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Members: ACABADO, Eunice Anne

GABON, Francesca Anne Nicole

PALAZON, Valerie Grace
PAPA, Kim Alexis
SANCHEZ, Vivienne Shane
QUIÑONES, John Anthony

I. Vocabulary
1. Bluster (v.) - to talk or act with noisy swaggering threats
We will never fix this argument if you keep on blustering your own selfish thoughts to the
2. Fanaticism (n.) - an extreme belief of the person that can lead to violent behavior
That old guy Samuel has driven the whole town into a cruel fanaticism by believing that
sacrificing one’s life would cleanse their sins.
3. Grudging (adj.) - done, given, or allowed unwillingly, reluctantly, or sparingly
Forced by his group mates to recite their work, Raymond grudgingly mumbled in front of
the class.
4. Impediment (n.) - hindrance or obstruction in doing something
The greatest impediment to success is not believing in oneself.
5. Mephitic (adj.) - foul-smelling
The mephitic smell of ammonia reeks from the victim’s bathroom suggests that the
culprit has already wiped out any of the remaining evidence.
6. Nitwit (n.) - scatterbrained or stupid person
Mocking your own professor is nothing but a stupid act only done by nitwits.

II. Cause and Effect

1. Filipinos doesn’t have “elevated sensibility”

Based on the article, Filipinos lack this so called “elevated sensibility” that could have
enabled them to properly judge those officials that has tormented the image of our
government. If most Filipinos possess enough awareness, then we could have elected
officials that are deserving rather than choosing those who are nothing with their fame.
2. Educational system
According to the article one of the reasons why we are shallow is because of our
educational system. According to Sionil, building of a nation requires memories. Sadly,
our educational system does not uphold much importance to the study of the “classics”
which includes history, philosophy and humanities.

3. Filipinos are “ego-driven”

Filipinos were pointed out to be ego-driven or mayabang in this article. Most of them feel
that being knowledgeable equates to wisdom. They tend to accept positions without
considering their competencies and limitations thinking that they have the capabilities to
do any kind of work even if they are lacking the essentials for that job. .Most of the
know-it-all kinds of Filipinos blabber about their internet-sourced knowledge. Sionil also
quoted that a wise person would surely know and admit his/her limits.

4. Filipinos lack perception and courage

It was stated in the article that most of the Filipino people doesn’t have the courage to
oppose those churches that only take advantage of the people. “Where good men are
silent, evil prospers” Sionil added this quotation to put an emphasis on his opinion that
being silent would impede the justice in a nation therefore hindering the prosperity of the

5. Philippine media are so shallow

The Philippine media was tremendously criticized in the article wherein Sionil pointed
out that most of its shows are just completely rubbish. One example he has given is
letting a demoralized TV personnel appear on a programme even after caught cheating
years ago. Sionil also pointed out that Philippine media only care about their ratings or
popularity therefore forsaking the quality of their programmes. This also hinder the
opportunity to showcase the real talents of those award-winning Filipino writers.

6. Filipinos don’t read

F. Sionil cited an instance where he went to the hospital and there he saw Filipinos killing
their time and that he is the only one who brought a book or a magazine. He compared
what he saw to other countries like Japan and Korea wherein people are always reading
something on whether on-paper or on-screen. If the bookshops in these countries weren’t
so much full nowadays, it is because their technology has made it accessible for their
common people. Sionil wishes that Filipinos would start going to bookshops again not
just because the books are on sale.

7. Filipinos are enslaved by gross materialism

F. Sionil pointed out in this article that Filipinos are shallow because the material goods
of this earth can satisfy us and they try to abuse every chance they could get these things.
The possession of these things might get someone an easier life to live with but surely it
doesn’t equate to the essence of what life really should mean.

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