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Geronda, Mary Ann C.

PSYCH 101 MWF (1:30-2:30) September 30,2019

BSED- I SOCIAL STUDIES Mrs. Maribel Sesante

On each designated box, draw your envisioned “Future Self”. Who would you be:

1. Five years from now

2. Ten years from now

3. Twenty years from now

Envisioned Self Plan

Answer the following questions.

1. Who are you or what would you become:

a. In five years
-base on the picture I see myself by teaching in school for secondary school. The photo describe
that how my parents do hardwork to finish my study and how I do for the better future of my
family and specially to give back all the hardwork of my parents by supporting either we are not
that rich to pay all the expenses but I now graduated and teaching it is such a speechless moment
to recall all the happening in life.
b. In ten years
-base on the picture I see myself working on a online marketing which I need because it is a big
opportunity to help me and my family. Whether I am teaching I want also to do another job for
another income and I can do what I want and also what my parent want and need.
c. In twenty years
-base on the picture I see myself having a family because at that age I am 38 years of existence
and this is the time or day that I will make my own family so that I can feel on what is family
and what are the needs of child and having a good relationship towards others for a better result.
Working together and financially to provide all the needs and wants of our child. Especially as a
parent the best thing that I can spread my love to my child is that full support and listen all their
thoughts and good relationship to each other.
2. What are your motivations for your envisioned self:
a. In five years
-I want to finish my study and find a job that fit on me and I will help my parents to provide all
the needs in houses and financially.
b. In ten years
-I need to work hard so that I can provide what I want and helping my parent to build a business
for their own happiness to do in life.
c. In twenty years
-I want to create my own family so that I can experience and also work hard so that I will be
facing the truth no matter what struggles or problems that comes into my life.

3.Outline your plans on how you will make your envisioned self into reality:
a. In five years
 study first
 find a job
b. In ten years
 working online marketing
 travel with family and friends
c. In twenty years
 family
 work
4.How do you feel after doing this exercise?
-It feels like great because I am imagining what are the reality to happened for the past years in
my life. I am also thinking that if this is gonna happen to me I am so thankful to my parents for
supporting me and for loving.

5. What is your perception on goal setting?

-I really want to finish my study first, find a job and helping my parents that is my best way to
do. I also want having my own car and to my parents also because I want them to make happy all
and even when I am in high school grade my dream is that I am the one who pay all the financial
problems and give money to my parents for helping me and through a good relationship towards
Geronda, Mary Ann C. MATH 100 MWF (4:30-5:30) September 30,2019