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How to Suceed…….

Writing Job Applications

The key to successful written to say though that presentation of your
applications - covering letters, résumés résumé is not important.
and company application forms - is to
put yourself in the employers’ shoes Some employers require you to
and try to understand what it is that complete a formal application form
they are looking for. Advertisements where you are asked some specific
and company literature will often clearly questions that probably have their
signal the sort of person required for origin in the selection criteria identified
the job. Make sure that you address for the particular job. It is important that
these selection criteria. you answer all questions carefully and
precisely (just as you answer exam
Your covering letter is the opportunity questions!) as
to make general statements about your well as ensuring
skills and qualities, the specific that you take
evidence being provided in the detailed care with the
résumé. It also provides the chance to presentation of
demonstrate your written your writing.
communication skills which are highly Résumés and/or
valued by many employers. typed supporting
Much has been written about résumés should always be attached securely to
and rightly so because they are the application form.
certainly most important marketing
tools. Key ingredients in a quality Verbs for Your Résumé
résumé include Adapted Coordinate
▪ expressing yourself concisely Generated Maintained
▪ providing information that is relevant Analysed Delivered
to the employer Helped Operated
▪ formatting the document so that it is Applied Developed
clear and easy to read Identified Organised
▪ telling an employer what it is Calculated Edited
that you have to offer Implement Promoted
Coached Established
Résumés, which substitute glossiness Interpreted Researched
for some of these ingredients, may well Compiled Formulated
be treated with some suspicion by Initiated Supervised
employers apart from not really giving Conducted Gathered
them enough information on which to Interviewed Trained
base an assessment of you. That is not Controlled Investigated
A 5 Minute Do-It-Yourself Résumé
Checklist ▪ Is your résumé typed on A4 paper?
▪ Does the document have an “open
Relevant Information feel” to it?
▪ Have you left ample space between
▪ Are your current address and sections?
telephone number included? ▪ Are you using single spacing
▪ Is your most recent educational between lines or more?
qualification shown first in the
education section? Conciseness
▪ Have you provided details of your
level of achievement in your course? ▪ Have you listed information in point
▪ Does your listing of units studied form?
clearly inform the reader of your ▪ Have you used descriptive phrases
main areas of knowledge? rather than full sentences?
▪ Have you listed your most recent
employment first? What You Have to Offer
▪ Are you satisfied that your résumé
says everything about you which ▪ Have you used strong adjectives
could interest employers and nothing and verbs to describe your
which will waste their time? activities?
▪ Have you listed the main duties and
Formatting responsibilities you had in your
▪ Do your section headings stand out ▪ Have you outlined your involvement
from other information? in formal extracurricular interests?
▪ Have you used different tab stops to ▪ Have you fully outlined any special
create a structured and orderly skills or qualities you have e.g.
appearance? computing, public speaking, music?
▪ Is the document free of any spelling ▪ Do your key accomplishments stand
or grammatical errors? out?

Useful websites:

Resumes, Letters and On-Line Applications - Sample resumes and cover letters. What
makes an effective written application.

Preparing Your Application - GCA – Information and tips on resume preparation, application
forms and addressing selection criteria

CareersOnLine - Job Seekers Workshop – tutorial based help for preparing job applications.

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