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Android Campus Recruitment System

Today is time of technology. Everybody wants to access everything on
the phone like internet, games, business related application and android.
Now a day, we can access anything with android based mobile phones.
Today everybody is using android phones and by creating applications
for these types of phones, we can help people a lot.
The world ’Advertisement’ comes from ‘advertir’, which is Old French
for ‘to notice.’ An attempt to make the right candidate notice a
particular job opening. The first Job ads were simple sheets of paper.
This was somewhat inefficient, as not everyone notice that. Those were
the days when information was more static. It didn’t travel long
distances quickly. Thus, it came with huge disadvantages, compared to
information today.
When newspaper became dominant communication tools during 19th
century, they began publishing, Job ads. This was better idea because
companies could reach many more potential candidates, but there is
limited access to that method. Also newspaper ads were expensive and
strictly one-way in their communication format.
In the mid-1990s, a new way to reach candidates appeared: the Job ad
moved online, and several things changed. The cost of a Job ad dropped,
also the response time from publishers to candidates applications
reduced. For Job seekers/Candidates, the new online tools meant that
for the first time, they could see thousands of jobs from locations
around the world.
Recruitment is done manually. These tasks are time consuming. It may
take much more time. Because of limited access people around the
world cannot apply. Android Campus Recruitment System is very
convenient because in the manual system there are a lot of difficulties in
collecting and maintaining records of Students and Companies.
This android project, Android Campus Recruitment System, is another
application of android. Project is mainly created for university students,
which gives the information about themselves.

Android Campus Recruitment System is an android based application

which has the three modules that is Company, Students and the Admin,
that consists of a student login, company login and an admin login. Here
Company will be send job recruitment to Admin and see if any Student
apply for that, on the other Student search the job and apply for any
kind of job. The job can be search by location and by type.

The front end of application is java/android and back end is SQLite.

Presently the system includes a manual process through files and
folders. Eventually, the students has to find the company which is
offering of the required profile.

Then check the eligibility of the post or do a search on eligibility basis by

visiting the various company. In this manual process, it is bound to
happen that student may not an offer which exactly matches his/her
profile. That is all a time consuming work.

Today’s recruitment applications are designed to do a whole lot more

than just reduce paperwork.
They can make a significant contribution to a company’s marketing and
sales activity. Recruitment websites and software make possible
for Students as well as Companies to access information.
 This system provides service to the potential job applicants (Students)
to search for working opportunities.
 The company can view all students’ detail and system can shortlist
students according to their criteria instead of doing manually.

The objective of the application is to develop a system using which
Students and Recruiters can communicate with each other. Android
Campus Recruitment System is an application is an application where
the Students can register themselves with a database and search jobs
where are suitable for them where as the Companies registers with the
database and put up jobs which are vacant at their Company.

The Android Campus Recruitment System is a package to be used by

the agencies to improve the efficiency of business. Android Campus
Recruitment System to be developed benefits greatly the members. The
system provides job catalogue and information to Students and helps
them decide on the jobs to apply. The Admin and Companies can keep
the jobs catalogue updated all the time so that Students get the updated
information all the time.
1.6 SCOPE:
It may help collecting perfect management in details. In a very short
time the collection will be obvious, simple and sensible. It will reduce the
cost of collecting the management and collection procedure will go on

Purpose of designing the Android Campus Recruitment System is to

give the Students a platform for finding a right and a satisfactory job
according to their qualification. It also connects the Students with the
major Companies of their interest.

This system is prepared for providing all categories of job and help to get
various type of job. The main purpose of Android Campus Recruitment
System is to provide the facility to students for getting the quick job.

So, it enables Students (applicants) to search for jobs in a convenient

manner and enable Companies to find suitable and fresh candidates.

o Maintain Student and Company records.

o Maintain uploaded information.
o Provide Customized job postings.
o Maintain job posting details.
Following are the major modules:

Student Module

This module provides functionalities for Students. Applicants can post

their complete information. They can’t update once they uploaded. The
Applicant can also browse through the present vacancies available.
Students can get mail when they are selected by the desired Companies.
Give feedback to Admin.

Company Module

This module provides functionalities related to Companies. Companies

can post vacancy details. Companies can search through applicant
information based on different criteria. Give feedback to Admin.

Administration Module

This module provides administration related functionalities.

Administration manages entire application and approves or disapproves
the Student or Companies requests. Also collect/receives feedback from
the Students and the Companies.