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Rubric - Creative

Writing Journal Beginning Approaching Meeting Expectations Exceeding Expectations

Descriptive Work does not demonstrate a Work demonstrates some Work is dense with Work is dense with
Language sufficient level of descriptive descriptive language that descriptive language that descriptive language that
language. appeals to multiple senses. appeals to multiple senses appeals to all five senses

Grammar There are excessive errors There are some errors with Uses the conventions of Uses the conventions of
with the conventions of the conventions of Canadian Canadian spelling, Canadian spelling,
Canadian spelling, grammar spelling, grammar and grammar, and punctuation grammar, and punctuation
and punctuation punctuation proficiently proficiently

Careful attention has been

given to word choice

Creative Writing Journal

The purpose of the creative writing journal is to ​paint a picture with language. ​Specifically, I will be
looking for examples of descriptive language that appeals to our senses. You will be making three to four
creative journal entries over the course of several weeks. All will be checked for completion, and you will
choose your strongest piece to hand in for grading.