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Supply Analysis

Supply is the willingness and ability of producers to

create goods and services to take them to market for a given
prices. Just as we cannot speak of demand without reference
to price and time, similarly we cannot speak of supply
without reference to price and time. This part then aims to
explore the past and current supply of oyster mushrooms in
La Trinidad, Benguet in order to project how much the
current market can offer in the future.

There are two registered oyster mushroom grower in the

whole municipality of La Trinidad and one grower of
different variety which the proponents acquired from the
LGU. The proponents considered them as their direct and
indirect competitors respectively. Other oyster mushroom
growers were not included because they are no longer in
operation as of to date.

Two of the competitors were interviewed by the

proponents. We got the number of their annual customers and
the historical oyster mushroom supply for the past five
years. Also, supplies from small online sellers of oyster
mushroom were also considered.

The following then presents the historical supply of

oyster mushroom production.

Historical Supply of Oyster Mushroom Production

in La Trinidad, Benguet (in kilos)

Year Historical Supply % of Increase

2015 173 0%

2016 222 28.32%

2017 303 88.89%

2018 447 47.52%

2019 771 72.48%

Based on the historical data of oyster mushroom supply
gathered from the oyster mushroom grower, the annual average
increase in supply of oyster mushroom in the entire
Municipality of La Trinidad is 47.99%, which was computed as

28.32%  88.89%  47.52%  72.48%

4 years
Annul Average Increase =

Table 10 shows the projected supply i the next 5 years.


Projected Supply of Oyster Mushroom

in La Trinidad, Benguet (in kilos)

Year Total Supply Average Total

Increase in Projected
Supply Supply
2020 771 458.75 1229.75
2021 1229.75 731.69 1961.44
2022 1961.44 1167.06 3128.50
2023 3128.50 1861.46 4989.96
2024 4989.96 2969.03 7958.99