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Technical Support helpdesk : (M) 7059663920
Monday to Friday 11am to 5pm

System Requirements
Computer / laptop with unlimited high speed broadband connection of 30mbps speed.
Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 with updated browser and drivers
Browser supported (tested ok) : Google chrome, Firefox, Safari (mac)


? 4g LTE handset with android version nougat or any higher version is must.
? Unlimited & Uninterrupted 4g internet connection or wifi internet connection
? Browser google chrome in desktop view must be enabled from settings

What is Unlimited 4g or Highspeed broadband connection

Nowadays all Internet service provider says unlimited but after certain limit as per plan speed drops and
the connection speed is 2g available. Please note internet is available but internet speed is not available
for online test to run and load questions from server
Steps to Start Online Test
1. Before starting online test always check the Internet speed from
2. Make sure you have uninterrupted and unlimited required Internet speed.
3. Open Browser and type website address
4. Click on Online Test
5. Enter your Login ID & Password in the given space.
6. More than 3 incorrect attempt your id will be blocked.
7. On successful login you will get Online Exam Dashboard
8. Click on Exam and select your respective class, course and test and click on start exam.
9. Read the exam instruction than select I agree on the instruction and start the exam.Do not refresh the
browser or use any keyboard keys or minimise the browser windows or exam will stop at that very
moment and questions will stop loading. Only use the buttons provided in the online test page
10. On completion of the test click on finish.
11. Click on ok.
12. On Result tab view and download your result.
13. Download of questions with solution will be available after the next online exams starts. After Online
test is over do not forget to logout or your login id will be blocked due to login and inactive session.

Troubleshoot steps to follow before calling Technical support

1. Online Exam not working at Cyber café, mobile hotspot internet connection, dongle or on computer /
laptops / mobile devices where systems requirements mentioned above is not met or steps not followed
no support or help will be provided.
2. Any type of issue or problem except login id & password after entering correctly not working need to
contact your local system engineer / administrator / internet service provider.
3. Login id & Password is case sensitive and need to be entered correctly in the given space.
4. If in middle of exam questions stop loading the issue is with the Internet connection. Check the Internet
connection is available or not and contact your internet service provider or upgrade your internet plan.
5. One test is to be cleared in one attempt. If more than one attempt is used exam credits will get
deducted and exam credits will not be available for other exams.
6. Technical Support will be provided by remote desktop sharing ANYDESK application only. Before
calling please keep anydesk application installed and ready infront of system with internet connected.