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What can you

Who do you do if you don’t

What makes
admire and feel good about
you unique?
why? something you
see or hear?

What would you

do if you were Which superhero
Which 3 words
being bullied? would you most
best describe
If you saw like to be?
someone else Why?
being bullied?
If a genie If you could
What do you granted you go anywhere
wish you had three wishes, in the world,
more time for? what would where would
they be? you go?

What do you What is the What is the

most like about funniest thing bravest thing
yourself? that happened you have
Why? to you ever done?
this week?
Walk or ride,
Which is more Which is more
valuable – money valuable – talent
Swim or fly,
or happiness? or dedication?

You are sailing Name 5 people

away to a you could go to If the zoo were
deserted island. if you needed to send you a
Which 3 things help? pet, what
will you take Why does each would you ask
with you? person make for and why?
your list?
If you could Which book If you were to
change one character are redecorate
thing about you most like? your bedroom,
school, what Why? what would it
would it be? look like?

If you were What is one What is your

to receive a thing you don’t favourite movie?
present right know how to do What makes it
now, what that you wish so special
would you like you could? for you?
it to be?
What makes What do your What makes
our family friends most someone a
special? like about you? good friend?

If you could
What would you change one What would
do if you were family rule, you like us to
invisible for which would do more of as
a day? it be? a family?