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Nursing Informatics Medical Informatics

-Represent the transition of data information -Evolve in 1970’s, an application of

and knowledge into action. It also represent into information to health care discipline.
practice, administration, community health, nursing
application w/ legal and theoretical issues. Information technology
-Supports Nurses to improve quality, ensure
Nursing informatics- safety, measures outcome, and determine cost.
American Nurses Association Ex; Wireless tablet computer, small cellular
-is a specialty that integrates nursing phone.
science, computer science, and information science
to manage and communicate data, information, and Clinical Information System
knowledge in nursing practice. Nursing informatics -Supports nursing practice. It require
facilitates the integration of data, information and understanding both nursing profession and
knowledge to support patients, nurses and other technology which could apply the science too
providers in their decision-making in all roles and electronically.
settings. This support is accomplished through the
use of information structures and information Computerized Information System
technology. -Used in community health nursing practice
can assist the development of nursing knowledge
through the automated process of collecting.
 In the past 25 years, nursing informatics
specialize emerged as new specialist: Electronic Health
-brings information produces and services
 1981 – 15 nurses online.
 1990 – Increased by 500% to approximately
5,000-2,000 increased the number for 500% Electronic Health record
- 2010 majority of nurses entering the -online patients record and database,
profession must be computer literate. mandated by the president of US and secretary of
health and human service.
 Evolve in 1980’s and recognized by ANA. -Utilized medical, diseased, diagnostic,
 Academe Nurse assessment and emitted the patient care aspects .
 Nurse Clinician
 School Nurse Electronic Care
 Company Nurse -refers to an automatical of all parts of the
care delivery process across administrative, clinical
The Science of informatics and departmental.
Nursing Data Nursing Nursing
Information Knowledge Electronic Prescribing
-Client’s age, Nurses acts on The -allow physician to prescribe medication and
gender and this by Information to communicate electronically to client’s pharmacy.
diagnosis. stimulating a client can be
set of subjected for
interventing analysis and
dealt with interpretation.
client care

-comes from a Greek word “Teknolohiya”
means “systematic treatment” / “Scientific method
applies technology to practices.

-Comes from a French word
“Informatiques” (Computer science plus
information Science) art and science turning into
data information. An application of computer
technology and statistical techniques that can
manage information.