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The SOGIE Equality Bill

The Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression Equality also known as the SOGIE
Equality Bill, is a proposed legislation of the Congress of the Philippines. It is intended to prevent various
economic and public accommodation-related acts of discrimination against people based on their sexual
orientation, gender identity or expression.

SOGIE BILL will be harmful to the following sector

● Denying access to health and public services

● Denying the application for professional licenses and similar documents
● Denying use and access to establishments, facilities, and services open to the general public
● Including SOGIE as a criteria for hiring or dismissal of workers
● Refusing admission or expelling students in schools based on SOGIE
● Imposing harsher than customary disciplinary actions due to the student's SOGIE
● Refusing or revoking accreditation of organizations based on the SOGIE of members
● Forcing a person to undertake any medical or psychological examination to determine or alter
one's SOGIE
● Publishing information intended to "out" or reveal the SOGIE of a person without consent
● Subjecting any person to profiling, detention, or verbal or physical harassment on the basis of
● Preventing children under parental authority from expressing their SOGIE
● Subjecting any person to any analogous acts that will impair or nullify a person’s human rights
and fundamental freedoms

Penalties for those who commit any of the acts mentioned above range from not less than P100,000 to
P500,000 and/or imprisonment of not less than 6 months to 12 years maximum, depending on the
offense committed.

We asked some of the students of Tarlac National Highschool Annex if they have something to share
about the SOGIE bill.

I’d say Okay lang ang SOGIE BILL PERO there are these parts na makikita mong hindi na equality ang
pinupuntuhan nila kundi their own desires. The proponent is using the so-called “Rights” Of these
individuals for power instead of equality to overpower other genders. I agree to some of the sections
proposed but I think the main problem here is the proponent himself/herself. Nadadamay pa ang mga
katulad niya na may busilak na pusong equality talaga ang habol. - Supreme Student Government
President, Bruce R. Faciol

I do not support the "sogie bill" if this bill was implemented there no really equality, the bill favors only to
the transgender. Women can't be woman, and man can't be man. We cannot express our freedom of
speech due to the law that prevents us so. The people cannot express their opinion due to fear of
imprisonment - Grade 10 Achiever, Joeylyn Egonia

“Ang karapatan mo ay nagtatapos sa karapatan ng iba” how about the rights of biological women? There
is so much that could go wrong if the bill is going to be effective. Crime rates can reach its peak as well
as Health problems. - Jonna Mae Adame, 12- Voltaire, HUMSS Student

For us, Sogie bill isn't equality, entitlement for a select individuals. LGBTQIA+ members are accepted but
they're asking more of what they wanted in the first place which is acceptance... We need Equity not
Equality. You chose to be different, you need to deal with it. Equality isn't the thing you want to have,
Special Treatment is what your asking for. There are more people out there who deserves more care and
attention that Sogie Bill have.