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Pilapil, Kimberly Grace Anne J.

May 16, 2019

LM1A Political Analysis

The Legal Profession in the Philippines

The legal field has been a prominent and one profession on top of the list of students since
the majority considers it as their dream job. Indeed, it is quite different from the usual office work
there is. But what distinguishes the legal profession from other fields is the characteristics that it
possesses which deviates from profession to profession. It requires people who are competent
enough and are intellectually, morally, and emotionally capable to do what this profession seeks
to be done. And since they are under its umbrella, a conduct of integrity must be evidently seen
upon the actions and measures they are about to take. But although the compensation is not
much of an issue about for it is congruent as to the difficulty of it, still, various issues cannot be
separated from the area of its work; these in return affect the number of people who choose to
enter the field.

The Philippine legal system as mentioned, is deemed to be a failure since the underlying
issues started to emerge and the number of lawyers who have done grave misconducts were far
from the expected and by that, it affects its community at large for there has been already a
connotation of being a part of those who pervert the law attached to the ones who are only
dedicated in their profession.

Reasons as to why the legal profession is quite a risky field to put oneself into are: first,
the prevailing corruption within the transactions happening in its field of work. It has been a usual
thing to lawyers to have a network of people that would benefit them in case one has to pull out
all the connections in order to win a certain case. “Gapangan” which is a term known to the legal
profession wherein one can make certain arrangements to the fiscal or judge just to surely win
the case is a conventional thing for everyone. Formalities may work but undeniably, some uses
the “dirty work” tactic to get the job done.

Second to the list is the decaying justice system itself. The conviction rate of the
Department of Justice is at thirty percent which means that there are only three out of ten that are
convicted by public prosecutors.
Out of the three, the assurance that they will serve their sentence is a questionable matter since
the justice system is not that efficient in implementing the laws it should be strictly imposing to
people. That paves the way for these criminals to just get back to their usual thing for it is easier
to get themselves out of the jail than to wait for the court decision to be handed over.

“If it takes 15 years on the average to finish a case in this country, the inordinate delay
perversely becomes justification for shortcuts.” Cayosa said. The cases do take forever – like a
plastic bag waiting to be decomposed. A typical case handled by a lawyer usually lasts for years
and that just shows how weak our current justice system is.

"When the legal system has no value in the society, only an authoritarian government will
be capable of maintaining order in our society.” Diokno said. Those are the very reasons why the
Filipinos no longer trust the government especially the justice system which supposedly needs to
be fair and just to everyone seems to be unstable in times of crisis. But what needs to be done is
to fight for what is right and fair to everyone. Impunity needs to be addressed to further prevent
the illness that has been keeping the country away towards change.

"When you know that law is ultimately for justice; that you will not be an instrument to
perpetuate injustice and inequity; or that you will serve the poor, exploited and helpless; that you
aspire to become one of the best lawyers money cannot buy; that you will use your education,
training and skills to change the ills of society; and that you vow to change the law of rulers to the
rule of justice — then take that Bar by all means, and do the best performance of your life."
National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers President, Edre Olalia said.

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