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Often, we think being spoon-fed is the way to learn, but working independently has proved to be
very important. Your internship will teach you to make my own decisions and do things on your
Work hard no matter what you’re doing
Always work hard even if your task is small and seems unimportant. It will help you build a
good work ethic, and people will notice the effort you put in.
It’s not nice being told what to do all the time, but your superiors (mostly) know better.
Following the rules and instructions they give you makes it easier for everyone.
1. Teamwork
The first thing we need to mention is definitely team work. Your internship experience is unlike
your college project where one person did all the work and the grades were shared among the
rest.Here, it is more professional and each one in a team needs to work together to finish the task.
2. Problem Solving Skills
What real-life problems have you solved till now other than to decide what to wear the next day
and how to dodge the upcoming assignment deadline? An internship introduces you to real-life
work problems and hence develops your problem-solving skills.
3. Work Ethics
You won’t really learn about work ethics until you are in a tangible work environment. In
college education, we are used to making excuses for late submissions, short attendance and
what not! But it is only when we are introduced to the actual environment that we learn work
4. Adaptability Skills

Not everyone is adaptable from the beginning. In fact, you can refuse to be so even during your
internship experiences but the loss is yours. Being adaptive to your surroundings easily is one of
the most useful soft skills not only desirable to employers but also important to your self-growth.
So, make the most of your internship experiences and learn some adaptability skills while you
are there.
6. Responsibility
Often missed out in the list of soft skills, being responsible is an integral skill required in the job
arena. Your internship experience makes you more responsible and accountable for what
decisions you make and how you execute what’s been allocated to you.
7. Time Management
Last on our list, but still as important as the others, is time management. Earlier, you could just
miss a class because you had some personal commitments. During an internship which is almost
the beginning of your work life, you can’t mark your absence on a regular basis.
Hence, it helps you learn to manage your time better by maintaining a balance between your
work and personal life, without harming any of them
1. Self-RelianceTo an extent, university already develops self-reliance – unlike school,
you are encouraged to find your own answers and develop your own path. But applying
this skill in an academic environment is completely different from doing it in the
workplace, and students develop a greater sense of self-awareness when there is more
riding on their actions than just their own grades.

Demonstrating that you can be trusted to take on a task and complete it

independently gives employers that warm fuzzy feeling; it will also help you to
understand your own strengths and weaknesses, and how you can cultivate them
7. Practical Skills
Of course, each job role is different and you will encounter different software systems
and tools depending on your chosen profession; some things will remain the same,
regardless of your industry, though.

IV. Assessment of the OJT/Practicum ProgramA.New knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquiredI
experience and learned through my OJT in the Teletech. First thing I learned in
thecompany is to make the task easier and done as soon as possible. I learned how to Re -
image amachine, how to disk-part a flash drive and make it bootable, how to re-domain and
re-name amachine, how to transfer a tower machines, and how to make a new
connection in the serverroom to the machines. My attitudes are still the same when i still
don’t start in the company. Butwhen I start in the company, I acquired new attitudes. To be
punctual in the corporate world isvery important, I acquired the punctuality. Professionalism
is one attitude I acquired, respectingmy superiors very important and giving my best at
work. I acquired new skills in while I’m inthe internship. I improve my communication
skills, verbal and non-verbal. I learned how to sendemail with reports.