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Section IV Assessment 2 Rubric


5 4 3 2-0
Weighted Exceeds Meets Needs Does Not Meet
Score Expectations Expectations Improvement Expectations

TITLE & Title & purpose Title & purpose Title & purpose Title & purpose
X1 PURPOSE are clear & align reflect contents given vague or missing
with standards

LESSON PLANS All components of the All components of Some components Most components of
X 15 See attached lesson lesson plan are included the lesson plan are of the lesson plan the lesson plan are
rubric and are of excellent included to a are missing or missing or
quality satisfactory level inadequately inadequately
addressed addressed
OBJECTIVES Observable, relates to Observable relates to Objectives given Objectives unclear or
X5 purpose, include higher purpose not related to purpose
level thinking skills

ACTIVITIES Meaningful, Objective based, Objective based, Activity limited or

X5 motivating, objective- meaningful student- meaningful does not relate to
base, open ended centered objective
inquiry based

RESOURCES & Creative, connect to Variety of resources Resources included Resources limited or
X3 MATERIALS “real world” & variety, included, integrates not included
effectively integrates technology

INTRODUCTION Motivating attention- Attention-getting, Taps prior Lesson introduction

X4 getting taps prior taps prior knowledge knowledge minimal or lacking
CLOSURE Summarizes & includes Summarizes & Summarizes Closure limited or not
X4 lesson objectives and includes lesson connected to lesson
future plans objective objectives

MEETING Provides choices and Students have Student tasks align Tasks partially allow
X5 INDIVIDUAL open-ended activities choices & variety of with objectives or do not allow for
NEEDS for all abilities tasks of varying individual differences
EVALUATION Variety of assessment Both pupil and Includes teacher or Limited or no
X5 strategies included & teacher assessment pupil assessment assessment strategies
consistent with included strategies included

ORGANIZATION Well-planned, Organized, sequential Some organization Minimal or no

X3 AND QUALITY sequential, clearly organization and
organized, thorough development

LESSON PLAN RUBRIC (points possible: 100)
Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectations Needs Improvement Does Not Meet Points
Expectations Earned
Purpose-Goals Matched and clearly Matched but not clearly Not adequately matched Not matched or
connected to KS Standards; connected to KS standards; or connected to KS connected to KS
Major concepts and Most concepts and Standards; Concepts and Standards; Concepts
assumptions of learning are assumptions of learning are assumptions of learning and assumptions of
developmentally appropriate developmentally are sometimes not clear or learning are not clear
10 points (10-9 points) appropriate not listed or not listed
(8-6) (5-3) (2-0)
Objectives * Objectives are obviously Objectives are somewhat Objectives are either not Objectives are not
Subject matter observable and measurable; observable and measurable observable or not observable and also
knowledge, Clearly stated application of ; Stated application of measurable; Minimal are not measurable;
skills and subject matter knowledge subject matter knowledge application of subject Application of subject
application and skills; Includes the three and skills; matter knowledge and matter knowledge and
domains; cognitive, Some domains are skills; Domains and levels skills not evident;
Reasoning affective, psychomotor – included, but not all three are addressed limitedly Domains and levels
ability across all reasoning levels; or not across all levels are not addressed
lower, middle, high (17-15) (14-8) (14-0)
20 points (20-19 points)
Anticipatory Lesson is creatively opened Some attempt to open Limited attempt to tap Does not tap interest &
Set by tapping interest & prior lesson by tapping interest & interest & prior prior knowledge, and
knowledge, and procedures prior knowledge, and knowledge, and describe describe procedures
are described describe procedures procedures (0)
5 points (5-4 points) (3-2) (1)
Procedures Detailed all content and Detailed some content Limited details provided Details are not
resources required for required for instruction; to teach content; Teaching provided to teach
instruction; Includes a Some teaching strategies strategy not clear or MI content; Teaching
variety of teaching strategies included with use of MI theory not evident; strategy not clear or
using Multiple; Intelligences theory; Some methods of Limited methods of MI theory not evident;
theory; Used multiple student inquiry listed; some student inquiry used; Methods of student
methods or inquiry for open ended questions lower level questioning; inquiry not evident;
20 points student learning included; appropriate use of some use of technology lower level
incorporating Bloom’s technology questioning; limited
taxonomy; effective use of (17-15) (14-12) use of technology
technology (11-0)
(20-18 points)
Special Specific strategies designed Strategies designed to allow Some strategies not Strategies not specific
Accommodati to promote success for all success for most students specific enough to support enough to support
ons students based on Time- based on Time- student learning based on student learning based
Circumstances, Tasks, Circumstances, Tasks, Time-Circumstances, on Time-
Communication, Response Communication, Response Tasks, Communication, Circumstances, Tasks,
Modes; Differentiated Modes; Some Response Modes; Limited Communication,
Instruction clearly evident Differentiated Instruction evidence of Differentiated Response Modes; No
20 points (20-18 points) evident Instruction evidence of
(17-15) Differentiated
(14-12) Instruction
Closure Summary provided to Some summary provided to Limited use of summary Summary not evident
reinforce learning and link to reinforce learning to reinforce learning or does not reinforce
5 points future learning (3-2) (1) learning
(5-4 points) (0)
Assessment Appropriate and connected Appropriate; connected to Connected to objectives to Not connected to
to all objectives some objectives; Plans for a limited degree; Plans for objectives or not
20 points Specific description of both both formative and either formative or appropriate; Does not
formative and summative summative assessment; summative assessment; include plans for either
assessments; Details at least States at least two different States one way to formative or
two different ways to ways to represent learning; represent learning; e.g. summative
represent learning; e.g. e.g. concept map, quiz, concept map, quiz, assessment; Does not
concept map, quiz, reflective reflective response reflective response include any ways to
response (17-15) (14-12) represent learning
(20-18 points) (11-0)

*Objectives are evaluated in each education course as specific to requirement and content. Total Points Earned: