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What are some of the popular subjects that contemporary Filipino digital photographers capture?

-it is undeniable that photography has helped people express themselves. Pictures are each
photographer’s language

National Geographic photo contest winner George Tapan’s “ Into The Green Zones”, for example,
expresses feelings and manipulates reality to create subjective mood and atmosphere.

-a picture is a proof of the value we give to our lives. It can capture our favorite memory or
document our traditions. It helps us capture special moments that if not documented on time
could be lost forever.

-a picture is said to be worth a thousand words. It can speak to, or elicit an emotion, from its
viewers. Like sounds, words, and symbols, we can communicate what we think and feel through
a picture. Today, digital photography’s higher image resolutions help photographers to
communicate the message or meaning in their pictures.

a. Advertising Photography (food)

-If a culinary magazine or restaurant wants food to look delicious and fun to eat, a food
photographer is what it needs.

b. Fashion Photography
-a fashion photographer takes photographs of models aimed at showcasing clothes or other
types of accessories. The typical duties of a fashion photographer can include actually taking
pictures, overseeing a photoshoot, editing and selecting pictures, and then promoting and
marketing the work to a print or broadcasting agency.

c. Travel Photography
-Traveling photography is an exciting way to live life. By traveling, the photographer brings back a
collection of images showing places, people, and cultures he or she could not hope to see

d. Photojournalism
-A photographer, of course, shows us the present moment. But the present is always slipping
into the past, and what exist today may well not exist tomorrow. This basic realization inspires
photographers to use their photography skills to capture images for newspapers, magazines, and
television networks.


1. George Tapan
-George Tapan, 66, started out as a photographer for movie posters, shooting movie stills for
several local film studios. Since then, Tapan has gone to different places as a travel
photographer. He has won two pacific asia travel association (PATA) gold phtography awards,
and an Asian tourism association award. He also won the National Geographic Photo

2. John K. Chua
-as a photographer with more than 40 years of experience in aerial, car, product, food,
special effects, and model photography, John Chua is a very prominent name in the world of
adventure and advertising photography in the Philippines.


The seven elements are texture, line, color, shape, form, tone, and space.

Texture – is the element of art that you can apply to any subject matter.

Line – suggest different meanings. Leading lines can move the viewer’s eyes throughout a

Color – color is a very basic element.

Shape – objects in your photo such as rectangular door, a round tree, or square tiles add
shape to an image. This can be used as “frames” for your subject or just to add an
interesting piece to your art. The second most fundamental element of design is shape.

Form – Form is what takes your two-dimensional photograph and makes it appear life-like
and three-dimensional.

Tone – tone is using varying degrees of light and dark to add contrast and give liveliness to
an image.

Space – is an element of art that gives depth to an image.

Cinema is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. It is an important tool in
expressing ideas, feelings, attitudes, dreams, and aspirations.

Brillante Mendoza
-is a multi-awarded film director who has won international awards for his independence
films shot in digital video. “LOLA”

Laurice Guillen
-is an actress and director, known for “ARYANA” (2012).
- best director, Best Actor from FAMAS and GAWAD Urian.

Maryo Delos Reyes

-earned 50 awards in Worldwide film festivals, from Berlin to Rome, For this film.

ANIMATION is the process of creating motion and shape change illusion by means of the
rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other.


Sulundong – winner, best regional entry in animahenasyon 2010 Philippines Animation
Festival. Directed by “JEROME ALCORDO HAHAHAHAHAHA” and Ionone Bangcas.

Mutya – Grand price, animahenasyon 2009, manila, Philippines; gold prize comma 12 th TBS

Dayo; Sa Mundo ng Elementalya – pinoy animation: 2d/3d animated film. Released


Andong Agimat – a 4-minute animated film (2011), featuring Arnold Ares’ ANDONG AGIMAT
going up against a pickpocket.

Pasintabi – pasintabi by Jeff Capili, Animahenasyon 2010, best animation winner.