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Submitted to the English Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Teacher

Training and Educational Sciences, Pakuan University, as a partial fulfilment of

the requirements for the SarjanaPendidikanexamination









A. Background of the Study

There are four skills that taught in senior high school students in

Indonesia included listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Reading is an

activity to interpret the English text. It requires the students to produce

information, make prediction of facts and ideas, and comprehend the text.

Therefore, to comprehend it students should have vocabulary as much as

possible. It means that, students with rich vocabularies can understand the

text well and so they can read more. Conversely, students with poor

vocabulary do not understand the text well and as a consequently they read

less.In this case, several students in senior high school may have a problem

to comprehend the text because lake of vocabulary.

Vocabulary is an important component of language skill of how to

listen, to speak, to read, and to write well. In reading students often feel

troubles to understand unfamiliar word that appear in the text, they confuse

how to understand it. Likewise, the teacher not gives information the way

how to enrich students’ vocabulary. Thus, the students usually use google

translate or ask their teacher or their friends enrich them. In this case, the

teacher must use an appropriate media to enrich their vocabulary in

comprehend reading text.

There are several ways how to enrich students’ vocabulary on

reading text, such as: make a vocabulary notebook, the column folds,

learning word in context and using cue card as a media. In this study, the

researcher believed that using cue card as a media to enhance students’

vocabulary in reading comprehension is appropriate way.Therefore, the

researcher is interested to conduct this research with the title “The Use of

Cue Cards to Enhance Students’ Vocabulary on Reading Comprehension”.

B. Reason for Choosing the Topic

Cue card is one of teaching media to students’ respond in pairs or

group work. The researcher would like to investigate the effectiveness of

using cue cards as a media on students’ speaking ability.

The first reason of choosing the topic is the researcher wants to

obtain the students’ speaking by using cue card and identify the use of cue

card in teaching speaking ability

Second, cue card is one of enjoyable media to improve their

speaking ability. The researcher believes that students who use cue cards

can be easier to explain the topic that they learned, so their friend will

understand it well and they can get information easier from the topic.

Therefore, the researcher decides to investigate cue cards toward

students’ speaking ability.

C. Statement of the Problem

The research only focusses on certain problem. Therefore, the

problem in this research is “ Does cue cards media effect toward students’

speaking ability?"

D. Hypothesis

The researcher states the Null hypothesis (Ho). Null hypothesis is

used in this research: There is significant effect of using cue card on

students’ speaking ability.

E. Aim of the Research

The researcher has two goals in writing this paper. The aim of this

research is to investigate the use of cue card and to find out the effect of this

media to students’ speaking ability.

F. Limitation of the Study

The research will be limited only using cue card as a media in

teaching speaking process. The research will be conducted at first grade of

senior high school in Al Huda Senior High School Jakarta Barat.

G. Operational Definition

The following operational definitions are provided to clarify terms

used in this research:

1. Speaking

Speaking is

2. Cue Card
Cue Cards means that the media of cards with the word or picture in

there. It is effective to students’ respond in pairs or group work in

speaking class.

H. Research Significance

Concerning the significance of this study, the research is exlected

to contribute in some significant progress in teching speaking, which is

devided into three parts; the researcher, the teacher and the students, an

the institution.

For the researcher, this reesearch is hopefully beneficial to add their

knowledge of the teaching media that used to improve speaking

achievement and help them in developing their research in the same field.

For teacher and the students, this research is hopefully beneficial to

get experience by using cue card as a media in the process of teaching

speaking, as the way to improve students' speaking ability and can make

them more confidence in speaking class

For the institution, this research is hopefully will give the alternative

media for the teacher in teaching learning process, especially in speaking