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1. Abra, and Baguio belongs to this region.

A. Region 1. B. Region 2. C. CAR. D. Cordillera

2. This type of music involves singing or chanting.

A. Vocal music. B. Instrumental music. C. Concert. D. Solo

3. Music that involves pure instruments( without vocals) is called __________.

A. Vocal music. B. Instrumental music. C. Concert. D. Solo

4. It is the generic name for all the indigenous groups that live in the island of Mindoro.

A. Mayan. B. Mangyan. C. Manyan. D. Manyak

5. It is used to describe the native of Mindoro who kept their customs and traditions.

A. Hangono. B. Hanunuo. C. Mannanao. D. Manunuo

6. It is a poem/song chanted by the native of Mindoro

A. Sambahan. B. Simbahan. C. Ambagan. D. Ambahan

7. It is a portion of bamboo pole where the Mangyans engrave their song.

A. Luke. B. Luka. C. Tuka. D. Polka

8. These are string instruments.

A. Aerophones. B. Chordophones. C. Telephones. D. Cellphones

9. It is an instrument made up of a bamboo and a string from human hair.

A. Kudyapi. B. Kudlong. C. Gitgit. D. Gong

10. Wind instruments are also called __________.

A. Aerophones. B. Chordophones. C. Telephones. D. Cellphones

11. Nose flute of Mindoro is called _________.

A. Kudyapi. B. Cantuy C. Gitgit. D. Gong

12. These are instruments that are struck or shaken.

A. Aerophones. B. Idiophones. C. Telephones. D. Cellphones

13. A bossed bronze gong that is struck with bamboo sticks.

A. Aging. B. Agong. C. Gong. D. Ogong

14. These are percussion sticks that that are played by striking each other.

A. Kulutang. B. Kulang. C. Kumintang. D. Barimbaw

15. It is the only oil producing province in the Philippines.

A. Mindoro. B. Abra. C. Palawan. D. Baguio

16. These are people sho live in the forests of Palawan.

A. Batak. B. Palawan. C. Tagbanua. D. TagaUno

17. Nature song of Palawan is called __________.

A. Laplap It. B. Laplap Bagit. C. Laflaf eat. D. Laflaf Vagit

18. Aruping is the __________ of Palawan.

A. David's Harp. B. Goliat's Harp. C. Evil's Harp. D. Jew's Harp

19. The ring flute of Palawan is called _______.

A. Mubarak. B. Babarak. C. Pambarak. D. Kugtarak

20. Gong in Palawan is called __________.

A. Agong B. Ogong. C. Basal. D. Kasal