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Code of Ethics

For the teaching profession in South Australia

South Australian teachers:
At the heart of the teaching • build learners’ capacities to participate as
profession in South Australia knowledgeable members of and contributors
to, a socially just, responsible and democratic
is a commitment to the society
education, learning, protection • develop professional relationships with
learners, parents/caregivers, colleagues and
and wellbeing of learners. the broader community
• act ethically in decision making, acknowledging
The purpose of this Code is to: and accepting the diversity of interest groups
• uphold INTEGRITY, RESPECT and RESPONSIBILITY and perspectives
as the core values that underpin the teaching
• affirm the commitment of teachers to maintain
• guide teachers in making decisions about high levels of professional standards and
professional issues practice.
• inspire, promote and enhance public confidence in
the teaching profession
The Code of Ethics articulates the three
core values South Australian teachers
highlighted as underpinning the Responsibility
teaching profession in South Australia:
integrity, respect and responsibility.
The Code is not intended as an
We provide high quality
instrument of compliance but as a
framework to assist teachers to teaching and care through We are honest
reflect on decision making and continuing our professional and trustworthy in
ethical issues.
learning, working with our relationships,
our educational partners upholding the
Respect in the best interest of dignity and honour
of the profession.
learners and upholding our
professional standards.
We act with courtesy and
compassion and advocate
for our learners, acknowledging
and valuing learners’ diverse
backgrounds, abilities and behaviours.
We foster critical thinking and action,
valuing the contributions of our educational
communities, to influence positive futures.

T: 8253 9700