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* Nr§&ffilmffih h{eg^d

A mamtrroth her d is passing by

close to yollr village, You can talne

tlrese nramnloths in order to have their help when constructingyour

But hurry up| Other tribes are on tlreir way as welll


,, Effi


C**p*rTems and S*tup

You can combine this nrini expansiott with the basic ganre as well as with all other expansions,

First, _you set Llp the ganre as usual,

N6 monarcffites

The fr-ont shows 2 bonttses:

On the top the

,,1." bonlts

below the

all" - bonus


bacl< shows 1 specific resource

and a poirrt syrrrbol for the final scorirrg





You shuffie all '|6 bonLrs tiles and place tlrem face down next to the ganre board

l mnammMhed

The stand-up figure ,AAamnroth herd' is placed next to the pile,

You are now ready to start tlre game.

Game p§"s

The game play stays the same except for the following changes,


At tlre beginrring of eaclr round, tlre start player places the

trranrnroth lrerd on the resource slrown by the top-lTlost bonus tile. For example, if tlre tile shows a brick t|re start player puts tlre nrammoth lrerd into the clay pit,

Then, lre/she picks the first bonlts tile and places it face up next to the pile

(Tlre resource wlrich is now shown is of no importance in this rotrnd,)

lf there are no bolrus tiles left, the whole lrerd is tamed, In this case,,you remove the mammotlr lrerd and continLle playing accordirrg to the trornrarl rules,

§endíng people to mctle a mammd

Yt,lu 1rlace


people as is l-tsltal, Only in tlre phase irr wlrichyoll u5e the actions ofyour people ligures tlre

nratrrmot|r lrerd beconres inrportarrt, When,you have people placed on the resource on which the rnanrmoth herd stays,you roll tlre clic_e as usual and tal<eyour resources,

lrnnrediately after this, yorr may move one or mo|

people f1,om tlre resource wlrere tlre nrammotl,t

hercl is placed, to the bonrrs tile which was turned over, With these people ligrrres_yotl c.ln rl} to tame a

llammorh later in order to ltave help foryour worl<,

You are orrly allowed to move people figures f1-om

tlris resource production area arrdyou immediately

have to pay 1food for each people figureyou

place on the bonus tile. You may -as it is the case

for feeding substitute l food with l resource,

People,figur-es whiclr are not placed ol1 the bonus

tile nrtrst be ral<en back to the player board.

After all p[;ryers lrave usec] rhe actions of tlreir

people - but before the feeding -

_you tame

l nranrmotlr fr-onr tlte nranrnroth herd.

Examplel The mammoth

herd ís pLaced ín the cLay pit.

You have three people there.

A_fter havíng rolled the díce for

brícks you move 2 people to

rhe bonus rjle. You. pay 2 food

The rhírd people Jigure

ís taken

back to yottr player board.