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Reflection #4

The Self in the Allied Sciences

Before discussing “The Self in the Allied Sciences” I thought that it basically gives me an
idea about the Self in terms of different Social Sciences such as economics, anthropology,
psychology, geography, sociology and many more but it only tackled the self in the three
sciences which are the Anthropology, Sociology and Psychology. These lesson push my
curiosity about how and why the Social Sciences are related with oneself.

After discussing “The Self in the Allied Sciences” I realized that this lesson only gave
emphasize on the three social sciences because they are the three that are closely related with the
self. The first one is the Anthropology, It says that self-concept is a product of cultural practices
which is in realm of anthropology. Also in this field, it said that the development of a self is a
reflection of his/her cultural environment. The person’s environment gave so much influence in
building their personality and identity. The second one is the Sociology, there are many social
scientist that contribute their insight about the self-concept as understood in the field of
Sociology but the one who’s caught my eyes is the insight of Gecas and Burke (1995) they said
that the self are composed of various identities, attitudes, beliefs, values, motives and
experiences with respect to their communities. I totally agree with this stand since I believe that
the formation of self are through the process of identifying their attitudes and beliefs in life with
consideration in their environment. The third and the last is the Psychology, there are two
important aspects of self –concept that the psychology have. The Existentialist Self, it is the most
basic part of the self-schema which is highly distinct from others and The Categorical self which
focuses on one considers himself as an object with properties and may include one’s age, gender,
size or skills. Carl Rogers said that self-concept has three components, the self-image, self-
esteem and ideal self. These three components has their connection and mismatch with others
that helps us to understand the Congruent and Incongruent in our self.
Reflection #5
Physical Self: Image Matter

Before discussing the “Physical Self: Image Matter” I thought that this topic
evolves around physical appearance of a person and how to take care of it. Physical self is
very relevant for me since we all know that this outer self is the one that first acknowledge
by the other people before our inner self or personality. In this society, for us to be accepted
we must followed a certain standards to be socially accepted. I thought that this lesson
might gave us an idea on how to properly taking care ourselves.

After discussing “Physical Self: Image Matter” I realized that this lesson is more
specific than I thought at first. At first, it focuses on defining the Physical Development
and next is the Personal Hygiene. In personal hygiene this topic provide a specific advise
that a person should do for them to achieve the common good when it comes on being
hygienic. Second, it tackle about the Good Grooming for the gentlemen and for the ladies.
Third, it topics about the Social Graces and Good Manners when it comes on different
situation for example is the smoking, drinking, dating, party, and phone etiquette. It also
discussed about the health of an individual it provides a model specifically the Food
pyramid for us to fully understand the healthy eating that we need to maintain our good
health. It gave me an idea about the major nutrients that my body needs to be healthy like
the carbohydrates, protein, minerals and so on. The last thing that it tackled is about the
Clean Environment which emphasize the three (3) elements to provide longer and healthier
lives for people like us, such as; resource conservation, recycling and reduce pollution.
These topics are important for me since it teach me how to properly behave and taking care
for myself and also to contribute for keeping our environment clean and healthy.
Reflection #6
The Sexual Self

Before discussing “The Sexual Self’ I thought that it is very sensitive topic because of its
title. I never encounter this kind of topic in my entire years of attending a school so I don’t have
any idea what is the specific content of this lesson but is sounds interesting for me because I
thought that it will gives us a knowledge not only about what is this all about but also idea how to
conquer with it properly. We all know that people nowadays even youth are so exposed on this
kind of issue and I believed that this lesson helps the student to better understand sexual issue and
to give them awareness on the different consequences that it have.
After discussing “The Sexual Self” I realized that this lesson needs an open minded listener
to better understand what is this all about. First of all, it state the changes during puberty stage that
result of sexual maturity. It also tackled the development of gender identity and emphasize the
difference of gender and sex. The most important part that it tackled is all about the Sexually
Transmitted Disease or the (STDs) that may be transmitted from one partner to another either
through sexual activity or unhygienic practices. It is very sensitive case that every person should
know for us to be aware. I realized that most of them has no symptoms but its effect are dangerous
on our health. Most of them are not also curable but can be treatable. This lesson also gives some
advise to prevent sexually transmitted disease for the students for them to avoid getting this virus.
I also realized that this topic is very important for us to be aware when it comes in our sexual self.
I’ve learned that there is a certain limitation that we need to follow in order for us to achieve the
healthy living. The viruses and disease are always there it is about how we handle properly our