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Name: Subject: Biology-11
Roll # : Unit(s): 1,
Class: Inter Part-I Test: Type 11 - Short Test
(No Choice) -
Date: Time:
Q.1 Circle the correct answer. (11x1=11)
1 The study of distribution of animals in nature is called:
(A) Zoogeography (B) Biodiversity (C) Geography (D) Wild life
2 Embryology is the study of:
(A) Fossils (B) Tissues (C) Development (D) Internal gross structure
3 A group of living organisms of the same species located in the same place at the same time is:
(A) Biosphere (B) Biome (C) Community (D) Population
4 The percentage of potassium in the human body is:
(A) 0.15% (B) 0.05% (C) 0.35% (D) 0.25%
5 A large regional community primarily determined by climate is called:
(A) Population (B) Species (C) Ecosystem (D) Biome
6 The unit of Life is called:
(A) Organ (B) Cell (C) Tissue (D) Organelle
7 The bioelements which account for 99% of the total mass in the human’s body are:
(A) Four (B) Six (C) Eight (D) Three
8 The percentage of water in human bone cells is:
(A) 18% (B) 19% (C) 20% (D) 25%
9 The technology used for achieving eugenic aim:
(A) Genetherapy (B) Radiotherapy (C) Chemotherapy (D) Cloning
10 The HIV virus causes:
(A) Tuberculosis (B) Cancer (C) AIDS (D) Hepatitis
11 An aphid that attacks Walnut tree is being controlled biologically by:
(A) Wasp (B) House fly (C) Honey bee (D) Mosquito
Q.2 Write short answers of the following questions. (6x2=12)
(i) Define molecular biology. (ii) Define biochemistry. (iii) Differentiate between Organelles and Organ.
(iv) Compare radiotherapy and gene therapy to control disease. (v) How AIDS spread?
(vi) Suggest how Environment Pollution can be reduced?
Q.3 Write short answers of the following questions. (6x2=12)
(i) Differentiate between Fresh water Biology and Marine Biology.
(ii) Define biodiversity. Give the percentage of different groups of organisms.
(iii) Define theory. Give important features of a good theory. (iv) How does theory differ from law?
(v) Write names of four Eras of Geological time chart. (vi) What is hydroponic culture technique?
NOTE: Attempt a long question. (10x1=10)
4(a) Write a note on biological method.
(b) What is cloning? Discuss its methods and applications.
MCQs Ans Key
Q:1 (A) Q:2 (C) Q:3 (D) Q:4 (C) Q:5 (D) Q:6 (B)
Q:7 (B) Q:8 (C) Q:9 (D) Q:10 (C) Q:11 (A)