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Room B11 News September 27, 2019

Upcoming Dates Curriculum Night Recap

1st – Dairy Queen Fundraiser
2nd – Picture Day
8th – Lyon Cantina Fundraiser
9th – PTO Meeting at 7:00 pm
11th – Fall Fun Run
29th – Trunk or Treat at 6:00 pm
5th – Curriculum Day; Half Day of It was great seeing so many families last week at Curriculum
School for Students (11:09 Night! I enjoyed meeting all of you and I am confident we can
am dismissal) work together to make this a great school year for your child! If
5th – Dairy Queen Fundraiser you were unable to attend Curriculum Night, a packet of
11th – 15th – Book Fair information should have come home with your child in his/her
12th & 14th – Parent/Teacher take home folder last week. If you haven’t received this packet
Conferences; Half Days of (and would like one) please feel free to contact me and I will
School for Students send the information home with your child next week.

Keeping in Touch HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Here at Bartlett, we make every effort to keep families
informed about the learning taking place while your child is
at school. Here are some ways you can easily stay up-to-
date with school news and events:
October 9 – Lyla
District Website:
Here you can find links to the district calendar, School
Board Meeting agendas and minutes, transportation Parent/Teacher Conferences
information, lunch menus, Skyward, the volunteer
background check form, and much more!

School Website:
Here you can find links to Bartlett’s school calendar, the
Bartlett Expectations and Student Handbook, curriculum
If you have not signed up for Parent/Teacher
guides, supply lists, and more! Conferences yet, please visit this SignUpGenius
to secure a slot! Conferences are scheduled for
Twitter: Tuesday, November 12th and Thursday,
Follow us @SLCSBartlett and @MrsFriskSLCS for pictures November 14th this year. I look forward to
of the thinking and learning taking place at school! seeing you there!
We just started our first number sense unit. In this unit, students will be introduced to
mathematical ideas such as counting, ordering and comparing quantities, as well as
developing strategies for addition. During math workshop, we have been working on

counting sets of objects up to 20 and have developed strategies for counting accurately
using a hundreds chart. Next week, students will begin working on counting and ordering
numbers in ascending and descending order from 1-20 and we will compare numbers from
1-10 in order to build an understanding of the terms greater and less. Although the numbers
we have been working with are small, the understandings about the number system
students have developed are fundamental in the mathematical thinking we will be engaging
in throughout the year!

Our focus during writer’s workshop for the past couple weeks
has been on planning and rehearsing our writing like published

authors do. To accomplish this, students have been working on

telling a story across their hand before writing it, using a
storyteller’s voice when writing, sketching their ideas to hold
their thinking, and using their sketches to add more words to
each page. We will continue working toward stretching our
stories across several pages and adding more details to our
writing in the upcoming weeks!

The students have been hard at work practicing routines procedures during reader’s
workshop! Every day we meet at the carpet and begin our workshop with a short mini-
lesson about reading. Mini-lessons typically introduce a new strategy or skill students can

use when reading that will help them think deeply about their reading in order to make
meaning of their books. Following our mini-lesson, students then retrieve their book boxes
and move to their workable reading spots for independent reading. Independent reading is
a time for the students to practice the strategy or skill they learned about during the mini-
lesson. Last week we learned how to shop for “just right” books and all students had a
chance to shop for some just right books for their book boxes. In the upcoming weeks,
students will receive their Book Buddy Bags and will begin bringing home just right books
to read nightly. More information about Book Buddy Bags and weekly reading logs will be
coming home soon!

Our first science unit of the year is called Tree Homes. In this
unit, we have reviewed the background knowledge students

have about trees and have added to our schema by thinking

about how animals use trees to fulfill their basic needs. Students
have had a few opportunities to go outside and search the
playground for evidence of tree homes right here at Bartlett and
we have been learning about how animals use trees through fun
dramatizations and Cultures of Thinking routines. Students
have been so excited for science everyday and are bringing great
background knowledge to our class discussions!