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Young Ben Merin

BUSRES subject teacher

Craira Rivera
Grade 12 – St. James The Less
Colegio de San Juan de Letran Calamba

Avid life Media is the owner of six website brands, including Cougar Life and Hot or Not. One of
its more controversial brands is Ashley Madison, the motto of which is “Life is short. Have an Affair.” The
website has more than 8.5 million members. The company encourages married men and women to spend
less than a minute to register on the largest website to promote infidelity.

The company employs hundreds of programmers, designers, and marketers and has conducted a
private placement for investors. Their service includes providing an email address to which one’s spouse
would never access. While many stakeholders would say the purpose of the company was wrong, there
is nothing illegal about this business.

Briefly discuss the following questions:

1. Is it acceptable to promote a socially irresponsible but legal product to stakeholder? Explain.

It’s always a matter of perspective. I would agree if the product sold does not
harm to consumers, nevertheless provides better cause and effects but then again, I
disapproved with the work-in-process at the same time a matter of good ethics and
etiquettes are needed to be addressed. According to the Securities and Exchange
Commission Philippines; one of the principles under “Duties to Stakeholders: Code of
Corporate Governance for Publicly-Listed Companies” is that Encouraging Sustainability
and Social Responsibility, with this shareholder must always balance the positive and
progressive manner maintained through a comprehensive development and conduct
mutual benefits to its company, the society and especially in the environment.

2. What can be the setback of promoting a socially irresponsible business?

In promoting a business is primarily setting an established manner. Attitude will
always be essential and has a vital role developing ones’ business/company/service/etc.

3. Explain the phrase: “not all legal is moral, but what is moral is worth legalizing.”
According to my analysis, not all true is right but having infantility to a subject
matter whereas an encryption of morality to a certain annotation/s are "Supposed" to be
legalized cause people "Believes" that it is effective. However, Giving the benefit of doubt.
User should ask these what ifs? are? and every query but since people are too moved by
its advertisements they'd disregard the negative content (say side effects) rather focused
on its positive results. It is true that not all that is legal is moral; an example would be the
situation said above that some companies promote infidelities just because life is short.
The line "What is moral is worth legalizing " is a fact. But I believe that this has
boundaries/limits. Not all we think is true and Just, that it is a general application for every
sexual desire unprovided by both parties. This is an assumption, that no matter how loyal
or faithful your partner you think they were, if weren't satisfied and fed their hunger,
they'd seek for other flesh to satisfy their cravings.
Salles-Salud, M. T. (2017) Duties to Stakeholders: Code of Corporate Governance for Publicly-Listed Companies. Retrieve from