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I would like to share my MAD & MAD Camp experience!

The MAD (Making a Difference)

It all started when I joined the core group conference of the SPG Advisers. I was impressed to
the talk of Sir Christian as our speaker that time. He shared the details on how the MAD
(Making a Difference) existed. I was struck on the VOLUNTERISM- it’s not new to me but the
approach is very attractive that can integrate in our small groups.

The MAD Camp

I was very excited to hear again about the MAD when we had our SPG Advisers’ meeting with
Ma’am Sheila. She asked the group if we were willing to join and register the MAD link. I
reserved two slots for me & my SPG President. I was a little bit sad that time since only one slot
available. Still I’m hoping … Then July 5, 2019 had come. Now, I felt mixed emotions because I
had no idea on what this camp all about.

That time also I brought my fish lumpia-our family delicacy. I was so happy seeing the smiles on
my MADmates how they loved the taste! Not only the lumpia but I also met Sunshine. We had
a lot of common denominators. We started to share our experiences and I love to talk and
listen our sentiments & joys.

After the group had a groufie, we’re now instructed to get ready for our ride going to Bugabus
Elementary School. While we’re on our way, we really loved talking to new found friends and
Madmates Ma’am Jash & Ma’am Edz. Now, the most unforgettable moment- NASAAG mi sa
eskwelahan. We thought mao na to nga school. Grabe ang baktas, hakot sa mga gamit gamit
ang tulay kay dili pwede molabang sa small river kay taas ang tubig.

Kapoy pero nalingaw ra pud kay daghan nakarelate ato nga experience.

Now, going na gyud mi sa Bugabus E/S. Nawala ang tanang kapoy kay nakakit mi sa SMILE sa
mga bata while nagwave sa ilang mga flaglets. Didto sugod mi-increase akong energy nga
something wonderful things to happen in that place. Nagsugod ang camp sa usa ka game
BAHAY, BATA, BAGYO. Dili lang ang mga bata nalingaw pati mi mga volunteers. Through this
game, it helps to boost confidence and gain more friends.

Sa tanang mga activities didto sa camp nakatatak sa akong heart but ang pinakadili nako
malimtan ang MADcircle, it was really helpful especially sa mga bata nga introvert. Diri nga
pamaagi, naka-release ang mga bata sa ilang gibati u gang mga tanang KKK( Kaligotgot,
Kapungot, Kasakit) ug uban pa… Diri pud nga pamaagi makarelease pud ang mga bata ug mga
ginikanan ug forgiveness. Through forgiveness, we can findinner peace and true joy. When I
started to embrace the kids, I could feel their heartbeats… What a worthwhile MADactivity!

Ug ang award nga among nakuha sa three female teachers mao ang BALIK-BATA AWARD oh
why? Nganong mao ni among award? Hahahaha! Kay wala namo pakyasa ang pagligo sa ulan
hehehehehe. Super bibo ug nalingaw ko ug apil ug dula sa mga bata ug sa akong mg aka
MADMATES. A lot of things to remind me about the RAIN-God is always outpouring His
blessings just like the rain. Never stopped thanking HIM in season or out of season. Thanks
MAD for making me a difference. I will continue to be part of being MAD Volunteer!