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Hortatory Exposition Text About Corruption

Name : Sofy Gustini Rahayu

Class. : 12 Sains 6


Corruption is an official malfeasance for personal gain. All forms of the government are susceptible
of corruption. Corruption has a bad impact to the entire range of life in a country. It will have loss in
the political, economy development, and social sectors. For these reasons, we have to be serious in
eradicating this act to build the good governance.

Corruption shows a serious challenge toward the development of the country. In the political world,
corruption complicates the democracy and good governance by destructing the formal process.
Corruption in general elections and in legislature reduces accountability and representatives in the
forming the decision. Corruption in the court system stops legal order and corruption in public
government produces imbalance in community service. In general, corruption diminishes the ability
of the government institutions, because it neglects the procedure, sucks the resources, the officials
are raised not because of achievement. At the same time, corruption complicates the legitimacy of
the government and the value of democracy as trust and tolerance.

Corruption also complicates the economic development by creating distortions and high inefficiency.
In the private sector, corruption increases the cost of trade because of the loss of business, an illegal
payment, management fee in negotiating with official who is corrupt, and the nullification
agreement or by inquiry. Although some say that corruption reduces trade cost to ease the
bureaucracy, the emerging consensus concludes that the availability of dole causes the officials have
to make the new rules and the barriers.

Corruption creates chaos in the public sector by diverting the public investment to community
projects which have more available dole and wages. The officials may add the complexity of the
community projects to hide the practice of corruption, which finally results more chaos. Corruption
also reduces the fulfilment of the terms of building security, the environment, or other rules.
Corruption also reduces the quality of government services and infrastructure; and adds pressures
on the government budget.

The economic experts give opinions that one of the retardation of economic development factors in
Africa and Asia, especially in Africa is corruption in form of billing rent that causes the displacement
of capital investment to foreign capital investment, rather than invested in domestic.

Political corruption is in many countries, and gives large threat for its citizens. Political corruption
means the decision of the government is often advantageous to the dole givers, instead of the
citizens. One more example is how a politician makes regulations that protect big companies, but
adverse small companies. These ‘pro-business’ politicians only return the help to large companies
that provide a big contribution to their election campaign.

From those arguments above, it is important for us as the citizen to take a role in efforts to eradicate
corruption. Without our support and all other Indonesian society, all the fight against corruption will
not run effectively. Because of that, the constitution gives us right and protection for the community
to participate in efforts to eradicate corruption. Let us fight the corruption and save our country.

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