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English Country

Interior Design Style

Welcome to the world of
English Country Interior Design!
Before we get into the video portion of this lecture,
I’d like to lay out the important general
characteristics of the English Country style:

• The perfect mix of formal and casual design

• Uses a variety of furniture from different time periods
• Avoids furniture sets
• This is a maximalist style – incorporates lots of layers in a

I will be elaborating on each of these areas in the

video portion of this lecture – enjoy!
A Mix of Classic Pieces. . .
Club Wingback
Chair Chair

Art Deco



Skirts Ruffles
Common English Country Materials/Elements:
Walnut, Mahogany, Velvet, Leather, Toile, Damask, Linen,
Brocade, Tassels, Fringe
Chintz Dominates this Style
Patterned Wallpaper
Wood Paneling
Common English Country Color Schemes:
Blues, Greens, Reds, Yellows, Plum, Gold, and Rose
English Country Color Schemes:
White, Cream, Beige, and Brown are Common Neutrals
Common English Country Patterns

Floral Chintz Stripes

Plaid Gingham
Heavy Drapes with
Velvet Floral
Drapes Patterns
Oriental Rug Persian Silk Rug

Kilim Rug
Layered Rugs
Vertically Stacked Artwork
Lighting in
this Style
Common English Country Accessories
Common English Country Kitchen Elements:
Cream cabinetry, stone and/or butcher block counters, tumbled
stone or brick backplash, bronze hardware, drum pendants
Bringing it all Together: Vertically stacked pictures, soft curved furniture
silhouettes, leather seating, chesterfield sofa, high quality woods, color scheme
has greens, reds, blues, gold, white and brown, floral drapes, large rug, French
crystal chandelier, books, fireplace
English Country Furnishings Retailers
• Local Antique Stores
• Estate Sales
• Second hand Stores (e.g., Goodwill, Salvation Army) for
inexpensive artwork
• Ethan Allen
• Thomasville
• Birch Lane

*This is generally a more expensive interior design style*

Recap / Overview
I hope you enjoyed this section on English Country Interior
Design! To create the ideal English Country space in your
own home, be sure to use:

• Mix of furniture pieces from different time periods

• One of a kind pieces
• Warm color scheme, using colors like blue, green, red, plum, gold
• Floral chintz, plaid, stripes and gingham patterns
• Velvet and/or floral heavy drapes
• Ideally wood floors with layered rugs
• Traditional lighting
• Equine and canine artwork; be sure to vertically stack artwork
• Books, needlepoint pillows, stained glass, tea sets, collections
• Incorporating a fireplace into the space/home is key
For more beautiful examples of English Country
Style Rooms, please visit my Pinterest Page
called “Erikka Dawn Interiors”
Or click here:

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