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Pre-Practicum Reflection

Courtney Jones

Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing

Chris-Tenna Perkins PhD, RN, ANP, CNE

NUR 4116P

January 9th, 2019

Honor Code “I pledge..”


Pre-Practicum Reflection

The Bon Secours Care-A-Van is a mobile healthcare clinic that offers medical

services to uninsured individuals throughout the Richmond community since 1994 (Care-

A-Van, n.d.). The Care-A-Van healthcare professionals are also bilingual in English and

Spanish, which allows them to offer healthcare services to an array of adults and children

in the community. Also, the Care-A-Van team is composed of a diverse group of

providers with an array of specialties in order to meet all of a patient’s healthcare needs.

Call to Care

My hopes and expectations for my practicum experience at the Care-A-Van are to

be able to give back and provide aid to the vulnerable in my community. I also hope to

get a better idea of the impact that the Care-A-Van has on the community and the amount

of community members that rely on the mobile clinic as their primary source of

healthcare. The population that I will be working with will largely be the uninsured but

also non-English speaking community members and those with low socioeconomic

status. A bias that I have towards this vulnerable population is that some of the patients

may be noncompliant with their treatment and care plans such as not taking their

medications as directed and not eating and exercising as instructed. Additionally, a

stereotype that I have towards this vulnerable population is that considering a majority of

the population is uninsured, the patients may be unemployed or even homeless. Strengths

that I have to offer this vulnerable population is my compassion and caring attitude to

those in need, I will make it a priority to offer the vulnerable patients that I will be

working with compassion, respect, and kindness.


Call to Understand

I can apply and integrate my knowledge to be of service to this vulnerable

population during my practicum by referencing my population and global health course

and not allowing my personal biases to interfere with patient care and treating each

patient with the same degree of respect and care. I will also apply my knowledge by

offering patient teaching when appropriate and supervised such as during patient

discharges. I foresee many inherent barriers in this vulnerable population that will be

challenging for the patients such as lack of transportation, healthy food sources, and

recreational areas for exercise. Additional upstream factors that I foresee challenging for

this population includes low socioeconomic status, lack of access to healthcare, and

possibly polluted community areas and housing. I anticipate that I will learn the struggles

and hardships that vulnerable populations must overcome in order to receive the help and

medical care that they need. I also anticipate that I will learn how hard it must be for

individuals who don’t speak English as their primary language to live day to day possibly

not being able to communicate with others and comprehend what is happening around

them and how that hinders them from opportunities in the community.


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