Neptune;
8 - Rahu; 9 - the Sun, Mercury and Venus;
lO - Juplter; ll - Mars; and 12 - the Moon
and Satum.
Case No. 6 z 4 - the Sun, Mercury and Uranus;
and Neptune; 9 - the Moon and Saturn; and
12 - Ketu.
These charts show respectively the following features;
the Moon and Ketu in maraka house aspected by Saturn;
the 6th lord with badhaka in the l2th; Satum with badhaka
aspecting the maraka the Moon; Saturn and Mars with the
l2th lord hspecting Rahu; Saturn with maraka; Saturn
aspecting Rahu while Mars is with the 12th lord.
Lagna' l{arkataka (Cancer)
CasGNo. I 3 I -the Moon; 5-Satum; 4-the Sun,

T"T:6yl," ,TiB'3J*:,,'f""i' l?;,T" oHu;.: '

Gase No. 2 : 5 - Satum ; 4 - Neptune and Ketu;
3 - Mars; 9 - the Sun; l0 - Mercury, Venus, Rahu
and Uranus,' I I - the Moon; and 12 - JuPiter,
I-agna - Simha (Leo)
Case Flo. | : I - the Sun; 2 - Venus and Uranus;
5 - Satum and Rahu; 4 - Mars; 6 - Jupiter and
lleptune; 9 - Ketu; lG the Moon; and I2 - Mercury.
Casello. 2 : I - Mars; 2 - Uranus; 5 -Satum; 4 - the
Sun, Rahu and Jupiter;5 - Venus and Mercury; 6 -
Neptune; B - the Moon; and lO - Ketu.
Case FIo. 5 ! 5 - Rahu; 5 - the Sun, Venus
and Neptune; 6 - Mars and Mercury; 8 - Satum;
9 - Ketu; I I - the Moon; and 12 - Jupiter and
Case No. 4 z 3 - Rahu and Mercury ; 4 - th.e

;'j'":i,'J5Ti?l;,',;111J;:',.f#fif:"f: ::"Case Flo. 5 : I - the Sun and Satum ; 2 - Jupiter,

Venus, Mercury and Uranus; 6 - Rahu and Neptune;
9 - the Moon; I I - Mars; and 12 - Ketu.
Case No. 6 : 4 - Neptune ; 6 - Jupiter, Satum and
Rahu;7 - Mars; 9 - the Sun, Venus and Mercury; I I
- Uranus; and 12 - the Moon and Ketu.
These charts also point out that source is Saturn, Mars,
Rahu and badhaka, along with the lords of the 6th and
the 8th; badhaka in the l2th aspecting its lord located
in the 6th, Saturn aspects maraka Mercury, lord of the 6th
with Rahu; lord of lagna with the 8th lord and Rahu in the
l2th aspected by badhaka Mars who also aspects the l2th
lord; badhaka with maraka in maraka house aspecting
the Bth lord, Saturn aspects l-agna; badhaka in Lagna
aspects the 6th and the 8th lords, Saturn aspects Mars;
L,ord of Lagna with Saturn (6th lord) in badhaka house,
Mars aspects Rahu in the 2nd; Saturn and Rahu with the
8th lord in maraka house aspecting Ketu and the Moon
(lord of the l2th).
The features present in some charts are : Satum aspects
the lord of l,,agna who is with the lord of the l2th, Mars
aspects badhaka; Mars aspects Rahu, and Saturn aspects
badhaka; Mars and Rahu aspect the Moon; the 8th lord
Mars in the lZth with maraka, the 6th lord in the 2nd;
Satum and the Moon aspect Jupiter and Venus; Saturn and
the Moon in L,agna aspect badhaka, Mars aspects Rahu;
Mars conjunct Satum, the Moon with Rahu; Mars gnd Satum
aspect each other, Mars aspects lord of l-agna, badhaka is
with maraka.

Lagna - Kanya (Virgo)
Case No. I : I - Mars; 5 -the Moon; 4 - Uranus;
6 - Rahu; 7 - Neptune; 8 - Jupiter; 9 - Satum;
I I - the Sun. Mercury and Venus; and 12 - Ketu.
Case No. 2 z | - the Sun and the Moon; 2 -
M€rcury; 5 - Venus and Satum; 4 - Neptune,
Mars and Ketu; lO - Rahu and Uranus; and 12
' JuPiter.
Case No. 5 : 5 - Jupiter and Ketu; 4 - Neptune;
5 - Satum, 6 - Venus; 7 ' the Sun and Mercury;
9 - Mars and Rahu; and I I ' the Moon and
Case flo. 4 t 5. Uranus and Jupiter; 4' Ketu;
5 - Venus and Mars; 6 - the Sun, Mercury and
Neptune;7 - Satum; lO'Rahu; and 12 - the
Case No. 5 : l - Uranus; 5 - Ketu; 5 - Neptune;
: B - Venus and Jupiter;9 - the Sun, Mercury and
Rahu; lO - Mars; and I I - the Moon and Saturn.
Case No. 6 : 5'Uranus; 4 - Mars; 5'the Sun,
Case No. 7 z 2 - Jupiter; 5 - Neptune; 4 - the Moon
and Rahu;9 - the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Ura-
^. nus; lO'Ketu; and I I 'Mars and Saturn'
Cage No. 8 : 2 - Mars; 5 - the Moon; 4 - Uranus;
6 - Rahu; 7 - the Sun, Venus, Jupiter and
Neptune; 8 - Mercury and Satum; and 12 - Ketu.
The features present in these are : Saturn asPects lord of
Lagna who is with the lord of the l2th, Mars aspects badhaka;
Mars aspeg-s Rahu, and Saturn aspects badhaka; Mars and
Rahu aspejct the Moon; the 8th lord Mars in the l2th with
maraka, the 6th lord in the 2nd; Saturn and the Moon aspect
Jupiter and Venus; Saturn and the Moon in Lagna aspect
badhaka, Mars aspects Rahu; mars conjunct Saturn, the Moon
with Rahu; mars and Saturn asPect each other, Mars aspects
Jord of Lagna, badhaka ls with maraka.
Lagna - Thula (Libra)
Case l\o. l : I - the Sun; 2 . Mercury and
Ketu; 5 - Mars and Satum; 7 - Uranus; B' Rahu
and Neptune; 9 - the Moon; ll - Jupiter; and
l2 - Venus.
Case No. 2 z 2 - the Sun, the Moon and
Rahu; 5 - Mars and lleptune ; 6 - Jupiter; 8 -
Ketu;9 - Uranus; and ll - Saturn, Venus and
Case No. 3 : I - l4ars: 2- Satum and Uranus;
4 - the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Rahu; 5 -
Venus; 6 Neptune; I O - Ketu; and 12 - the Moon.
Case No. 4 z l - Rahu ; 2 - Ylars; 5 - Jupiter; 4
- the Sun and Mercury; 5 - Venus and Neptune,'
7 - Ketu; 9 - Satum; and 12- the Moon and
' Uranus.
flere we note the badhaka in the 7th, Saturn Mars conjunction;
Saturn aspecting the Moon and Venus (lord of the 8th);
the Sun, the Moon and Rahu in the 8th, Mars aspecting the 6th,
and Saturn with the 8th lord; Saturn aspecting the 6th lord who
ls with the badhaka, Mars also aspecting the same; the 8th
lord in a badhaka house aspected by Mars who also aspects
Saturn. These are eloquent enough to explain the occurrence
of cancer. If enough attention is paid to our accepted canons
one can locate the affected part of the body also.
Lagna - Vrischika (Scorpio)
Case No. I z 2 - JupiteD 5 - Ketu and Uranus;
6 - Satum and Neptune;9 - the Moon, Mars and
Rahu; I I Mercury; and 12 - the Sun and Venus.
CaseNo. 2 : I - the Moon and Venus; 5 - Satum;
4 - Mars, Neptune and Ketu; I O - Rahu. Uranus and
Mercury; I I - the Sun; and l2 - Jupiter.
CaseNo. 5 : I - Rahu and Venus; 2- Jupiter and
Mercury; 5 - the Sun; 5 - NePtune and Mars;
- saturn; lo ' the Moon; and
Case llo. 4 : I - the Sun, Venus and Mercury;
2 - Uranus;5 - Satum, 4 - Jupiter, Mars and Rahu;
6 - Neptune; 9 - the Moon and lO - Ketu.
Badhaka in a maraka house with Mars and Rahu
aspected by Saturn from the 12th, Mars aspecting the l2th
lord; badhaka with the 12th lord in the 6th; Rahu with the l2th
lord in the 6th; badhaka in a maraka house aspected by
Saturn, Mars with Kahu - these are the significant Points in
these charts.

l,agna - Dhanus (Sagittarius)
Case lilo. I : 2 - the Moon; 5 - Uranus; 5 - Ketu;
6 - Satum and Neptune; lO - Mercury; and I I - the
Sun, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Rahu.
While Virgo as the Ascendant gave a large number of
charts, Sagittarius has only one in Mr. Pai's collection. Here
we have the badhaka in a maraka house, the 8th lord is in
the 6th aspected by Mars who is with Rahu and the lord of
the 6th. This again justifies our view that the extrasaturnine
planets do have some significant influences on individual
Lagna - Makara (Capricorn)
Case No. I : I - Uranus and Ketu; 4 - Mars'and

1"?. :x,;: 1 ".'1ilx:o?'": :fT :"3';#H?

l2 - Satum.
Casello. 2 z2-Fahu;5- Mars and Uranus;4- the
Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Satum; 6 -
Neptune,' 7 - Jupiter; and 8 - Ketu,
, Cas€No.3: l - V e n u s a n d M e r c u r y r 2 - t h e
Sun and Mars; 5 - Neptune; 5 - the Moon; 6 -
Rahu; 9 - Uranus; lO - Satum; and 12 - Jupiter
and Ketu.
Case tlo. 4 : I - Rahu ; 2 -Jupiter ; 4 - the Moon;
5 - Neptune; 6 - Venus and Mercury; 7 - the Sun,
Mars and Ketu; 9 - Saturn; and l2 - Uranus.
Case No. 5 : l - Uranus and Ketu;4 - Mars and the
Sun; 5- Mercury and Neptune; 6- Venus; 7 - Rahu;
I I - the Moo/ and Jupiter.; and 12 - Satum.
tn four of these charts badhaka Mars is with the lord of
the 8th, and in two he is debilitated and aspects the l,agna.
The features are : badhaka with the Sun in the 7th aspecting
Lagna and Rahu; the same Mars in the 6th aspecting Lagna
while Saturn is with the lords of the 6th and the 8th
aspecting Lagna; badhaka with the 8th lord aspecting the
Moon; badhaka with Ketu and the 8th lord, Saturn aspecting
the Moon,' badhaka with the Bth lord in the 7th aspecting the
Moon and Jupiter.
Lagna - Kumbha (Aquarius)
Casr: No. l s 4 - Kahu ; 5 - the Moon, Mars,
Mercury and Neptune; 6 - the Sun; 7 - Saturn
and Venus;
t and 12 - Uranus.
9 -.Iupiter; lO - Ketu
Case No. 2 : 4 - Neptune; 5 - Mars and Venus;
6 - Rahu, Satum, Jupiter and the Sun, 7 - Mercury;
I - the Moon; I I - Uranus; and l2 - Ketu.
The first chart has Mars with the lords of the 6th and the
8th in the 7th; and Saturn aspecting Rahu from the badhaka
house. The second shows Mars with badhaka aspecting Lagna
and Ketu and the Moon (lord of the 6th), Saturn with Rahu in
the Bth aspecting the Moon, and Saturn, Rahu and Jupiter
(lords of maraka houses) becoming combust. The general
principles we enumerated earlier stand fully vindicated by
these charts.
, Lagna - Meena (Pisces)
Case No. I : I - Saturn,' 4 - Ketu; 6 - Uranus; 7
- the Moon; 8 - Jupiter and Neptune 9 - Mars; I O
- Venus and Rahu; and 12 - the Sun and Mercu'
CaseNo. 2 : I - Ketu; 2 - the Moon; 4 - Neptune,
5 - Jupiter; 6 - Saturn; 7 - Rahu; ll - the Sun,
Mercury and Uranus,' and 12 - Venus and Mars.
Case No. 5 : 2 - Uranus; 5 - Rahu, Mars and Satum;
6 - Neptune; 7 - Jupiter;9 - the Moon and Ketu; and
l2 - the Sun, Mercury and Venus.
Case No. 4 : 2 - Satum and Uranus; 3 - Jupiter and
Venus;4 - Mercury and the Sun;5'Rahu and Mars;
6 - Neptune; lO - the Moon,' and I I - Ketu.
llere again we notice in atl the four the badhaka with
6th lord, and in the Srd the 8th lord also is with him. Thus,
badhaka with the 6th in Lagna aspected by Mars, Saturn
aspecting the Moon, Venus and Rahu; badhaka with the
6th, Saturn aspecting Mars and Venus (lord of the 8th) in
Lagna, Mars aspecting Rahu; badhaka and lords of the 6th
and the 8th aspected by Saturn, Mars-Saturn-Rahuc onjunction;
badhaka with the 6th aspected by Saturn, Mars with
Rahu.,aspecting Lagn
Let us now see how we can determine the part
affected. Varahamihira's classification of the various
parts of the body is of great help in locating the part of
the body that may be affected. When one is born in the
first Drekkana, the indication refers to the area between
the neck and the head; if it is the second Drekkana,
the reference is to the area between the neck and the
navel; and if it is the third, the affected area is below
the navel. Depending on this he allots the various houses
to the different parts of the body. These can be tabulated
thus :
ITouses Ist 2nd
Drekkana Drekkana
I ttead Neck
Shoulders Rectum, etc.
2, 12 Eyes
5, I I Ears Hands
4, LO Nostrils Sides
5,9 Cheeks tleart
6, 8 Chin Stomach Shanks
7 Mouth Navel Feet
Houses the 2nd to the 6th refer to the left side and the
houses; the 8th to the l2th to the right side,rWe have also
to consider the badhaka house, its lord, and the planets in
it. The badhaka should not be in the 7th, the 8th, the lOth,
the l2th.
Wounds cbme under the 6th house and Virgo; Mars
rules blood and wounds. The Moon controls blood' Bones
and joints come under the lOth house and Capricorn.
Kidney comes under the fixed signs, more particularly
Taurus. The signs Cancer and Capricorn reveal the
condition of the spine. Lungs are under the Srd house.
Spleen is regulated by the Moon and Rahu' Cancer appears
to have some relation with the signs Virgo and Pisces,
and it can be detected from the Moon, Mars, Saturn and
We will illustrate these principtes with the help of some
Affecting the face, the factors to be considered are the
Moon, Venus, the 2nd house and Taurus, besides Mars,
Saturn, Rahu and badhaka. The badhaka planet Mars here
is in Lagna with Rahu. The 2nd has the Sun conjunct Venus,
and Mercury conjunct Saturn (Chart Z2l.
Lungs come under the 5rd house, Gemini, Aries, Libra
and Mercury. Chart 68 has badhaka Venus in Lagna,
Saturn and Rahu opposing Mars and Ketu, Mars aspects the 6th
lord, and the 8th lord aspects the 6th lord. Chart 82 shows
Saturn as the 5rd lord aspecting the lord of the I st and the 6th
Mars, and Rahu in the badhaka house is aspected by Mars.
Another chart 87 shows Saturn aspecting Aries the Jrd house,
Saturn conjunct Rahu, lord of the 5rd in the badhaka
house Libra, and the 8th lord Mercury combust.
Throat is mostly governed by houses the 2nd, the 7th and
the llth. There are three charts. One chart 79 has Mercury
(lord of the 9th and the l2th) in the 2nd, lord of the I lth
(badhaka) is with Rahu, Mars (lord of the 7th) aspects Mercury
(who is in the 2nd), Saturn aspects the Sun and Rahu from the
6th house. Chart 85 has the Bth lord in the 2nd, the 2nd lord
in debilitation with Rahu is aspected by Mars, the debilitated
l lth lord is with the Sun, Mercury (lord of the 7th and
badhaka) and Mars. Another chart 86 has the lords of the 6th.
the 7th and the 8th in Lagna, badhaka Venus in the 2nd, and
Mars in badhaka house. The lord of the 2nd and the I lth
is in his enemy's house unaspected.
Shoulder involves houses, the 2nd, the l2th, the
Srd and the 5th, karaka, Jupiter, the Sun and Ketu: In
chart 70 the 5rd house has Jupiter conjunct Ketu aspected
by debilitated Saturn (lord of the 6th and the 7th), Rahu
from badhaka house and by badhaka from the 8th
Breast cancer refers to the 5rd house, Cemini, Mercury and
the Moon. We have four charts. Chart 86 has lord of the 5rd is
in that house with Rahu aspected by debilitated badhaka Mars
from the l2th, the Moon (lord of the l2th in the 6th) is aspected
by Mars. Chart 8O has Mercury (lord of the 8th) aspected by Mars
(lord of the I st and the 6th) from the 5th, and the badhaka Moon
in the 5rd is aspected by Saturn who is with Ketu in Lagna. Chart
88 has Mercury (lord of the 8th) in the badhaka house, Saturn
conjunct Rahu in the 6th (karaka), the 6th lord Moon exalted,
and the 5rd lord Mars between malefics. Chart 89 has Jrd lord
Mars in the 8th aspected by Saturn and aspecting him, the 6th
lord Moon in badhaka house.
Cancer of the stomach comes under the houses the 5th,
6th and the 8th, Leo the Sun and Jupiter as the lord of the
Drekkana occupied by Saturn. We have five charts. Chart
67 has Saturn (lord of the 8th) in the l2th aspecting Mars
(lord of the 6th) conjunct Jupiter (badhaka). Mars aspects
the 5th which has Venus and Rahu. Chart 74 has Saturn
(lord of the 6th) aspecting the Moon (lord of the l2th) and
Rahu who are in Leo, badhaka Mars aspecting Saturn and
the 5th lord Jupiter. Chart 77 shows Saturn (lord of the 5th and
the 6th) and debilitated Mars (lord of the Jrd and the 8th)
having mutual aspects, the Sun (lord of the l2th) in Lagna, and
the badhaka (lord of the 7th) in the l2th with Mercury and
Ketu. Chart 84 has the 8th lord with the badhaka in the 5th, the
Sth lord in the 6th, Saturn, aspecting the 5th lord, and Saturn
in the Drekkana of Jupiter. Chart 85 is a case of enV:ric fever
at the age of 69, then it became cancer and the riative died
soon after. As mentioned by Carter, here Mercury (lord of the
6th and the 9th) is with Rahu in the l2th, the 8th lord is in
Lagna receiving the aspect of debilitated Saturn.
Cancer of the spleen as that of the lungs is indicated
by the Moon and Rahu. In Chart 78 the debilitated Moon
is with Rahu in the 2nd aspected by Mars (lord of the
2nd and the 7th) who is within a degree of conjunction
with Saturn (lord of the 4th and the Sth) and Venus
(lord of the lst and the 8th) in the badhaka house. The
badhaka Sun in debilitation in Lagna is aspected by Saturn
from the badhaka house while Rahu is in the fall of his
Cancer of the hips is controlled by houses the 6th, the 9th,
the 4th and the loth, Sagittarius, and Jupiter. In Chart 78
Sagittarius has combust Mercury and Venus aspected by Saturn.
The bodies involved are the lords of the lOth, the 8th, the
I 1th, the 7th and the l2th. The lord of the 4th Saturn is exalted
in the l2th and is in opposition to Mars (lord of the lst and the
6th). The badhaka Moon is in the 4th, while Jupiter is in the
Cancer of the spine is indicated by karkataka, Copricorn
and Saturn. Chart 90 is a case. Saturn in Capricorn is
in opposition to the Moon in Cancer. Mars in the 8th
and Saturn in the I lth have mutual aspects. Again we
note Mars' aspect from the 8th on Rahu and Saturn's
on Lagna.
Cancer of the blood (lukemia) is indicated by the Moon
and Mars, and also by the Sun's relation to these and to
Saturn. Chart 8 has combust badhaka Mars (lord of the 4th
and the 9th) and Jupiter (lord of the 5th and the 8th) in the 2nd,
while Lagna owned by the Sun is aspected by Saturn (lord of
the 6th and the 7th). Venus conjunct Rahu and the Moon is in
the 5rd between malefics. Chart 9l shows Mars (lord of the
2nd and the 9th) with Saturn (lord of the I I th and the l2th) in
the l lth. The badhaka is combust along with Venus (lord of
the 5rd and the 8th) in the l lth. The Sun is in his enemy's
Cancer of the gall bladder refers to the 8th house and to
Scorpio and Pisces. In chart 66 the 8th house has debilitated
Rahu and the lord of the 8th is in the l2th aspected by
badhaka Saturn. Mars is combust along with Mercury and
the Moon in Pisces. The 8th house Rahu is aspected by its
afflicted lord.
Uterine cancer refers to the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sat'
urn and the 7th house. Chart 69 has Saturn (lord of the 7th)
debilitated in the lOth and having mutual aspects and exchange
with exalted Mars (lord of the 5th and the lOth). The
Moon is debititated, and Mercury (lord of the 5rd and the l2th)
is conjunct badhaka Venus.(lord of the 4th and the I I th). Chart
.{;.SOME DI5EA5E5 771
7l has debilitated Moon (tord of the l2th) in the 4th aspected
by badhaka Mars (lord of the 4th and the 9th) from Lagna.
Mercury (lord of the 12th) is in the badhaka house aspected
by Saturn (lord of the 6th and the 7th). The lord of Lagna the
Sun is in the 8th aspected bY Mars.
This analysis reveals the importance of the lords of the
6th and the 8th, Langa, badhaka planet and the badhaka
house. At the same time Mars, Saturn and Moon and Rahu play
a major role. Moreover, each part of the body refers to a
specific house and to a particular planet which have to be
considered along with the other factors. One should not run
into a judgement simply because these factors exist in a given
chart. One should also carefully examine the charts for
Shashtyamsa (one-sixth) for ill health, Ashtamsa (one-eighth)
for longevity, Shodasamsa( one-sixteenth)f or happiness and
otherwise, and Trimsamsa for Rishtaphala. Above all one
must ascertain the Shadbala strength of the planets and
Bhava-bala.T hen only one can predict with accuracy. Otherwise
the prognosticator will condemn the persons consulting
him to unnecessary worry and mental torture. There are a (ew
remedial measures that can prevent the attack and also cure
in its early stages along with proPer medication.
Charts of Canc€r patients:
66. Born 2L-3-lgl7. Rasl:A ries'Juplter1 4: cemirii- gi,,?il""ffiT;'i',T:'J 'S;'ii'i:ll'"
29; Pisces-Mercury l. Ylars2, the Sun B and the
Moon I4; and Ascendant-Taurus' part affectedgall
67. Bom-14-lO-1885. Rasi: Aries'NePtune (R) 28;
Taurus-Satum (R) l7; Cancer-Mars B and Jupiter
lO; Virgo-Uranus 5, Mercury (R) l5 and the Sun
29; Libra-Venus 5 and Kahu I l; Pisces-the Moon
5; and Ascendant'Qemini; part affected-stom'
ach; died in Ketu-Mercury.
68. Born l5-9-1876. Rasi: Aries-Neptune (R) l5;
Cancer-Venus l5 and the Moon 29: Leo-llars
19, Ketu 27 and Uranus l; Virgo-the Sun l and
Mercury 27; Scorpio-Jupiter 5; Aquarius-Saturn
I I and Rahu 28; and Ascendant-Cancer; died
69. Bom 6-5-1959. Rasi: Aries-Uranus 25, Saturn l,
Ketu l5 the Sun 22; Leo-Neptune 28; Libra-Rahu
l5; Scorpiothe Moon 24; Capricorn-tlars O-J; pisces-
Jupiter 6; Venus 20 and Mercury 26; and
Ascendant-Cancer part affected-uterus.
70. Bom 9Gl 9l l. Rasi: Aries-Satum 22 and Rahu I 6;
Taurus.Mercury I and the sun 24; oemini-Neptune
27; Cancer-Yenus 6; Llbra-Jupiter (R) 15 and
Ketu | 6; Scorpio-the Moon 2; and Capricom-
Uranus (R) 6; Pisces-l{ars 12; Ascendant-Leo;
part affected-shoulder.
71. Bom l-4-1918. Rasi: Aries-Mercury 6; Taurus-
Jupiter 15; Qemini-Ketu 15; Cancer-Saturn (R)
15 and Neptune (R) I l; Leo-Mars 26; Scorpiothe
Moon 12; Sagittarius-Kahu 15; Aquarius-
Venus 5 and Uranus-4; Pisces-the Sun lB; and
Ascendant-Leo; part affected-uterus; died in the
72. Born lB-9-1925. Rasi: Leo-Mars 17, Rahu l8
and Neptune 24; Yirgo-the Sun l, Venus 5,
Mercury (R) 19 and Satum 27; Libra-Jupiter 24;
Sagittarius-the Moon 8; Aquarius-Uranus (R) lB
and Ketu l8; and Ascendant-Leo; part affectedface;
died in Rahu-Saturn.
75, Bom 27-9-1957. Rasi: Aries-Ketu lB; Cancer-
Uranus 17; Leo-Mercury 23; Virgo-Mars B, the
Sun lO and Jupiter l7; Libra-the Moon g, Neptune
8, Venus 22 and Rahu lB; Scorpio-Satum
l6; and Ascendant-Leo; part affectecl-blood.
74. Bom 6-4-18A7. Rasi: Aries-Venus 25; Taurus-
Neptune 5; Cemini-Saturn 24; Leo-the Moon 29
and Rahu 5; Virgo-Uranus lB; Libra,Jupiter (R)
I I; Aquarius-Ketu 5; Pisces-Mercury l, the Sun
24 and Mars 29; and Leo-Ascendantj part
76. Bom l2-10-lBB5. Rasi: Aries-Ketu I I and Neptune
(R) 28,. Taurus-Satum (R) lB; Cancer-Mars
6 and Jupiter I O; Virgo-Uranus 3, Mercury (R) l6
and the Sun l7; Libra-Venus I and Rahu Il;
Capricom-the Moon 4; and Ascendnat -Leo; part
affected-breast; died at 42 years,
77. Bom l8-9-1952. Rasi: Aries-the Moon 7-5O; Cancer-
Mars 6 and Venus 7; Leo-Neptunel5, Jupiter
16, lvlercury 23 and Ketu 24; Virgo-the Sun 2;
Capricom-Saturn 6; Aquarius-Rahu 24; piscesSOMEDISEASES
Uranus (R) 29; and Ascendant-Virgo,. part-affected
stomach: died Rahu-Rahu.
Bom 26-10-1919. Rasi; Taurus-Ketu 4; Cancer-
Neptune I O and Jupiter 25; Leo-Satum 16, Mars
l7 and Venus 26' Libra-the Sun 9 and ltlercury 27;
Scorpiethe Moon 5 and Rahu 4; Aquarius,Uranus
5; and Ascendant-Libra; part affectecl-spleen and
lungs; died Moon-Satum.
Born 5O-12-1a79. Rasl: Aries-Neptune (R) l7 and
Mars 23; Oemini-the Moon 50 and Ketu 25: Leo-
Uranus (R) l7; ScorpieVenus 2 and Mercury 25;
Sagittarius- the Sun l7 and Rahu 25; Aquarius-
Jupiter l8; Pisces- Satum l7; and Ascendant-Libra-
2 ; p art affected-throat,
Bom 8-6- I 928. Rasi: Arles"Jupiter 8; Taurus-Rahu
16, Venus l8 and the Sun 24; Qemini-Mercury 16;
leeNeptune 4; ScorpioKetu 16 and Satum (R) 25;
Capricom- the ltloon22; Pisces.Uranus 4 and Mars
24 t and Ascendant-Scorpio, part affected-breast;
died 5l-12-1976 In Satum-Satum.
Bom- l-l-1895. Rasl: Aries- Mars 8; Taurus-Neptune
(R) 2l; Qemini. Jupiter (K) 7; Virgo-Ketu 3;
Libra-Satum l5 and Uranus 26; Sagittarius-Mercury
14, the Sun l8 and Venus 25; Aquarius-the
Moon l7; Pisces-Rahu 5; and Ascendant-Scorpfo;
part affected-hips; died at 32 years.
Bom l7-5-1906, Rasi: Aries-Mars 8; Taurus-Jupiter
9; Oemini-Neptune | 5; Cancer-Rahu 26; Sagittarius-
Moon 7 and Uranus 16; Capricom-Ketu
26; Aquarius- the Sun 4 and Saturn l5; Pisces-
Venus I I and Mercury 22; and Ascendant-Scorpio
l8; part affected-lungs; died Rahu-Moon.
Born l5-lO-l9lO. Rasi; Aries- Rahu 28 and Satum
(R) l2: Geminl-Neptune 29; Virgo-Mercury
(R) 6, Venus 17, Mars 2l and the Sun 26; Llbra-
Jupiter I and Ketu 28: Scorpio-Uranus 2O; Cap
ricom-the Moon l6; and Ascendant-Sagittarius;
part affected-throat.
Bom 5.4-lA7B. Rasi: Aries-the Moon l. Mercury
I and Neptune l4; Taurus-Mars l8; Cancer-Ketu
27; Leo-Uranus (R) 5; Capricom-Jupiter I I and
Rahu 27; Aquarius-Venus lO; Pisces- Satum 4
and the Sun 2l; and Ascendant-Sagittarius; part
(From Carter). Rasi: Aries-Saturn 6 and Uranus
(R) 9; Cemini-the Moon l9 and Ketu 24; Cancer-
Mars B; Libra-Jupiter 28; Sagittarius- Rahu 24
and Mercury 27; Qapncom-the Sun 22; Aquarius-
Neptune 16 and Yenus 22; and Ascendant-
Capricom 26: part affected-cancer after enteric
fever; died at 69 years.
86. Born 18-2.1856. Rasl; Taurus-Ketu 4; Oemini-
Jupiter l6; Libra-Satum l5; Scorpio-Rahu 4;
Capricom-Mars 25; Aquarius-Mercury 6, the Sun
8 and the Moon 25; Pisces-Venus 9; and
Ascendnat-Aquarius 5,. part affected-throat.
87. Bom 25-12-1876. Rasi: Aries-Neptune (R) ll;
Leo-Ketu 24 and Uranus 2; Libra-Mars 26; Scorpio-
Venus I I and Jupiter 26; Sagittarius- the
Sun 15 and Mercury 25; Aquarius-Saturn I I and 24; Pisces-the Moon 29; and Ascendant-
Aquarius I l; affected part-lungs; died in Rahu-
88. Bom 8-lO-1887. Rasi: Taurus-the Moon 9 and
Neptune (R) 7; Cancer-Satum 15 and Rahu 25;
Leo-Mars 4 and Satum (R) 29; Virgo-Uranus 2l
and the Sun 25; Libra-Mercury I I and Jupiter
l7; Capricorn-Ketu 25; and Ascendant-
Aquarius; part affected-breast.
89. Born I l-5-197 l. Rasir Taurus-Jupiter 24; Qemini-
Rahu l5; Cancer-Uranus l; Virgo-Mars (R) lO;
Llbra-the Moon 24; Sagittarius-Ketu 15 and Saturn
l6; Capricorn-Mercury l5; Aquarius-the Sun
28; Pisces-Venus 25 and Neptune 27; and Ascendant-
Aquarius; part affected-breast.
90. Bom 9-3-1473. Rasi: Aries-Neptune 2 and Venus
l2; Taurus-Rahu 6; Cancer-the Moon 5 and Uranus
(R) l0; Leo-Jupiter (R) I : Libra-Mars 22: Scorpio-
Ketu 6; Capricorn'Saturn 7; Aquarius-Mercury 9
and the Sun 27; and Ascendant-Pisces; part affectedapine.
9l . Bom 2-2-1966. Rasi: Taurus.Rahu I ancl Jupiter (R)
28; Gemini-the Moon l; Leo-Uranus (R) 25; Libralleptune
29; Scorpio-Ketu 8; Capricom-Venus (R)
8, Mercury l7 and the Sun l9; Aquarius-Mars 9
and Satum 22; and Ascendant-Pisces; part affected-
Problems like Kuja dosha, early widowhood, nature of
the husband's demise, tumour and the like are best
explained by case studies. flere we propose to study the
| l t t. .


charts of a lady and her husband together, instead of takig
them in isolation. The first is the chart of the lady in question.
She was born on 2O-5-L945a t 1O.59P .M( war time), 16019'N/
8Oo.59' tr. Elalance of the Sun's Mahadasa 5 years, 5 months,
5 days. As per our Ayanamsa it is 4 years, 9 months, 8 days.
9.1 4
x1.29 Rasi
' 25.45, Uranus, Kuja,25.45 Taurus
' * Rahu 16.54, Shukra 25.26, Shani 26.52 Gemini
* ' ' 4.2 Budha, 4.I2 Ravi l.eo
' , t t " l l .4l Nep. . . .6 .0 Curu Vi rgo
t * ' t ' 27.57 Chandra, 16.54 Ketu Sagittarias
There are persons who enumerate exceptions to Kuja
dosha. We refuse to accept such exceptions. At the most
the dosha is neutralised, not cancelled. Here Kuja is in the
second from lagna, and in the twelfth from arudha lagna
and Venus. This is a very strong dosha. When we were
shown the chart of the proposed boy we found Mars and
Rahu in the eighth from the Moon and Venus; and we felt
that there is no dosha samya equality or similarity of defect.
Scholars reeled off the Slokas about the exceptions and
we refused to accept them. Still, the girl was married to
the boy in Febuary, 196l and the girl became a widow in
March 1972.
Flahu tlep
33. B,ad llealth
l. [,ord of Lagna in 8, 6 or 12 with a malefic.
2. l'ord of 6 or 8, in Lagna.
5. Lord of the sign occupied by the lord of lagna in 6,8,or
4. Malefic lord of lagna in lagna or with Chandra or in 4.
5. Lord of 6 and the seventh house associated with
malefics, and Shani is with Rahu.
6. Sixth lord in lagna which must be Mesha, Mithuna,
Simha, Tula, Dhanush or Kumbha.
7. Quru in Tula lagna or Vrishchika lagna.
8. Planet in lagna is delibitated or in the house of its
9. Shukra in 5 or 6.
lO. Kuja and Shani in 6 aspected by Ravi and Rahu, and
the lord of lagna is weak.
I l. Budha with the lords of I and 6.
12. Lords of I and 6 in conjunction witlr debilitated Shani.
34. Painful and unnatural deaths
Some planets in association with others in 8 bring
about the unnatural deaths. Ravi and Kuja indicate narrow
escapes from accidents. Budha and Kuja suggest risks.
Guru and Shani refer to suicides. Shani-bones and falls;
Uranus-accidents. Curu and Neptune refer to gas and
fumes. Chandra opposition to Shani is a case of accident
death. Budha and Uranus refer to attacks. Shukra conjunct
Uranus gives attacks and accidents. Kuja conjunct or oPposition
to Shani gives physical suffering: victim of accidents,
burns, blows, cuts, stabs and falls. Kuja and Uranus refer to
accidents, assaults and suicide. Kuja and Neptune indicate
danger from water, poison, and brutal persons' Shani and
Uranus refer to injury and voilence. Kahu indicates danger
from poison and snakes. Kuja and Uranus in movable signs
or in Dhanus suggest danger from fire or water.
Cases of suicide show malefic affliction to Sun and
Moon, to the third lord, and to Budha and or Shani. tlere
Curu must be ill placed, or Uranus in afflicted or Neptune is
related to the eighth.
We give some combinations for painful or unnatural
l. Lord of 8 in Shani's drekkana and Shani with Rahu or
2. Ravi associated with Kuja, Shani and Rahu, and in
cruel shashthyansha.
5. Chandra associated with Shani, Rahu, or Mandi, and is
in 6, 8, or 12 aspected by the lord of lagna.
4. Shani. with a malefic i n debilitation. combust. or
enemy's house.
5. Lord of 8 in Pasa or Sarpa drekkana. The first drekkana
of Karka, Varishchika and Mina are Pasa or Sarpa
decantes. The second drekkana of Vrishchika is
6. Eighth house aspected by a powerful malefic planet
brings death due to the affliction like, wind or phlegm as
indicated by the concerned planet.
7. Waning Moon in 8 aspected by a strong Shanirvound.
8. Ravi and Kuja in a Kendra from the eighth lord-hanging.
9. Weak Moon in lagna, Ravi in B, Quru in 12, malefic in 4-
lO. Lord of lagna in the 64th navamsa from the Moon and is
i n 6.
I |. Lord of I and B weak, Kuja associated with the lord of 6-
, rvound.
12. Waning Moon in B, Kuja in lO, Shani. in I and Ravi
in 4.
15, Waning Moon in lO, Kuja in 9, Shani in l, and Ravi
rn D.
14. Kuja in 4, Ravi in 7, and Shani in lO-r,vound.
15. Shani in 2, Chandra in 4, and Kuja in lOgangrene
16. Ravi in lO and Kuja in 4+ccident.
17. Shani is the lord of the tenth navamsha-poison.
18. Malefics in 4 and lO, or in 5 and 9, and Kuja with the
eighth lord+uicide.
19. Waning Moon in 8 with Shani, Kuja or Rahu-burnt,
drowned or posr;essed.
2O. Chandra in 6,8 or 12 associated with the lord of lagna,
Shani, Rahu and Mandi.
21. Ravi and Kuja in 4, and Shani in lO+vound.
22. Chandra and Shani in 8, and Kqia in 4 or Ravi in
23. Fiavi in l, Shani ln 5, Chandra in 8, Kuja in 9{all.
24. Chandra with a malefic or in a house owned by Kuja
or Shani or in the fourth. Kanya{irearms.
25. Shani in 2 associated with malefics4og-bite.
26. Shani with the lord of the second in the second associated
with malefics{og-bite.
27. Iord of 5 and Curu with Rahu, or with the lord of the
house occupied by Rahu, in S{anger from animal.
28. Lord of 8 in 6, lord of l2 in I and Chandraa ssociatedw ith
the lord of 6--danger from animals.
29. Ravi in 6 or B, and Chandra in 12 from Ravi{rowning.
Some Sensitive Positions
11 here are certain positions in the twelve signs of
I the zodiac. If malefics are there, or if they are afflicted,
certain malefic results follow. Chauribel, Sepharial and others
have given exhaustive lists. It ls not possible to give all
those positions here. We offer only a select list. The signs
and degrees are mentioned:


4 Lungs
5.41 critical
17 neurasthenia
23 Homicidal, Abscess
25 Appendicitis
27 goitre
27 to 30 homicidal
19.42 critical
26.41 critical
29.35 bad

2,l8.38 Riots, violence, Abscess
1,2 Homicidal
6,8,7 Blindness; trouble from women
7 glaucoma
l8-19 Critical faulty
19,t4 tleat
lo Apendicitis
25 orator, Bright's Disease
27,5,22 Bad
28,29 lnsanity
24,6. Sight
I Rheumatism
2 Suicide
8.43 Critical
2 Tonsils
13 Pneumonia, Morbid fears
l6 Drink
l7 Enteric
l5 Sight
24 Death by judicial, sentence; Homicidal
25 Asthma
28 Bad, Dnteric

3 Suicide
2 Neurasthenia
5 Consumption
2 gout
lo sight
l8 Drink
l5 Paralysis
22 Suicide
I8 Poison
26,23 disgrace
29.21.34 disgrace

3 Lawyer
12.37 glaucoma
14 Balanced
20 Rheumatic fever
7 homicidal
6. Bronchitis
l5 Sight
l5 Anaemia
26 Spine
29 Appendicitis
26 Trouble in marriage
26,5 critical
27 to 30 flomicidal

4 Trouble in marriage, goitre
5.58,27 Features of Budha, Shukra, Neptune
10 Appendictis
l6 Drink
l7 Enteric
I1 Asthma
I Rheumatism
l-2 tlomicidal
2 Suicide, Drink, Abscess
2.57 Hydra's headcritical
5 Sight
5 Neuritis
2.40 Hydra's headcritical
3.17 Hydra's headcritical
t9 Poison
27. 45 Bad
24 Death by judicial sentence
28 Enteric
29 lnsanity, Spine

2 Trouble in marriage,.gout
2.5 Cancer. Like Budha and Shukra
2.32 Cancer. Like Budha and Kuja
o.28 Cancer. Like Chandra and Shukra
4.18 Cancer. Like Shani and Curu
l o. l 3 Cancer. Like Budha and Shukra
3 Suicide
15.20 Cancer. Like Shani and Budha
18.50 Cancer. Like Kuja, Shani and Neptune.
l8 Trouble in marriage
2l-22 Law
10 Abscess
ll Qoitre
14 llomicidal
22 Suicide, Apoplexy
28 Abscess
2 Cancer
3 Suicide
4 Bright's Disease
D Consumption
25 Bright's Disease
l8 Poison
l8-19 Critical faculty

4 Lungs
17 neurasthenia
23 abscess
25 Appendictis
27-30 tlomicidal
27 goitre

2 Suicide, Abscess, Drink
534,26 Features of Budha, Shukra, Neptune
7.41 disgrace
8.34 scandals
10 appendicitis
l6 Drink
l5 Sight
17 Enteric
l3 Pneumonia, morbid fears
14 Heart
24 Homicidal
25 Asthma
20 Rheumatic fever
25 orator
15.54 glaucoma
l8 Poison
23.21 Same as Shani and Shukra
28 Enteric
24 Death by judicial sentence
l7-18 critical faculty
1-2 llomicidal
I Rheumatism
2.9 Insanit

1.8 Bad
3 Suicide
5.l 8 Like Kuja with Budha
8.49 Like Budha with Shukra
2 Neurasthenia
2 gout
5 Consumption
l5 Paralysis
lo Sight
22 Suicide

6 Bronchitis
7 Obesity, Homicidal
25 Bright's disease
l5 Anaetnia
r4 Balanced
l6 Drink
27 50 Homicidal
20 Spine
26 Trouble in marriage
29 appendicitis
3 Lawyer

1,2 Homicidal
I Rheumatism
4 Trouble in marriage
4 goitre
20 Rheumatic fever
ll Asthma
lo Appendicitis
t7 Enteric
29 Insanity
29.37,43. Cancer. Like Shani and Guru
5 Neurasthenia
28 Enteric
24 Death by judicial sentence
l9 Poison
2 Drink, Suicide

3 Suicide
5.51 Features of Kuja, Budha, Shukra
2 gout
2 Cancer
l5 trouble in marriage
15.17.58 features of Kuja, Budha, Shukra
18,19 critical faculty
18 Poison
2l-22 Law
22 Suicide
lo Abscess
t2 Homicidal
22 Apoplexy
2a Ulscers
ll goitre
5 consumption
4 Bright's disease