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Macaisa, Steven Kyle September 9, 2019


Mathematical Autobiography

Mathematics has been part of my life since I can remember. As far as I know,

mathematics is not only about calculations and formulas. Mathematics has been part of different

practices from Science, Cooking, Drawing, Sports etc. Mathematics has given me so much

memories from my childhood up until now, it gave me ups and downs and maybe some anxiety

here and there. From my childhood I’ve always been considered as someone who can stand out

in the classroom when it comes to academics.

My first encounter with mathematics may have been as a baby or as a small kid wherein

I had this toy that had different shapes as holes and I had to put the proper shape into the proper

hole, shapes are a big part of mathematics since it can represent different things from geometry

to 3D drawings and alike. I have had many failures when it came to Math as a kid especially

when it came to using the ruler since I always measured from the actual tip of the ruler instead if

the line with the number 0 on it which led to failing a few assignments and quizzes. As you can

clearly see I did not have the best childhood when it comes to mathematical experiences. I can

also remember a teacher who was very strict in math wherein she would give us 100 items of

addition and subtraction which was needed to be finished within a time limit as a kid who is not

that good at math I considered that one of the worst experiences I’ve had, but I got to have fun in

a Math class once since one of my grade school teachers taught us math the fun way wherein he

taught us different dances using the operational symbols in Math.

Math gave me my first failure in school, I still remember my grade 7 self, crying outside

the classroom since I was going to get scolded at home since my mom was very grade conscious

and had high expectations form my studies, but that did not stop me from learning and trying to

get better.

As a student, failures in Mathematics just fuel me further since I take it as motivation to

learn and do better in order to bounce back from the failures that I experienced. Mathematics is

difficult, but once we learn to appreciate the beauty behind it we can have a better understanding

of how Math actually works in our life an everything around us.

As I stated in the first paragraph, Math is everywhere. Math isn’t just about the numbers

or the calculations or the subject that we study. Math can be associated with nature and the

beauty of it. Math is everywhere from patterns, sequences, cooking recipes, gaming, sports and

things that people like to do and see in their everyday lives. Math can be difficult, but it can be

easier to understand once we learn to appreciate the beauty and applications it has in our lives.