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Short Story Analysis Presentation - Thursday, September 26th

TASK: In your groups, you will create a presentation on your selected short story to share with the class. Your
presentation should be backed with a visual aid, such as a PowerPoint, Prezi, or Google Slides presentation. You
will have ten minutes to share the following:

- Identification of the genre and a brief summary of your short story

- A connection to self, another text, or the world, fully explained
- A thoughtful question and answer (like our index-card activity)
- A brief evaluation of how literary elements, techniques, or special features shape the text’s


Beginning Approaching Meeting Expectations Exceeding


Summary Correct genre has not Correctly identifies Correctly identifies Correctly identifies
been identified; an the genre and vaguely the genre and clearly the genre and
incomplete summary summarizes the story summarizes the story clearly/fully
has been presented summarizes the story

Connection Has made an Constructs a Constructs a clear and Constructs a clear and
incomplete or connection between meaningful meaningful
insufficiently the text and self, text connection between connection between
explained connection and text, or text and the text and self, text the text and self, text
between the text and the world and text, or text and and text, or text and
self, text and text, or the world the world that would
text and the world provide the audience
with a deeper
understanding of the

Question Has not yet created or Created and briefly Created and Created and
completely answered answered a question answered a genuine thoughtfully/ carefully
a question about the about the text question about the answered a genuine
text text in order to question about the
further understanding text in order to
further understanding

Analysis Does not yet provide Provides a minimally Provides a clear Provides a clear and
an evaluation of how sufficient evaluation evaluation of how eloquent evaluation
literary elements, of how literary literary elements, of how literary
techniques, or special elements, techniques, techniques, or special elements, techniques,
features shape the or special features features shape the or special features
story’s meaning or shape the story’s story’s meaning or shape the story’s
impact meaning or impact impact meaning and impact

Presentation Presentation Demonstrates Demonstrates good Demonstrates very

technique is not yet minimally acceptable presentation strong presentation
meeting expectations; presentation techniques; adequate techniques; adequate
excessive problems technique, volume, looks at volume, voice
with volume and lack inappropriate volume audience. Visual is expression, looks at
of attention given to and attention given to helpful audience. Visual is
the audience. Visual audience. Visual is helpful and appealing
does not add to slightly helpful