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No. 3

Friday, October 4, 2019


| Mrs. Freeman’s Class |

Important Dates

No School (Teacher Workshop):

October 11th

No School (Columbus Day):

October 14th

Field Trip Forms & Money Due:

October 11th

Field Trip (Great Bay Discovery Center):

October 18th


- Please remember to bring a snack and water bottle to school daily.

- Return Homework on Mondays.

- Conferences will be held Friday, December 13th. I will send out a reminder closer to the date with your time slot reminder.

No. 3

Field Trip!

We have an upcoming field trip on Friday, October 18th. This field trip will be taking place at the Great Bay Discovery Center in the rain or shine! Students will have the opportunity to look at how the Abenaki tribe lived in New England. This will give our third graders the opportunities to compare and contrast the di erences between the Hopi tribe and Abenaki.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help chaperone! It is going to make the day very exciting for all of our students to have you there. Please return field trip permission slips, lunch orders, and money by Friday, October 11th.

What We’ve Been Up To…


Our focus in ELA has switched to forming proper sentences and paragraphs. We’ve used the introduction of our social studies topic to help guide us through this process. We’ve been researching and taking notes on the Hopi tribe. Students then worked together to create sentences and form paragraphs from their notes.

When forming paragraphs we’ve been using the GO, SLOW, STOP approach. The GO, relates to the topic sentence / opening sentence. Following this is SLOW, this is where students provide three sentences using details to support their topic sentence. Finally we STOP, with our conclusion / closing sentence, or restating our opening sentence.

In addition to sentences and paragraphs, our class has starting taking a look at our handwriting and typing skills. Students are working hard to slow down and concentrate on


No. 3 Homework Binders - Please check Homework Binders each and every night. Important notes,
No. 3
- Please check Homework
Binders each and every
night. Important notes,
paperwork, and homework
come home.
- Please empty out binders
- Use the binder as a way to
return homework and notes
back to school.
- Reading logs will go out on
Monday and are due back to
school on Friday.
- Math homework consists of
practice pages from our Go Math
Program. This is due back Friday
morning as well.
- Please contact me with any
questions or concerns regarding

Friday, October 4, 2019

their work as they complete it. We have shown that our penmanship is very nice, however, many kids confessed that they are only focusing on their handwriting during specific writing time and not during other points of the day. We are hoping to make this a large focus area throughout our day. Typing practice has also begun, students are working on their home keys and typing without looking down. It is proving to be frustrating at times for our friends but they are working hard to persevere.


We completed chapter one and the materials have been sent home, including the first chapter test or as we like to call it, “Show Me What You Know”. I will be working with students during our WIN block and finish up times to review skills that they were confused on to help provide clarification.

In the mean time we have moved on to Chapter 2 which

about representing data. This week our class has looked at

converting tally charts to frequency tables, frequency tables to picture graphs, and using bar graphs to answer questions. The benefit of learning about so many di erent types of graphs is they are learning which they prefer to use when allowed the option. Stay tuned for more graphing information!

Social Studies:

We’ve o cially begun our first social studies unit, which

all about Native Americans. The third grade studies two erent tribes from separate regions of the US and then

compare and contrast with the Abenaki tribe that was based in New England. This unit is very exciting and filled with a field trip and our very own museum that is created in our classroom. Students will be studying di erent aspects of the Hopi tribe and creating many artifacts to show their work.

Please be on the look out for a sign up genius that will list di erent materials needed for these wonderful activities!

Thank you for letting me be a sma l part of their very big lives! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

-Mrs. Freeman

No. 3