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laboratory tools
Evaporating Dishes, Porcelain, MA-275 and MA-276 are glazed
inside and out; MA-277 and MA-278 are glazed inside and around
rim, bottom is not glazed.
MA-278 MA-275 Diameter x Height, mm ml 
80 x 34 80 MA-275
93 x 40 120 MA-276
104 x 40 150 MA-277
120 x 42 250 MA-278

Chisel, hardened steel with 1in (25.4mm) wide blade; 10in (254mm) long. HMA-302

Estwing Rock and Soils Tools from Gilson are top quality for HMA-340
digging, splitting, and prying. All are one-piece forged solid steel.
Handles have nylon-vinyl grips. Pick heads are fully polished.

Rubber Mallet, hard rubber, 2.25in (57mm) face, wooden handle, HMA-300
12in (305mm) overall length.

Spoon, for mixing, digging of soils, etc., one piece stainless steel. HMA-304
Approximate length: 11.5in (292mm).
HMA-302 HMA-340 HMA-300
Trowel, 4.5x3in (114x76mm), LxW flat blade with wood handle. HMA-306
ASTM Trowel, 4.5x3in (114x76mm), LxW flat blade with wood HMA-307
handle. Has straight edges to meet ASTM C109, AASHTO T 106.

Desiccators, Scheibler, complete with cover, but without plate. Clear

heavy glass, ground cover with knob.
6in (152mm) ID MA-203
8in (203mm) ID MA-204
10in (254mm) ID MA-205

Desiccator Plates, stable and chemical resistant. Withstand tem-

peratures to 300°F (149°C).
140mm (for 6in) MA-207
MA-203 190mm (for 8in) MA-208
230mm (for 10in) MA-209

HMA-304 HMA-307 Desiccant Cartridges in durable bags to fit desiccators. Nutrasorb indi-
cating silica gel beads are blue when dry, pink when moist, and cartridges
regenerate repeatedly in a 300°F (150°C) oven.
114mm (for 6in and 8in) MA-187
197mm (for 10in) MA-188

Aspirator with Coupling, Chapman style. Low cost vacuum using MA-194
10—50psi water source. Has 3/8in NPT water inlet or fits threaded faucet
with included coupling. Ni-plated, 6in long, with ball valve to prevent water

MA-207, MA-208 & MA-209 MA-187

MA-194 Tongs, 9in (229mm) long, Ni-plated steel with riveted joint. MA-195
has 4.5in plastisol jaws to fit 50—2,000ml beakers.
Beaker Tongs MA-195
Crucible Tongs MA-196

Clear Vinyl Tubing, 1/16in wall 3/8in ID, per foot WT-4
100ft pack WT-4R
1/4in ID, per foot WT-8
WT-4 100ft pack WT-8R

Hose Clamp, with adjustment screw to permit accurate flow MA-198

regulation in flexible tubing. Ni-plated brass with pivoting lower jaw.

MA-196 MA-198

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