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Booking Date: 22 September 2019


Scoot Booking Reference


Your Itinerary Details

Booking Status: Confirmed
Please check your flight and note the departure time. In some instances, your flight may be just after midnight; which means that you actually have to be at the airport the day
before your flight date.

Singapore (SIN) Surabaya (SUB)

Singapore - Airport Surabaya - Airport
Terminal Terminal
TR 266
18:45 - 20:10
10 Nov 2019

Check in opens 3 hours and closes 1 hour before departure time. We recommend that you be at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure time. Extra time would need
to be taken into consideration in case of congestion at the airport.
Web Check-in is available on selected flights between 48 hours and 3 hours to departure at (Read more)
Note: Consumption of outside food & beverages is not allowed on board Scoot flights.

Passenger Details
Early First- Scoot- Extra Checkin
Flight no.: TR 266 SIN-SUB PlusPerks
Check-in on-Board in-style Cabin Bag Baggage
Seat ScootTV Wifi Snooze Kit

MR Irfan Zaidan Wicaksana - - - - - - - - - -

Meals Details
Flight no.: TR 266 SIN-SUB Meal Code
MR Irfan Zaidan Wicaksana

Contact Details
Telp : 6282245321112
Email :
Fare Rules
- Cancellations, refunds and credits are not permitted;
- Origin/destination changes are not permitted;
- Flight date, time and/or name changes are permitted up to 24 hours before departure for a fee, plus any applicable difference in fare. Please see the Scoot Fees Chart for
current fees;
- Name changes for any passenger must apply to all flights for that passenger on the booking;
- If your booking contains an interline journey or flight(s) operated by a partner airline, flight date, time or name changes, or upgrade to ScootBiz are not permitted for all flights
in the booking;
- Cabin baggage allowance is 7kg (plus 3kg laptop allowance) in Economy and 15kg in ScootBiz;
- Checked baggage allowance is 20kg in Economy (for FlyBag and FlyBagEat fares only) and 30kg in ScootBiz;
- KrisFlyer mileage accrual is permitted only if PlusPerks is purchased in the booking;
- Economy sale fares are not eligible for KrisFlyer mileage accrual;
- Conditions of Carriage apply.

You have booked an interline journey if one or more of your flights is operated by a partner carrier. No changes are allowed on the date, origin and destination or passenger
name. Separate fees or charges may apply for add-on services.
For flights operated by a partner carrier other than Scoot, you are subject to the partner carrier’s Conditions of Carriage and Terms & Conditions, copies of which may be
obtained from the partner carrier via their website or call centre.
Scoot is not obliged to cover any expenses or losses incurred as a result of flight mis-connections. We recommend that you purchase travel insurance for your journey.

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