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Name: Andila Julia Hapsah


Alhamdulillahirabbil ‘alamin, my gratitude goes to the presence of Almighty God who has
bestowed His mercy in the form of health, opportunity and knowledge so that the English report
on this 'cook' can be completed in accordance with the allotted time.

I hope that this report can be useful to increase the knowledge of fellow students in particular
and readers in general about pencake which is one of the international foods.

Hopefully this simple report that I have compiled can be easily understood by anyone who reads
it. Previously I apologize if there are mistakes in words or sentences that are less pleasing. And
do not forget, I also hope for constructive criticism from you for the creation of better papers.
Introducing The Report

i would like to start by Pancakes are pancakes made from flour, eggs, sugar and milk.

These ingredients are then mixed with water to form a thick dough, which will be fried

or roasted on a flat pan or pan that has been smeared with oil first. This cake is usually

eaten with the addition of butter, mapple syrup, jam, cheese and honey.

The word pancake is actually derived from the Dutch language, namely: pannenkoek.

This pancake is not very popular among the people, especially for non-modern people, especially
in the middle class in Indonesia. In Indonesia, this pancake food is very similar to some
traditional Indonesian foods, such as: pancake, apem, mud cake, and leker cake.

The Origin of Pancakes

Pancake is a food that actually has been there a long time ago, but has not been so popular in the
community as it is today. The origin of the Pancake is even believed to have existed since the
time or Ancient Roman Civilization. Initially this pancake was named Alita Dolcia, which means
"sweet food", which is made from flour, milk, and seasonings.

The material is then mixed with water to form a runny mixture. But it's not too runny, guys. In
ancient Roman times, this dough was not cooked on a pan or pan, but with a certain instrument,
which resembled a pan or the like, because "pan" did not yet exist in this era.

Gradually, pancakes began to be known and increasingly popular in Europe since the 1430s. And
from then on, pancakes began to be used as typical food of people in Eastern Europe such as in
Mardi Gras. In this region, pancakes serve as a special menu on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake
Tuesday, which is served the day before Easter arrives.

The development of this pancake did not stop there. This pancake began to enter Germany. The
Germans at that time made pancakes from the main ingredient of potatoes, known as
"pfannkuchen", which had a form that tended to be denser compared to pancakes in general. The
same thing happened in Finland. Pancakes in this country also use potatoes, which are called

With its uniqueness and flavor, this pancake also exists in various countries with various shapes
and structures, with the main ingredients still using milk, chicken eggs, and wheat flour.

Let us look at how the shape of pancakes in various countries, including in our own country,

1. France

Crepe is a thin pancake that is popularized in France and later became a trend in other countries,
especially in Asia. Crepe is usually made from wheat flour and rye flour (buckwheat) plus a little
salt.Crepe made from buckwheat is usually called galette which is only cooked on one side. Both
crepe and galette are served by rolling with filling in the form of sweet fillings such as fruits, ice
cream to bacon, chicken and seafood.
2. English

England has pancakes that are almost similar to those in France but only use the main ingredients
in the form of flour, eggs, and milk, with a mixture of runny dough and form a thin, bubbly layer
at the bottom when the pan is tilted

Pancakes in the country of Queen Elizabeth are usually eaten as a sweet dessert dish topped with
lemon juice and powdered sugar. In this country there is also Crumpet which is a variation of
pancakes made from flour and yeast with smaller diameters and thicker sizes.

3. America and Canada

Pancakes in America & Canada are commonly called hotcakes, griddlecakes, or flapjacks.
Similar to pancakes in Britain, the mixture is thick and uses baking powder so that it expands
more. Pancakes are usually served with sweet toppings for breakfast or as a dessert, such as
maple syrup, butter, jam, peanut butter, fruits, and honey.

4. Japan

Okonomiyaki is a popular pancake in Japan which consists of dough and cabbage and is
processed by frying. Toppings can be chosen from ingredients that vary according to the name
"okonomi" which literally means "what you like". This dish is available throughout Japan, but is
most popular in the western area, specifically the cities of Hiroshima and Osaka.

5. Indonesia

Indonesian original pancakes are surabi or can also be called pancake. Made from rice flour
mixed with coconut milk or grated coconut and then poured with coconut sugar sauce. Each
province in Indonesia has a pancake recipe that varies according to local tastes. Surabi is a snack
or market snack.

Sweet or bright moon martabak is also often associated with Indonesian pancakes with a much
thicker shape because it is folded around to fill the usual contents of beans, chocolate, cheese or
analyzing a point and giving the recommendation
I will explain the ingredients and how to make pancakes

How to make a simple pancake

Number of servings:

2 servings

Ingredients for pancakes:

100 gr flour

250 ml liquid milk

A little salt

Egg 1 item

Margarine sufficient for spread

Material for toppings:

Mapple syrup

Ice cream

Melted Chocolate


Non-stick pan or Teflon

Containers of various sizes

Measuring cup

Ingredients :

Put liquid milk in a separate container.

Wheat flour, sift and put in a separate container.

Eggs separate the yolk and white. Put each one in two separate containers.

How to make simple pancakes:

Prepare a container for the pancake mixture, add flour, egg yolks and salt.

Use a spatula or whisk to stir the mixture, stir until evenly distributed and thoroughly mixed. If
there are still lumps or bubbles in the mixture, stir again until it disappears.

Use a mixer to whisk the egg whites in a different container. Set the speed control to high mode
on your mixer.

Pour the egg white mixture into the flour mixture. Using a spatula, stir the mixture evenly.

Prepare teflon or non-stick skillet on a stove that is lit with low heat, then melt a little margarine.

After the pan becomes hot enough, pour about 2.5 tablespoons of the batter and cover with a lid.

Wait a moment then turn the dough back. Do it until cooked and brownish.

Then, lift the mixture and place it on a plate. Put 2 scoop ice cream on top, then add a little maple
syrup and melted chocolate.

Simple pancakes are ready to be enjoyed.

because the topping that I use is whip cream, I will explain the ingredients and how to make


100 gr ice aids. It was destroyed

2 sachets of milk and white cows

2 sachets of sweetened condensed milk flag

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 tbsp sp

1/4 teaspoon vanilla powder


Mix all ingredients in a container / basin

Whipped cream homemade cooking s

Mix, with high speed, until expand, slma 7 minutes,

Homemade whipped cream cooking

Homemade whipped cream cooking

Homemade whipped cream cooking steps

Whipped cream, ready to use,

Whipped cream homemade cooking

Summarizing and Concluding
in conclusion I can find out the ingredients and make the drinkers quite satisfied, I can also
present the speakers and make reports, I am able to adapt more to the kitchen environment and of
course with the listener.

I can also find out the types of pencake and toping types, besides that I can also know that With
its uniqueness and flavor, this pancake also exists in various countries with various shapes and
structures, with the main ingredients still using milk, chicken eggs, and wheat flour.