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Chapter VII

Name: Patient K.D.O. Date: April 25, 2019

Age/Sex: 2 ½ years old/Male Area: Lorma Pedia Ward

Problem: Deficient Knowledge

Assessment Diagnosis Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Subjective: Deficient knowledge After 1-2 hours of Independent: Goal Met.

“Hindi ko alam bakit regarding condition nursing interventions, -Monitor vital signs -Use as a baseline data to

suka ng suka ang anak and treatment related the patient (with the determine underlying After 1-2 hours of

ko.” As verbalized by to absence of cooperation of the condition nursing intervention,

the patient’s mother. information parents) will be able to: patient (parents)

Objective: -Participate in the were able to

HR: 122 learning process -Establish rapport -To gain patient and participate in the

RR: 28 -Verbalize relative’s trust and have a learning process

T: 36.8℃ understanding of the good student nurse-patient and patient’s mother

O2Sat: 97% disease process relationship verbalized “Alam ko

na ngayon kung
-Evaluate desire/readiness to -Determines amount or saan posibleng

learn level of information needed nakuha ng anak ko

yung sakit niya

-Provide an atmosphere of -Important when providing ngayon.”

respect, openness, trust and education to patients with

collaboration different values and beliefs

about health.

-Provide health teachings -Helps the patient (parents)

about the health problem, its gain knowledge about the

causes, risks, prevention and diseases process by

management providing an organized flow

of teaching