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Liceul Tehnologic de Industrie Alimetara Tibana

Disciplina : Limba Engleza

Profesor: Podaru Dana Elena
Clasa: a VI-a L2

anul scolar 2018- 2019


1. Welcome! Revision and initial test 6h W1
2. Daily Routine V: Daily routine 1.1 6h W4
G: subjective and objective personal pronouns, 1.3 W5
present tense simple of the verbs to be and have 2.1
got, adverbs of frequency, the present tense 2.3 W6
simple for routines, timetables and programs; 2.4
R: Daily Routine: Stewie and his family 3.1
W: My daily routine 3.2
L:Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ s afternoon (Elementary 3.4
Stories for Reproduction) 4.2
S: Nice to meet you! What do you like doing? 4.3
2. Shopping V: Shops and shopping; English money 1.1 6h W7
G: countable and uncountable nouns, there is/ 1.2 W8
there are with some/any, prepositions of place; 1.3
how much/how many 2.1 W9
R: Shopping; Shopping signs and notices 2.2
W: A shopping list with prices 2.4
L:Shopping for Clothes 3.1 3.2
S: Asking about the price of something and 3.4
about free time activities; 4.2
3. A restaurant V: Food and drinks 1.1 4h W10 Project:
menu What is your favourite food? 1.3 W11 Healthy
G: The Present Tense Continuous, Partitives and 2.1 Eating
quantifiers, possessive adjectives, possessive 2.2 poster
case with ’s and of the; likes and dislikes 2.4
R: A restaurant menu. 3.1
W :Write about your favourite recipe 3.4
L: Ordering Food at a Café 4.2 4.3
S: My favourite food

4. Round up 2h W12
5. Family V: family members, telling the time 1.1 4h W13
G: present tense simple and present tense 1.3 W14
continuous in contrast; possessive pronouns; 2.1
R: The Birth of a Star-Chris Rose 2.3
W: My family tree. 2.4
L: Family Relationships 3.1
S:What do you love most about your family? 3.2
5. Countries and V: Continents, countries and nationalities; 1.1 4h W15
nationalities G: comparison of adjectives; intensifiers; 1.2 W16
adjectives ending in –ed and –ing; 1.3
R: The Windsors 2.1
W: The birth of a nation: historical insight in the 2.2
birth of the Romanian people; 2.4
L:Extract form the film The King’s Speech 3.1
S: Which country in the world do you find most 3.2
interesting and why. 3.4
6. Entertainment V: Music and films, types and related 1.1 4h W17 Test
vocabulary; 1.3 W18
G: The past tense simple of regular and irregular 2.1
verbs, relative pronouns 2.2
R: From Hollywood to Bollywood 2.4
W: Be a poet! Write lyrics for a song 3.1
L: Emma Watson and Ayshwara Ray interviews 3.4
S: Films 4.2