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Valentina Farfán Valbuena

Corporación Unificada Nacional de Educación Superior CUN

Herramientas Financieras Y Evolución de proyectos
Grupo: 10138
2019 Bogotá
Dear students, the following reading is with the purpose of understanding and
understanding the general vision of the thematic contents of our project subject.
That is to say, if we start from its name, financial tools, it directly impacts the components
of knowledge and tools that we must know and manage, such as accounting, economics,
financial mathematics, statistics, among others.
For the formulation of the business idea, to develop later in the formulation and evaluation
of the investment project, we must start that the business must satisfy a demand for that
good or service, that is, to know how the market is, the sector, the product or service.
Important to know the market, since from that point of view the idea can be raised
correctly. No business should be raised and operated at random, everything must be under
the project's techniques.
It is worth the opportunity to clarify that an investment project is different from the creation
of a company, even if they share many things in common, its principle and purpose is
For the formulation we have the stages of the same project as some authors call draft,
project, and operation, others usually call it pre-feasibility, feasibility and operation, but
ultimately it is clear that a project has stages or phases for its development.
The almond, or the importance of an investment project, is that it must comply with a
feasibility and feasibility, technical, economic, financial and operational.
That within the Economic part, it must establish if it has all the resources, market behavior,
prices, among others.
And from the financial point of view, it must go through the filter of calculating financial
indicators such as the net present value, the internal rate of return, the cost benefit ratio, the
period of recovery of the investment, the break-even point, among others.
Financial indicators are also called financial ratios.
For the calculation of the financial ratios, the base, the inputs are in the projected five-year
financial statements, such as the balance sheet, the income statement, and the financial
With the above indicators, it is established if the project is viable and feasible, observing
that one thing is the rate of return of the project and another the rate of the investor, that is
to say at what rate it aspires to win.
I hope that the student understands the importance of general knowledge from the
theoretical concept of what an investment project is about, and different from a social
investment project.
His Professor, Luis Fernando Silva, May 2019.
Dear student, according to the previous reading, you are requested to solve the following
1- On what topic does the reading deal?
2- List what are the phases or stages of a project?
3- What is a business idea formulated for?
4- Is there a difference between an investment project and a social investment project?,
5- Do you believe in the need to know conceptually the formulation and evaluation of an
investment project? Explain.
6- Express five financial indicators that are applied in the financial evaluation of an
investment project?
7- On a scale of one to ten, do you consider yourself knowing and managing knowledge of
a project to what extent?
Thank you for your interest and commitment.
His Professor, Luis Fernando Silva, May 2019.

1. Financial tools and Investment of a project.

2. Pre-feasibility, feasibility and operation.
3. It is formulated so that the investment project is carried out later.
4. Investment project seeks to generate profit for profit
and the social investment project seeks to generate profits with non-
profit social interest.
5. It is important to know step by step the formulation of the investment project as it w
ill measure us in time and economy
the feasibility of our conceptualizing the market and thus reaching an analysis for
the realization and execution of the idea.
6. Net present value, internal rate of return, cost benefit, period of coverage of an inves
tment and breakeven point.
7. In 7 because in the course of my career of tourist administration and hotel I have ha
d the opportunity to consider several business proposals
developing them with basic investment plans that allow me to step by step to get an
idea of the profitability and viability of some of them.