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Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE suggestions and proposal

Hi I am Haro from Server 1 in the game.

I been playing the Fist of the North Star Legends ReVIVE for about 1 month plus, also join a
community FotNSLR Discord So far I do enjoyed the game But...

We the community find lack of contents and things to do after doing dailies, story, guild, dojo, Nanto
trials and upgrading of heroes.

Most of the main events are the either pay to win like UR Ranked Gacha, or spending real cash for an
Manual like the Ryuga. One thing I really like is the 100 fist blows challenge where you get a number
of gems based on the amount you already have, this is really F2P friendly and encourages to
spending players as well for buy gems.

I do not represent the community but here are some of my personal suggestions and ideas, I hope
FotNSLR can implement some of the suggestions and proposal. Dev can change the mini games
prizes, the games and prizes are concepts.

Roses are Red, Violets are blue

Omae wa mou shindeiru
Thank you for reading 
1. Faster stamina recovery
Current stamina recovery is 5mins, reduce to 3mins per stamina recovery.

2. 2x drop rates

Having 2x drop rates on weekends throughout the whole day.

Introduce HOT time buffs 3 times daily like for example 8am to 9am, 12pm to 1pm and 6pm to 7pm.

During these HOT time buff drops rates are increased by 2x.

2x Events are as per normal throughout the whole day.

3. Juda dollars drops

Possible to add the Juda dollars drop permanently? Constant lack of gold to upgrade heroes.

4. Wheel of Death (Fortune)

Random villain with apple on his head is tied to the wheel of death, Kenshiro triggers a level switch
that activates the wheel spinning around, Kenshiro then throws knives at the villain.

5 free daily spins, there is a cool down of 1hour after 1 spin.

Sample Prize List (Dev may change prizes)
Juda Dollars - 100K, 200K, 300k and 500K
Gems - 10, 30, 50 and 100
Stamina cans - 1 Small, 3 Small, 1 medium, 3 medium, 1 Large
Fighter shards - 1 SR shard, 2 SR Shard and 1 (All) fighter shard

Picture for illustration purposes

5. Hokuto no Ken Lotto - Lottery Ticket Draw

Every day a single random lottery ticket is given to all players at reset time.
The numbers are from 1 to 49.
Six Winning Numbers are drawn on Sunday 6pm, Winner will be announced in game.
Get two of the Winning Numbers, you win a consolation prize.
Players that only gets 1 or no numbers will get participating prize.

Example (Dev can set either weekly or bi weekly for the lottery draws)
The winning numbers for this lotto draw are 1 12 24 45 46 48
Get all 6 numbers win 1st rank prize
Get 5 numbers win 2nd rank prize
Get 4 numbers win 3rd rank prize
Get 3 numbers win 4th rank prize
Get 2 numbers win consolation
Get 1 or 0 number win participating prize

Sample Prize list (Dev may change prizes)

1st Rank -3000 gems, 3million Juda dollars, 30 vault keys, 30 fine barrels and 10 (All) fighter shards
2nd Rank - 2500 gems, 2million Juda dollars, 20 vault keys, 20 fine barrels and 7 (All) fighter shards
Rank - 1500 gems, 1million Juda dollars, 10 vault keys, 10 fine barrels and 5 (All) fighter shards
4th Rank - 1000 gems, 500K Juda dollars, 5 vault keys, 5 fine barrels and 3 (All) fighter shards
Consolation Prize - 500 gems, 300K, 3 vault keys,3 fine barrels and 2 (All) fighter shards
Participating Prize - 200gems, 100K, 1 vault key, 1 fine barrel and 1 (All) fighter shard

Picture for illustration purposes

6. Joker’s Blackjack game - Mini game


Joker is the dealer host of the Blackjack. An intro video showing Joker dealing cards on table with
various people.
Rules are the same with the standard Blackjack.

Min bet is 10,000 Juda dollars per game, max up to 50,000 Juda dollars.
Each game you win you get Juda dollars and Joker’s chips.
Max of 20 games per day.
If you win 3 wins in a row (winning streak), the bonus rate are increase by 2x to 3x on top of the
normal gambling bet rate.
Joker chips gained in the winning streak are rounded up.
If you break the winning streak it restarts again.
There are various items to be exchanged with the Joker’s chips, items in the exchange shop are
revised every bi-weekly or 1 month.

Gambling bet rate

10,000 Juda dollars - 1.2x to 1.5x of base Juda dollars bet and 1 Joker chip
20,000 Juda dollars - 1.2x to 1.5x of base Juda dollars and 1 to 2 Joker chips
30,000 Juda dollars - 1.2x to 1.5x of base Juda dollars and 2 to 3 Joker chips
40,000 Juda dollars - 1.2x to 1.5x of base Juda dollars and 3 to 4 Joker chips
50,000 Juda dollars - 1.2x to 1.5x of base Juda dollars and 4 to 5 Joker chips

Prize Exchange Shop

10,000 Joker chips - 1 Manual of your choice, SR or UR (limited 1 per month)
6,000 Joker chips - 1 Random Manual gift SR grade (limited 2 per month)
5,000 Joker chips - 10 UR shards selector choice of either Ken Oh, Souther and Juza (Limited 3 per
4,000 Joker chips - 20 (All) fighter shards and 1000 gems(limited 1 per month)
3,000 Joker chips - 10 (All) fighter shards and 500 gems(limited 1 per month)
1,000 Joker chips – Various miscellaneous item