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Application for College Permit


Pivate and locally funded colleges/universities


A. For Newly Established HEIs applying for government authority to operate degree program/s
1. Notarized and accomplished application
2. SEC Registration (fro private HEIs)
3. Copy of the original Ordinance approving the establishment of the local college/university
4. Copy of Budget Allocation/Annual Expenditure duly certified by the Budget Officer
5. Copies of Transfer of Certificate of Title (TCT)/Lease Contract/Ownership of School Building
6. Certificate of Occupancy of School Building
7. Feasibility Study to include philosophy and goals, viability, statement on the location of the school, schedule of tuition and other fees
8. List of Schools Administrators and Teaching Staff
o Spreadsheet form to include educational qualifications supported with certified true copy of Transcript of Records (TOR),
position /designation, nature of appointment (permanent/temporary), status (full-time/part-time)
o Notarized copy of appointment/contract of employment/letter of commitment with confirmation
9. List of Non-Teaching Staff
10. Copy of Retirement Plan duly registered with SEC
11. Curriculum to include distribution of subjects per semester/trimester, summary of units, course description and course syllabi
12. Physical facilities (to include pictures)
13. List of equipment and other instructional devices/aids
14. List of Library Holdings including professionals journals
15. List of support facilities (auditorium, sports and recreational, canteen, faculty lounge, student lounge, dormitories)
16. Support services (guidance and counseling, placement, medical and dental)
B. For Existing HEIs applying for government authority to operate degree program/s

All of the above mentioned documents with update information/data should be submitted except items 2, 3, 4, 6, 16 and instead, which should be
replaced with the submission of the following:

1. Copy of TCT for additional site

2. Document of ownership for additional building
3. Certificate of occupancy for additional building
4. Financial statement of the previous year duly certified by a Certified Public Accountant
5. Copy of the latest tuition fee schedule
6. Copy of the latest permit issued for application for renewal or recognition
Schedule of Availability of Service:

Monday to Friday

8:00am – 5:00pm

a. Private HEIs:
I. Permit – Not later than June 30 of the year preceding the intended year of operation
II. Recognition – Not later than the 1st working day of November of the school year to that for which recognition is sought
b. Local HEIs – Three months before the intended year of operation


School Bond: Php 100,000.00

Application Fee: Php 8, 000 per program

Total/Maximum Duration of Process:

Permit/Recognition shall be issued one (1) month prior to the opening of school year

How to Avail of the Service:

A. For New HEI

Duration of Activity
Application Office/Person Location of
No. Agency Action (under normal
Step in Charge Office
condition per
Submits three
Assesses the completeness of the CHEDRO
sets/folders of
documents submitted using the
application checklist and affixes Administrative 20 minutes per
1 accomplished Receiving Staff
stamp “Received” o n the transmittal Division and/or application
letter and on the first page of the Technical
notarized application Division
per program
Receives a Assigns a routine slip/tracking slip CHEDRO
copy of the and forwards to the Office of the 2 minutes per
2 In-Charge
application Regional Director (RD) for Administrative application
for their file assignment Division
Logs in application in the record
3 book and forwards application to the
Conduct documentary analysis of the
 If not complete, prepares
deficiency letter
 If complete
a. gives and orients HEI
regarding Evaluation
Submits form to be
compliance accomplished
b. coordinates with the
RQAT (Regional
Quality Assessment
Team) and arrange
visit to HEI
Performs step 1
5  If not Complete, Prepares
receives the
letter of disapproval
6 Releases letter of disapproval
 If complete processes the
application through steps 2 to
Conducts evaluation visit and
8 submits report to CHEDRO whitin 5
days after the visit
9 REviews the RQAT findings and
 If with minor deficiencies,
prepares deficiency letter
based on RQAT report to HEI
to comply within the
prescribed period (Note: If
HEIs did not rectify
deficiencies noted within the
prescribed period, the
application is denied for the
year applied for)
 If favorably recommended,
forwards the RQAT report
and recommendation to the
RD for final review and
Receives the
10 deficiency Releases Deficiency letter
Assesses completeness of submitted
compliance and forwards the same to
11 compliance to
the RQAT for documentary
evaluation and/or ocular visit
a. If documentary evaluation is
sufficient, submits evaluation
report and recommendation to
12 b. If a re-visit is needed
conducts ocular inspection
and submits evaluation report
and recommendation to
Conducts deliberation on the
13 application of HEI and
recommendation of the RQAT
a. If in order, issues permit to
b. If deficiencies are not fully
complied by the HEI, denies
the applicaion for the school
year applied for
Receives the
Releases to HEI permit to operate
14 certificate of
degree prgoram

CHED Memorandum Order No. 40, s. 2008 “Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education of 2008.”
CHED Memorandum Order No. 32, s. 2006 “Policies standards and Guidelines on the Establishment and Operation of Local Colleges and
CHED Memorandum Order No. 04, s. 2007 “Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of CMO 32, s. 2006.”
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