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Essential questions:

How does media and information language take advantages of the opportunities
that life may offer them?
- Media and information language maximize their advantages when it comes to
giving information, persuading an audience and even entertainment. With the
vast rampancy of multimedia nowadays, this type of language is known and
understandable by many. As a result, this language is used in many fields,
namely; informing, commercializing, entertainment, advertising, and other fields
as well.
How has media and information language become an essential part of the fabric
of modern societies?
- Media and information language have become a vital part in terms of
advertising, entertainment, commercializing, and information dissemination.
With the usage of media and information language audience and potential
buyers can already decipher the quality of the product basing on their prior
knowledge and experience. Moreover, in the entertainment industry
stereotyping has also become known giving the viewers an overview of what the
movie or performance is going to be, whether it is worthy to watch or purchase.
Additionally, the use of such language can improve the understanding of an
audience with regards to the information you want them to absorb. However,
media and information language may be interpreted differently. It is the
responsibility of media creators to be conscious and ethical in terms of the media
and information language.

Why do we frequently misunderstand these phrases or words?

- Words and phrases can be misunderstood since different people has different
views and prior knowledge when it comes to a certain information. Different
meaning can be denoted from a single word and this may cause
misunderstanding. To solve that, we must practice information literacy and be
vigilant of the context we are in to be able to fit with the environment.
What is the reason behind the different meanings of the given phrases or words?
- Meaning can be misunderstood because different people may have different
perspectives and views. The way people denote a meaning from words or
phrases may be affected by different aspects such us age, gender, social status,
educational background, and other factors. However, this does not mean that
they are wrong, as media literate youths we should respect their views and
promote versatility towards different people with different characteristics.
What can you say about the said quote?
- I agree that language may be a source of misunderstandings. First, people from
different countries and places have various language and traditions that
distinguishes their culture from that of the other. Also, people may derive
different meaning from other people’s speech due to their accent, non-verbal
behavior and tone of the voice. As a result, words can become a source of
conflict. However, we should not let negativity foster and put into consideration
the differences that we have. If we are able to do so, we will be working towards
the betterment of our world.
• Does the user’s/audience’s own background or experience affect the
interpretation of messages? How?
- A person’s background can greatly affect his perception of a certain message. For
instance, educational background differ from person to person and the level of
literacy affects the interpretation of messages due to the prior knowledge
acquired by the person. Another example is country of origin wherein people of
different traditions practice different culture, norms and behaviors that may vary
their understanding of a message. Hence, understanding of a message may differ
but this does not mean that a person who thinks differently from you is
incorrect. It only means that their fascinating things that the human mind can do
and that every person is unique in physical, ethical and mental aspects.
 Is it possible that a different individual derives a different meaning form the
message? Explain.
- Yes, it certainly is possible. People are very distinct when it comes to thoughts
and knowledge. The derivation of meaning may vary due to the different
backgrounds of people. Their experiences, prior knowledge and other factors can
greatly affect their perception of a certain message. As a result, many meanings
can be constructed from a single message.
MIL Design Framework Matrix
Componen Target Purpose Key Content/ Form / Style/
t Audience Codes Convention
PICTURE 1 Facebook/ To show that Social media is Editorial
Social Facebook/ social taking too much of Cartooning may be
Media media is eating our time shown by found on
Users our time. To open the cartoon of newspapers or
the audience eyes Facebook eating a blogs.
about time clock.
making them
realize that there
are a lot of things
to prioritize aside
from social media.
PICTURE 2 Everyone Its purpose is to CCTV found at Cartooning that
target people’s the back shows acts of
behavior of kindness shown
showing kindness when someone’s
when someone is watching.
PICTURE 3 Everyone To raise awareness Comparison of Comparison that
Specific: of how unfair the the upper images show the reality of
Military world of military and lower image military world
officials can be. Soldiers go where in the being unfair when it
to wars but are not officials are the comes to ranks.
given recognition. ones given medal
Instead, high while the soldiers
officials are given shoulder the
credit of victory injuries, deaths
that the soldiers and suffering
bring. without
PICTURE 4 Everyone To show how The books and Showing
Specific: education and cash that serves as comparison of how
Students/ money affects the a ladder. money and
Learners success of a knowledge affects
person. your success.
PICTURE 5 Media To show that the The Television Cartooning that
Users and media may show showing a shows media can
everyone or present different scenario also be false at time
different of what actually so we should be
information and happened. Making careful in evaluating
that we should be an opposite information.
careful on what to outcome of the
believe. We truth.
should evaluate
critically the
sources of
Video Presentation Conventions
 What is the message of this Cinemalaya 2016 promotional video?
- It implies that Filipino fantasy stories are getting redundant. The plots of such
genres are just a repeating cycle which shows a heroin that wins because of
his/her special abilities. I believe that the Cinemalaya 2016 is promoting
innovation. Encouraging new media creators to create and think of another plot
that will interest the audience.
 What does it say about codes and conventions of Filipino Films?
- It says that Filipino Films are redundant and the plot are recycled. It only varies
in casting, antagonist and effects but still redundant flow of story.
1. What codes are used in the tv ad?
- They used Jollibee. Also, friendship, unconditional love and giving way was the
main idea of the commercial
2. How were the codes used in constructing the message of this tv ad?
- They were used to advertise the product.
3. What genre is this tv ad? What made you think so?
- The genre is romance. However, it was unrequited love but still it emphasizes
friendship and unconditional love.
4. Why do you think particular tv ad went viral?
- Because people can relate to it, because of the cinematography, concept, people
who advertises it and specially the product being advertised.
1. What information codes, conventions and messages about our country is
communicated in those pictures?
- It denotes that our country is a fan of fantasy and romantic genre making our
movies and advertisement following the said genre.
2. If you are to create a picture of your choice, what technical and symbolic codes
would you use to convey important information and create the desired
impression? Why?
- I would use poverty as a symbolic code emphasizing the importance of literacy
and education to empower youth which are the future workforce that will bring
triumph to our country.
3. How is understanding of the technical and symbolic codes contribute to media
and information literacy?
- It helps them in gaining the sympathy and interest of their audience. Symbolic
codes can be very relatable so audience will be affected and it will be easier for
media makers to disseminate information, to entertain or advertise.