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General Education

1. He is the first Asian writer to receive the Nobel Prize. (Rab

2. He is considered as the greatest English writer and also k
(William Shakespeare)
3. This Shakespeareʼs play is a story of a man whose downf
ambition for power. (Macbeth)
4. He is known as the father of horror stories. (Edgar Allan P
5. He is known as the Father of English Essays. (Francis Bac
6. This Omar Khayamʼs work has the theme “Grasping pleas
7. This short story by Edgar Allan Poe has the theme which i
“Poison Tree”. (The Cask of Amontillado)
8. He is a Filipino writer whose stories and poems depict Fili
and traditions. (Nick Joaquin)
9. He was the first Filipino National Artist for Literature awar
10. He is a Filipino migrant whose fiction stories reflect the F
culture. (Bienvenido Santos)
11. He is called a “comma poet” because he used commas e
Garcia Villa)
12. This is a collection of Indian beast fables originally writte
13. This is the first great work of English literature. (Beowulf
14. This is the greatest lyric poem in the literature of the wor
15. This is a folk song that originated in Pampanga. (Atin Cu
16. He is known as the greatest Indian writer of all time.” (Ka
17. He is called the “Morning Star” of English literature. (Geo
18. He is the first man to replace myth with natural laws. (Th
19. This is a collection of Indian sacred hymns. (Rig Veda)
20. This is a collection of Indian religious text. (Upanishad)
21. He is regarded as the greatest haiku poet. (Matsuo Bash
22. He is recognized as the father of American literature. (W
23. He was the first mythical geographer who was recognize
of lands and people encountered by his
hero, Ulysses. (Homer)
24. He is a famous composer from Angono, Rizal, and was g
(Luis San Pedro)
25. This is regarded as the most influential book in the histo
King James Bible)

26. This is a popular Philippine secular poetry in octosyllabic

27. It is a medieval German epic. (Nibelungenlied)
28. He is known as the master of “local color” because of h
29. It is a story of a manʼs effort to save his King from a mon
30. It is Jonathan Swiftʼs satire on human folly and stupidity.
31. He is a Philippine National Artist awardee for Literature, a
espoused the dictum, "Art for art's sake“. (Jose
Garcia Villa)
32. This is known as epic of Ifugao. (Hud-hud)
33. These poems are often erotic and espouse CARPE DIEM
34. This is known to be the very first successful short story
Paz Marquez Benitez. (Dead Stars)
35. She wrote the most exquisite love poems of her time in “
(Elizabeth Barrett Browning)
36. This is a very long poem about a pilgrimage from Londo
37. He is a Japanese poet who won the Nobel Prize for litera
38. This Indian epic which is considered as the longest poem
almost 100,000 couplets divided into 18 parvans or sections
39. This was the era of knights, chivalry, and castles in Engl
40. This is known as epic of Visaya. (Maragtas)
41. This a popular Philippine secular poetry in dodecasyllabi
42. He is popularly known as “HusengSisiw”. (Jose Dela Cru
43. This period of English literature literally means “rebirth”
44. This is the first novel in English written by a Filipino write
45. From which Francis Baconʼs essay is this line taken “Som
others are to be swallowed, and some few to
be chewed and digested”? (Of Studies)
46. This is the National Epic of England. (Beowulf)
47. He is known as the Father of English Tragedy. (Christoph
48. From which Shakespeareʼs play are these lines taken “G
such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it is morrow
49. He is the first black Nigerian writer to be awarded the No
(Wole Soyinka)
50. This is an epic of Ilocanos. (Biag Ni Lam-Ang)
51. What is Stevan Javellana's 1947 novel that captured the
the bravery of the war years? (Without Seeing the Dawn)
52. What is Carlos Bulosanʼs 1946 literary work that tells ab
American dream? (America Is in the Heart)
53. He has been described as "arguably the most distinguis
history”. (Samuel Johnson)
54. This is the National Epic of America. (The Song of Hiawa
55. This poem commemorates the life of a public leader, Ab
56. This literary work is believed to have triggered the Amer