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o/p of the program is-

int x = 40;
void main ()
int x =20;
printf(“\n %d”, x);
a). 40 b) 20 c). error d). none

2).. By default a real no. is treated as a-

a) float b) double c) long double d) depends upon the memory model being used by

3). Which can’t be checked in switch-case statement?

a)char b)int c)float d)enum

4). O/P of the program is-

Void main()
Int i=0;
For(i=0;i<5;i++) ;
a) 01234 b) 5 c) 1234 d) 6

5) which of the following are unary operators in c?

A. ! B. sizeof C. ~ D. && E. =

6) Which of the following are valid functions call statements:

a) getdata(100,75.5); b) x.number=100;
c) x.getdata(100,75.5); d) getdata.x(100,75.5);

7) which of the following Operators cannot be overloaded???

A). sizeof B). .* c) :: D) ?:

8) Below is the example of ?

Base class Grandfather

B Intermediate
Base class Father

C Derived class Child

a). single inheritance b). multiple inheritance

c). hybrid inheritance d). multilevel inheritance.

9). Below is the example of

~integer ( ) { }
a). friend function b). constructor c). destructor d). none.

10). Which of the following keywords can be used in both C & C+ + ?

A). catch B). inline C). virtual D). new
a). D b). C c). ALL d). NONE.

11). Java does not support multiple inheritance of classes. This is accomplished using a
new feature called-----------
a). interface b). packages c). wrapper d). garbage collector

12). Java has replaced the destructor function with a--------------

a). final ( ) function b). if ( )__ catch ( ) c). finalizer methods.

13). java uses______

a). dynamic binding b). static binding c). object binding d). class binding
14). Encapsulation refers the object as______
a). black bone b). white bone c). entity box d). modeling box

15). (A) class sample one

Public static void main ( string args[ ] )
System.out.printer (“SYNERGY”);
(B) class sample one
public static voidmain ( string [ ] SYNERGY )
System.out.printer (“AEC”);

Which of the above java coding is correct?

a). A b). B c). NONE d). BOTH.

16). The cpu of 8086 is able to address _______of physical memory.

a). 1024 bytes b).1024 Kbytes c).1024 megabytes d). 1024 gigabytes

17). Which of the following is a temporary memory?

a). RAM only b). ROM only c). Both d). None

18). The 8086 supports a total of ___________type of interrupts. Each interrupt

requires _______ bytes.
a). 64 , 2 b). 128 , 4 c). 256 , 2 d). 256 , 4.

19). UNIX operating system is being authorized by


20). A flip-flop free from race problem is

a). JK b). D c). T d). Master slave
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